"Cabin with a view"
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On my last two trips to Lofoten i realized that i had always ignored the iconic area around Reine i Lofoten, the world famous and awarded fishertown.
Even if i had stayed quite some time around there i always went to different places- the surroundings are quite decent actually :D
Well on my last trip i set me the goal to shoot these famous places and try to get some different angles and moods- here one from Hamnøy.
While i had planned to shoot from these rocks with rising tide, what i couldn´t plan was the nice pink sunrise and of course the fantastic waves. 
I shot tons of compositions that day and each of them multiple times to get the "perfect" wave. 
I came home with so many images that it´s hard to choose, which wave and shutter i like the most, but here we go with another one. 
I will wait some time with the next image from that morning so you don´t get bored ;)

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