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I am not a fan of beating the blues advice that is patently gratuitous, overdone, or quite obvious. Yes, a walk on the beach sounds invigorating but I live in Arizona. You know what I’m talking about, these lists inundate Google if you search for overcoming a down mood or depression. For anyone experiencing a hard time or if you have a case of the blues—I’ve gathered some of my best mood-changing activities for you which I’ve indulged in to distract me when I’m feeling down. These are not your same old tips, so come on, give one a try!

#holiday #mentalhealth #depression #femininecollective
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Margaret sits in the mourning, and so I join her
birdwatching. I tend her soft plot’s dying greens
tending the nightshade she would madly weed

Days when it rains, we sip white jasmine tea, steep
it with cannabis oils, honies and Summer leaves.
Poperies, perhaps her secret dried poppies

#poetry #femininecollective
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I am your revolution
filthy riches
your poverty
a gratified
your pain

#femininecollective #poetry
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What she knows: Girl-3 got her good this time – ‘had one over her,’ they’d say. Girl-6 can tell she’s been had, by this ungainly indignation she suffers, causing a loss of humor, and energy. Some girls can tell. Girls who study the rungs of the social ladder attune to other girls because you have to go to school with them and compete for status.
#ShortStory #femininecollective
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If I was your child would you discover the planet with me and all her beauty with
If I was your brave child that got broken with bruises
Would you patch up my busted knees and broken hearts
Would you shower me with love even when undeserving
Would you share your coat of kindness and mesmerizing colors
If I was your child, but not yours to hold onto
Not for too long, too tight or even a million kisses

+Jacqueline Cioffa #poetry #humanity #femininecollective
If I Was Your Child
If I Was Your Child
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When I tell you that she is a fireball,
I mean to say
that she fears not the
charring of cultural silks and rods,
burning up oxidized visions
until her words are carbon-sealed
upon the perennial page,
her feminine veil
forged in smoke.

When I tell you that she is a firebrand,
I mean to say
that flames know how to dance,
performing heated contortions
of fist and wit
singeing holes through
sepia newspapers and Freudian slips,
hungrily lapping up anachronisms
like old kindling.

When I tell you that she is aflame,
I mean to say
that her light comes with a price,
ample mind ablaze
with neurotic shadows
blooming, ball-and-chained
to the heels of her incandescence,
the fire that commanded oceans
snuffed out by airless spaces.

#poetry #femininecollective #Women
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Where do these women go when they die, these
Women who are like me
like how I used to be before
I became rooted in stinkless rock?

“Previvor” is for the catch of an early dusk
before it settles, or
the trespass of the moon before dark

A champion equals a survivor in the pressing
Previvor foxes it first


the thing is rape

you smell on me an anger appropriate, yet
My words touch you chaffingly, they
aren’t real:
inappropriate for think, hear or feel


the word is rape

I could not have been a previvor of violence
because the dread blossom grew
not in me but in

#poetry #metoo #femininecollective
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Happening every day…
To every body…
All of the time…

Am I going to get shot?
At church?
In the movie theater?
While I’m dancing?
I’m young…

#massshooting #GunControlNow #femininecollective #poetry
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“They marched, they ran, and on Election Day, they won.”—The New York Times

#midtermelections #femininecollective
We DID Overcome
We DID Overcome
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