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A kind of brain messaging modem (modulator-> demodulator) This is not your good-old telephathy. It is biology-technology-interface being defined. Whoa!
Communication between minds separated by distance is possible
Telepathy is the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction. A brain -to -brain communication study organized by Harvard Medical School last year has revealed that human brains can “talk” directly to one another despite being physically separated by thousands of miles.

Conducted by a group of robotics engineers and neuroscientists from across the globe, the study proves that information can be transmitted between two human brains through leveraging different passageways to the mind.

The group of participants that took part in the study was between 28 and 50 in age. Electrodes were attached to one person’s scalp on the sending end, to monitor brain currents and were then hooked up to a computer that interpreted the signal. On the receiving end subjects were tasked with interpreting the message using the computer-brain interface. When the messages were sent, the receivers experienced brain stimulation; flashes of light in their peripheral vision and they were able to decipher simple messages.

This study represents only a small step toward engineering telepathy, which might take years - or decades - to perfect. Ultimately, the goal is to remove the computer middleman from the transmission equation and allow direct brain- to -brain communication between people. 


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Just keep finding these...
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Can we all just get along?
TEAMWORK...  So nice to friends working together to accomplish a goal!

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So, here are a few more drawings. These are from way way back
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Umm Word to your.... Alien-seeker

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Rest in Perfect Peace. Victoria, In this, we all agree: You have done well!
I just read this story about Victoria Soto and what she did in Sandy Hook.

It reminds that while having Faith in God can't always help us understand why bad things happen, having Faith in God helps us get through anything!

The actions of one sick individual turn my stomach, but her actions remind me that there are way more good people in the world than bad. 

#AmericanHero   #WorldHero   #Hero  

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Just got a call from the future. It was Star Trek.... They want their replicator back! Seriously, we could be witnessing a huge shift.

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Bets to try: Saw this post earlier. All I have to say is the British spend too much time at the pub. Quite fun though.

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I'm planning to attend in NYC. (Thanks for invite Google!) Looking forward to experience sharing and words from thought leaders in implementing mobile Marketing strategies given the break-neck speed of "online" transition from laptop / notebook to tablets and phones. 
Think Performance kicks off tonight

Greetings from NYC! Tonight we kick off a series of Think Performance events in four cities, with an intimate dinner for CEOs. Senior Googlers and special guest Robin Chase, CEO of Buzzcar and co-founder of Zipcar, will join our guests in conversation about how businesses can get the most out of the web.

Check in later at #ThinkPerformance to see what burning questions our CEOs are asking.
Think Performance NYC Sept 24, 2012 (3 photos)
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With such an amazing design and color combination appearing naturally, I know where some cultures draw inspiration for fabric design. This image reminds me of...
1. African fabric design
2. Tie n die
3. Banana plant leaf drying up

Ok, just check out the animal and be amazed like I was.....
The Mysterious Blanket Octopus

The blanket octopus is perhaps the only creature on earth aside from man that truly appreciates a sense of drama. For example, most animals use things like poisons, sprays or smells as defensive mechanisms to ward off attackers. Not the blanket octopus. The blanket octopus instead uses its giant, built-in flowing cloak to dissuade potential predators by essentially convincing them that it's the ocean's Batman

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