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Watching with tears ... cycling as an art of healing and weaving and hope!
#inspiration #cycling
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Ferananda Ibarra

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I am researching for templates for a website and stumbled upon this lousy funny video.  I was not in a good mood. Now I am...

Meant specially for Nicole, my teenage beauty princess. I know she will have a good laugh. 

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Ferananda Ibarra

Design Drivers for the Next Economy  - 
I enjoyed this small video about why the story of 'teach people to fish is a lie' as it names the structural problems that won't allow for people to fish, even if we learn it.  Ed Whitfield says 'we need new ways of power coming to being'.  Very good 5 mins   

Ed Whitfield on why the "teaching a man to fish" parable is a lie

#neweconomy   #redefinition   #systemic_change  
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Ferananda Ibarra

Curación en Inteligencia y Conciencia Colectiva  - 
Diferentes formas de inteligencia colectiva

Este video contiene los principios de la Inteligencia colectiva como una disciplina. Lo grabé hace tiempo pero lo acabo de ver para sentir si es actual.  Es bastante actual porque comparto principios y conceptos como arquitecturas invisibles, diferentes tipos de inteligencia colectiva como inteligencia de enjambre, tribal, piramidal y global. Lo mejor del video es antes de compartir sobre twitter.

 #inteligenciacolectiva #inteligencia_colectiva #cerebro @null

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A nice infographic about 'futureofmoney' shows many players in the field. Gives a perspective of the movement towards the future of money.
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Socialmedia as a gift culture

Beautiful perspective from+Tim Rayner around socialmedia, gifting and tribes and the need for a technology to manage the complexity of sharing your identity with other individuals and tribes.
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I don't really care about who is reading when I write. Let anyone be the audience. I write about how I perceive value. Of course we must share our views to get a proper combined view. That is the universal mind, or open science, open data and free journalism. What I'm working on is making this more permanent and peer-to-peer.
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This topic requires its own thread.  +Steven Liaros said 'Wisdom is transcending data and knowledge"... This means not looking for ways to manage and control data or knowledge... But setting it free, making sure it is freely available to all...

Steven's  presentation at a conference in Copenhagen...

Really enjoyed the pdf it has many gems about identity and the issues of private versus public. Questioning our belief system about privacy and taking it to a next level of the purpose of urbanization and how the internet is shifting this purpose which allows us to rethink city design.

Quoting +Steven Liaros 

The very reason for gathering in cities, the purpose of urbanization, was to provide a  location for political gathering and for trade. Both of these activities are now happening  more efficiently and effectively on-line. The city is being supplanted by the internet. The main advantage that the city still holds is its superior access to the internet, its existing infrastructure and networks and the momentum of history. Provided a small collective  can satisfy its basic immediate needs, food, housing, perhaps basic health-care and  education, if it has access to the internet, it can be located anywhere. Groups of these 
collectives can then gather as necessary to satisfy larger collective needs or share less  common skills. All the benefits of urbanization are possible without the congestion! 

The paper talks mainly about democracy. Some gems I enjoyed:

True democracy is where the citizens have a hold over  the decision making process, they hold power; not to forfeit it every few years to the elected few, but to actually control their destiny. 

In the how do we do it there is a lot of space for creativity and innovation and perhaps multiple paths and tools, processes and practices to create and master.  It reminds me of the work of Tom Atlee and the TAO of democracy. There is a particular post I got reminded of about the different forms of power.

Another piece that got my attention is:
As transparency again undermines the established systems we can see the potential for  democracy that the internet and ‘public’ networks can offer. We can see the opportunities for a new market based on selflessness, honesty and authenticity rather than on selfishness and greed, the enhancement of our private interests at the expense of 

Yes, we have an opportunity for open data, open rules, open transport and open identity for the creation of systems that will allow for us to be able to have a relationship with the emerging whole that is more dynamic, alive, organic and coherent.  Thank you for this post Steven.

