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> How Present Economy Works  - 
Lets get clear to where GDP is moving!
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Ferananda Ibarra

Shared publicly  - 
I open myself to the flows of life and abundance.  I cultivate the seeds of change within myself and nourish the soil for others to seed themselves. I am ready to attract material abundance and to become a trustee that can act in behalf of all life.
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Ferananda Ibarra

Design Drivers for the Next Economy  - 
Eco-system awarnesss, what is required?

At the core of transforming the current social field from ego-system to eco-system is the transformation of the economy and of economic thought. Rethinking the key categories of economic thought from ego- to eco-system awareness includes the reframing of:

• Nature: from commodity to eco-system
• Labor: from jobs to creative entrepreneurship
• Capital: from extractive to intentional
• Technology: from system-centric to human- and eco-centric
• Leadership: from individual heroism to co-sensing & co-shaping the future
• Consumption: from consumerism to conscious, collaborative sharing
• Coordination: from hierarchy and competition to co-creative fields
• Ownership: from state and private to commons-based ownership rights

Facilitating these shifts in the economy requires a whole suite of institutional innovations. These institutional innovations need to be complemented with innovations in learning infrastructures, such as collective cultivation practices that build the collective capacity to co-sense and co-create.

Thank you +Sheri Herndon


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+Sheri Herndon Gave a first scan of it and loved it... more to talk about
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Ferananda Ibarra

A Radical Shift  - 
How society will be transformed by crypto economics

This is a fabulous vision!

People of the free internet, we now have the opportunity to create a world where we choose to work a 4 hour work week at our whim, collaborating globally with whom we like, freely choosing compensation in currency or equity, frolicking in our hyper-creative and artistic, fractally self-organized fluid work groups, protected from catastrophic risk by a basic income provided by our egalitarian peer to peer protocols.

In this vision the tragedy of the commons is stamped out like polio by a collaborative network of trust and enforced by a consensus-based cryptographic protocol that ensures our aligned incentivization towards the expression of our personal and collective purpose.

Are you in? Ground control to Major Tom?

The best of this vision is the whole article that comes with it.  Go ahead and be part of the crypto economic revolution

#crptoeconomy #bitcoin #blockchain #visions

I think you will love it +Gideon Rosenblatt


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Thoughts by Noah Thorp from his work @ Citizen Code.
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My pleasure, +Ferananda Ibarra​.
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Ferananda Ibarra

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Este tipo de proyectos que toman la tecnología de blockchain y la evolucionan para crear lo que se llaman DAO (organizaciones automatizadas y decentralizadas) serán claves para el futuro de nuestra inteligencia colectiva. 
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Ethereum: ¿Freenet o Skynet?

"En los contratos tradicionales, cada una de las partes tiene la libertad de decidir cumplir el contrato, solo implementarlo parcialmente (obviando ciertas obligaciones), o de violar el contrato (y, por tanto, pagar por daños o indemnizaciones). En contraste, cuando se trata de contratos inteligentes, las partes no tienen otra opción sino implementar el contrato dado que está cifrado y escrito en el código. Es imposible violarlo a menos que alguien sea capaz de reescribir el código.” Artículo completo:
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"En los contratos tradicionales, cada una de las partes tiene la libertad de decidir cumplir el contrato, solo implementarlo parcialmente (obviando ciertas obligaciones), o de violar el contrato (y...
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Ferananda Ibarra

Shared publicly  - 
Learning yes...

'In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the knowers will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists'  ~Eric Hoffer

cc +John Kellden +Doug Breitbart thinking about you.

Most be mentioned that the picture almost selected itself. :D
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Brilliant! so sounds like this period of transformation is a  time for questions, not answers?! and oh those eyes above!
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Qualitative dimensions of Collective Intelligence

In this essay Charles Eisenstein questions: Do groups have a sentience that transcends the sentience of their parts? Do they have, whether in actuality or in potential, a capacity for morality or wisdom that cannot be reduced to mere problem-solving efficiency? Is it meaningful to speak of the desire, the intention, the purposiveness of a group as distinct from that of its members?


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This article appeared in Spanda Journal (v. 2/2014) Abstract:  This essay plays with two definitions of collective intelligence, drawing on two meanings of the word "intelligent" that bring to bear relevant arguments from the philosophy of mind, particularly in reference to artificial intelligence (AI) and its distinction between "strong AI" and "weak AI." One definition associates intelligence with the ability to perform tasks involving logic, r...
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Have her in circles
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Ferananda Ibarra

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I am free from fear... I am loved, seen, acknowledged.  Seed all intentions in the fertile soil of spirit. 
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Ferananda Ibarra

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Coming back from a wonderful community called Atlan where a group of powerful people came together to build a dream.  Its a small group that holds a wide diversity even with their small numbers. This diversity is also in vision, worldview and practice and yet they hold that all is possible, all dreams can be built with love, patience and time. +VillageLab went to give a workshop to contribute to their economic design.  We spoke power sharing, equity, peer economy, currency systems beyond tradeable wealth.  We hope to create more with them... the story has began. 

