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November 5


Himax investor presentation, looks like folks are finally understanding what hardware needs to be included for a true AR experience. #felixhoenikker   #vc   #venturecapital   #himax   #augmentedreality  
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Now is the time to get back into the Greentech game Felix.... This Year's El Nino along with other Market dynamics are converging into gigantic  perfect storm...  

Here is part of what I mean by that:
Scientists warn of likely El Niño event this year that could drastically alter weather patterns:  &
Extreme weather more persuasive on climate change than scientists: AP poll shows that events like superstorm Sandy are succeeding with climate sceptics where scientists have been failing
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Lytro is annoying.... they've taken a page from the Andreessen Horowitz handbook. If your tech is obsolete/inferior.....dress it up and sell it for a ton of $$$ because most people don't know better. Like Matterport selling their camera for $4500. Only problem is in both cases the results can be accomplished with off the shelf hardware that is a tiny fraction of their ASP. Literally can do the same thing with both those cameras which is really funny. Lytro also didn't sell any of their previous models so I'm not sure what early adopters they think they're gonna scoop up this time while there is an orphaned product sitting on shelves. My advice, buy one when Lytro files for bankruptcy    #felixhoenikker   #vc   #venturecapital   #lytro   #andreessenhorowitz   #lytro  
Two years ago, a little startup called Lytro shook up the world of photography by introducing the world's first light field camera. It hasn't replaced normal cameras, but now Lytro's got a new toy: professional-grade model and software platform. After you see what this camera can do, you'll never look at still pictures the same.
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I don't really buy into being more than a desert party but is the one week a year I get to take my mask off. Love that place. Recommend giving it try before it turns into coachella =)
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Ahhhhh project tango and small satellites!?!? Seriously?!?! Looks like the same program from MIT years back

   #vc   #venturecapital   #felixhoenikker   #satellite   #projecttango   #nasaspheres  
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interesting, surprised they need to launch a balloon for that
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Felix Hoenikker

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frequency & 2d rubens tube experiment, fun! 
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vinod coleslaw is gonna consult for the show Silicon Valley.... too funny!!!!
anonymous VCs unite!!!
#vc   #venturecapital   #felixhoenikker  
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Called it.... Google project tango phone using capri3d from primesense.... said Google should acquire Primesense before Apple. 

    #vc   #venturecapital   #google   #projecttango   #primesense   #apple   #projecttangoteam   #felixhoenikker  
Teardown of the Project Tango developer phone in April 2014.
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Interesting samsung google glass competitor #vc   #venturecapital   #googleglass   #samsung   #felixhoenikker  
Patent applications and concepts have revealed that Samsung has some interest in coming out with smart glasses - tentatively titled ...
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Lytro is kind of obsolete because it can be accomplished with a regular cmos and autfocus , app can be accomplished without Lytro hardware so I wonder what the "new" flagship product is.... they gonna try 3D scanning now too? Maybe a new 3d sensor? my guess is they got caught with useless technology and dont know what to do. #vc   #venturecapital   #lytro   #felixhoenikker
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