Day 4 of my #fivedayquest  

I was invited by +Markus Landsmann photodigital artist from Leverkusen, Germany.
You´ll find a lot of nice cityscapes, landscapes and much more on his profile.

I would like to invite my friend  +Iurie Belegurschi 
He is a landscape photographer based in Iceland and i can just say that his portfolio is overwhelming and you can stay hours watching his 500px gallery and homepage or assisting his workshops in Iceland, Greenland and Norway.
Anyhow- here on #googleplus  he is quite new.
Let´s welcome him screaming: Show your stunners Iurie :D

There are 3 simple rules to absolve:
1) post 5 shots on 5 days
2) use the tag #fivedayquest  
3) tag a circlefriend to join in, mentioning the original person who tagged you too

"frozen soul"

I walked around on Breidamerkursandur beach, the ice jewel beach in Iceland (Region Austurland next to Jökulsarlon glacial lagoon).

The problem with this beach is there are thousands of neat shots of it. The black lava and the ice chunks on the shore are simply magical and you can´t resist shooting some images if you are there with a camera.

Anyhow, i wanted to find some special ice chunks with a nicely polished superficies and finally found this one. 
During the hours that i took pictures of it it felt like we became friends.
Guess i´m a weirdo :D

I hope you like it and tell me-
do you want a landscape or cityscape image to finalize my #5daysquest  ? 

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