#community   #portland
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+Edgar Vázquez de acuerdo :)
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Ferananda Ibarra

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What is enlightment?
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Iluminismul este considerat una din caile moderne ce i se par omului bune. Insa duce la moarte. Este un fals ideal, fara Dumnezeu si fara mantuirea sufletului omului.
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Ferananda Ibarra

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Tomorrow! Dont miss the next hangout on 'The great currency debate' 
The Great Currency Debate is a series of Google Hangouts by The Citizens Media® (, where we are building a system that unites solutions for speeding up the transition to the new economy.

Hangout on how we can use reputation in building a means to exchange currencies, products and services, that integrate true, tangible value to help people and the planet to thrive.

To learn more, watch the trailer, or check out the blog on CM

Hope you can join us!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Caroline Smalley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The Great Currency Debate: People, Planet + Profit Exchange
Tue, June 2, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Ferananda Ibarra

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Thank you +Johann Gauthier - honored. :)
Here's to life's inner impulse!

Inspired by today's amazing post shared by our dearest +Ferananda Ibarra 

Blessings and appreciation!

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My pleasure! You made so very easy! Inspired you were and are! +Ferananda Ibarra
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Collective intelligence expert. New Economy expert and pioneer. Whole Systems Design. Integral life practitioner. Social artist. Community design
Circle me if interested in:

  • Collective Intelligence and collective wisdom (processes, tools, research)
  • Gift economies (Generosity and well-being in the system level)
  • Next economies (currencies, wealth, collaborative economies)
  • Organizations in the XXI century. What I call 'Wisdom-driven organizations'
  • Invisible architectures like language, social codes, money
  • Integral theory and practice
  • Personal mastery (body / mind / spirit)
  • Paradigm shifts and what enables them
  • Social artistry
  • Women and the path of the goddess
  • Spirituality
  • Conscious evolution
  • cats
  • Love
Bragging rights
I am alive!!!!
Love, create, breathe, play
process arts, collective intelligence, organizational alchemy, collective wisdom. socialmedia, personal knowledge management. New paradigm economics, currency design. Evolutionary thinking
  • VillageLab
    Social creator, founder, 2012 - present
    VillageLab is an agile and lean NGO. As such we are all polymorphic beings playing different roles, functions in it. I am mainly devoted to: Organizational Development, Community Management, Content strategy, Socialmedia
  • Metacurrency
    Polymorphic, weaver, creator, 2010 - 2014
    Creating the infrastructure for the Next Economy. I am a speaker for metacurrency principles and values. I co-create with others and play mainly in socialmedia, content strategy and community development.
  • Emerging Leader Labs
    Sourcerer and Facilitator, 2012 - 2014
    Emerging Leader Labs is about placemaking, its about manifestation, co-creation and the spirit of Gifting. Its a container for young leaders (of all ages) to thrive and be fully supported to work in their project, learn how to build a team, experience agile tools and processes and present in public. Its also about fun and being part of something larger than themselves.
  • Collective Intelligence Research Institute
    Co-founder, R&D, 2009 - 2014
    Research and Development. I did a lot of conferences, workshop and two international Congress In France.
  • TheTransitioner
    Community gardener, 2007 - 2013
    Collective Intelligence ThinkTank
  • Community Wealth
    US west coast tour, 2012
    The Community wealth tour was a Gift Economy tour around the west coast
  • Centifolia 2011 Congress
    Collective intelligence designer, facilitator and speaker, 2013
    The spirit of Centifolia and Centisophia was to gather decision makers of the perfume and cosmetics industry to speak about 'The Wealth of a Product' to infuse consciousness and further capacities to participate in the worlds transformation while generating wealth for people and planet
  • Centre de Promotion des Enterprise
    Organizational development, 2011
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The experience for me was like visiting a jail of amazing beings desperate of their situation. Yes there are incredible snakes and turtles and reptiles. That makes it worse. Really constrained spaces for each. I got out of there feeling very sad that humans accept animal suffering with such ease.
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The food is fabulous. Everything we tried was great. I would ask for mild spicy next time as medium is hot. The service is awesome. We didn't give 5 stars because the place needs decor. Not cozy.
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Loved the room. Comfy bed. Adorable person attending us
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Beautiful, cozy and interesting place. Historical. Really good food and service
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