Day 3 of my #fivedayquest  

I was invited by +Markus Landsmann photodigital artist from Leverkusen, Germany.
You´ll find a lot of nice cityscapes, landscapes and much more on his profile.

I would like to invite my friend +Stian Klo 
Coming from northern Norway, one of my favourite places in the world to photograph, he has a whole photographic paradise in front of his door.
And dammit... that guy is on a roll and shooting some amazing stuff! 
He also offers great photo tours through Norway and Iceland.

There are 3 simple rules to absolve:
1) post 5 shots on 5 days
2) use the tag #fivedayquest  
3) tag a circlefriend to join in, mentioning the original person who tagged you too

"Heimdalls anger"

The Aurora borealis aka. the northern lights going wild above one of the most remarkable mountain ranges of #Lofoten  islands in #Norway  .
I had to think about the norse gods as i stood there with all that green majesty swirling above my head. In that moment i could really understand the ancient people thinking about displays of gods energy in the sky....

Have a nice day and enjoy the green :)

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