#RethinkingtheCity #democracy   #power #transparency
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"the emerging whole that is more dynamic, alive, organic and coherent..." Share any examples?
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Ferananda Ibarra

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There is a space for redefinition for the new economy based upon what WE people are experiencing.  That is how this video begins and names why learning to fish won't change things. Its systemic. 
I enjoyed this small video about why the story of 'teach people to fish is a lie' as it names the structural problems that won't allow for people to fish, even if we learn it.  Ed Whitfield says 'we need new ways of power coming to being'.  Very good 5 mins   

Ed Whitfield on why the "teaching a man to fish" parable is a lie

#neweconomy   #redefinition   #systemic_change  
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Well said! The space and time is ripe to invent new systems. And the tipping point is fast approaching where 10% of our society is conscious of this. The beautiful abundance of WE wants to flow. Let's help it along!
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Ferananda Ibarra

Definitions / Trends / Thought leaders  - 
Wonder how organizations receive and engage with the swarm intelligence. How are they embracing it?  Awesome post and ebook on the topic. 
Swarmwise: The tactical manual to changing the world
A free ebook by +Rick Falkvinge 
Link to book:

This showed up on my radar thanks to +Ferananda Ibarra and +Claude Emond 

Quotes and Citations:

"Somewhere today, a loose-knit group of activists who are having fun in dropkicking a rich, established organization so hard they are making heads spin. Rich and resourceful organizations are used to living by the golden rule — “those with the gold make the rules.” New ways of organizing go beyond just breaking the old rules into downright shredding them — leaving executives in the dust, wondering how that band of poor, ragtag, disorganized activists could possibly have beaten their rich, well-structured organization."

"A swarm organization is a decentralized, collaborative effort of volunteers that looks like a hierarchical, traditional organization from the outside. It is built by a small core of people that construct a scaffolding of go-to people, enabling a large number of volunteers to cooperate on a common goal in quantities of people not possible before the net was available".

I first came across this when +Ferananda Ibarra shared the following to the Collective Intelligence & Wisdom G+ community:

and then realized the entire book was available free online as a PDF from +Claude Emond 's here:

Which seems to have been sourced from +Giorgio Bertini 's link put in the comments on +Ferananda Ibarra 's post. Giorgio also shared the second quote I gave above.

Rick's site where the book link was found:

#SwarmIntelligence   #CollectiveAction    #CollectiveIntelligence   #CICW   #RAJB   #SocialMovement  
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Ferananda Ibarra

Curation of CICW  - 
Swarm collective intelligence

Wondering if someone has read this book? Falkvinge offers it as gift. Seems to have some gems to work wisely with swarm intelligence.

 THE SWARM IS OPEN…A key aspect of the swarm is that it is open to all people who want to share in the workload. Actually, it is more than open — everybody in the whole world is encouraged to pick work items off a public list, without asking anybody’s permission, and just start doing them. There is no recruitment process. Anybody who wants to contribute to the goal, in his or her own way and according to his or her own capacity, is welcome to do so. This contrasts sharply with hiring processes at traditional organizations, where people have to pass some kind of test in order to start working for the organization.
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Thank you Giorgio :)
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Love, create, breathe, play
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Enacting and creating new realities. Conscious evolution. Collective intelligence, wisdom and consciousness. Post-monetary world
CIWC is where I have found my Dharma. I am a pioneer, constantly in the edge, creating new forms. I am an integral player committed to individual development (integral life practice) and approaching CI from different angles. Passionate about holomidal collective intelligence, next economy, wealth as a living system models I create in fields where I can expand this consciousness and collaborate with those building the tools that will empower us to shift towards a more harmonoious and generous society.

I love online and offline design and facilitation processes for communication, collaboration, innovation.

Qualities of being I am working on are: Power, clarity, radical fearlessness, polymorphism, catalyst, courage, exhuberance and unconditional love.

I am a pioneer. I dream I act I deliver.

The being and doing is a dance I apply in my life. Trying to achieve what is highest in me, the altitude (vertical connection) and aptitude (horizontal skills) to be a better vehicle for the human emergence movement.

Love to midwife and birth the new.

Love to be in service to you in your path towards what is must authentic, fulfilling, blissfull. To that which creates freedom for the world to see what is best in you.

I am a polymorphic being. I work in subtle fields and deliver in matter. I have skills in social media, research/curation, collective intelligence design and facilitation, integral work.

Working on the communication channels for Metacurrency and The Collective Intelligence Research Institute. Giving conferences, designing and facilitating workshops worldwide.
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Live in a state of grace, blissipline is the water where I swim, in love with my little girl, living, laughing, dancing. I am an instrument of the divine.
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