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This just really flips all my switches. All 6 Humboldt county micro breweries collaborating on a beer? First off, these are 5 or 6 sigma breweries, pretty much all of them. Second, i just havent heard of any collaborative efforts with this much input in the micro brew world, pretty much ever. Everything is better in Humboldt. ;-)

Viva la Saison Du Humboldt!

And +Jim Hamilton you better at least make an effort to try this one ...
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when you think about the whole brewing renaissance, its surprising that there aren't more collaborative brews: I hope this becomes a trend. very cool to have all 5 humboldt brewers involved. I accept the onerous responsibility to investigate the result. My only caveat to the original statements is that I don't think 6 rivers is in the same class as the other 4 humboldt breweries. Still, using the US census july 2010 estimate of 134,794 for the humboldt population, thats one first class microbrewery for every 33,698.5 people.
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