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Just as a thought. Those who made are doing it them self.
I agree with +Glenn Lee WHO ever thinks it only affects the US are blind sides stupid low IQ shit head farts who believe the shit their own goverment is producing and what is writen in the low life called rainbow press and TV shows.

Grow some brains and get educated and STOP believing EVERYTHING the damn rainbow press or TV says.
I don't know if they still call it land of the free.
Looks like all shit comes from texas. one small history lesson. Texas is the state wich can be compared as Germany. As due Texas was from Germans way back. So uhm No wonder they give shit politicians with shit believes and ideas for bills. just look at ye olde regulated germany. The very same thing.
We need to get this onto the news.
Call FOX. call NBC call CNN. CALL the Bigest Copyright violator Rupert Murdoch (What has an australian media mongul to say in US. He should shut the fuck up.)
I shared it directed at +NPR. They're often good about looking into things users submit that way.
+Felix Fox Great example of how regulators need at least a basic understanding of the medium they are trying to regulate. Thank you!
Another slap in the face to our intelligence.
+Matthew Saltzman problem with that is. THEY NEVER have an understanding of all those mediums. They see it as the devils work. Like Germany bashing on video games, just due ONE fricking idiot went on a killing spree and found he played counterstrike... the hilarious part is. "You are trained to kill lil girls" AS far I know there are no civilians in counterstrike.
+Nanaki Yamabushi There are, you're just not supposed to kill them. The terrorists and the counterterrorists can both lose if they kill hostages... Most people don't play the hostage situation though, they usually just play the bomb situations.
Did he pay for the image? If not this is irony at it's best!
Why is everybody surprised at the hypocrisy of politicians! Don't they all "do that"?
+Nanaki Yamabushi You're absolutely right. I agree 100%. That doesn't mean they don't need to understand the medium they are regulating. Otherwise, we get arbitrary laws based on whichever side yells the loudest (on green paper in the US).
Yeah +Paul Ferreira but it needs to change. They need to read and understand what they make laws for. We need expertise in politics not lazy money hoarding idiots.
These people make me to think about whats weird going on in Texas! First Rick Perry and now this weirdo. Hope these are the last 2 dinosaurs left on the earth! LOL!
I really , REALLY, wish the owner of the image would sue him. That would be SO great!
Has anyone attempted to contact the artist and ask if it's being used with his permission? It would be interesting if it wasn't being used with his permission.
+Ben Smith read the damn story people! the owner was contacted, he said "I did not give permission" nor was the image attributed to the creator.
Let me go feel ashamed of myself for not caring enough to look into this really important story. :P
+Nisha Desai not for the SOPA laws, there are laws already in place. SOPA would be worse, his site/IP could be blacklisted without due process! and worse!
Check out his facebook page. He has photos of Abraham Lincoln, James Madison, etc., that I am sure he has no rights to. What a hypocrite.
he created SOPA to stop himself from stealing :P
Comments could be taken seriously if they were written by serious writers. Anyone can type out vitriol laced with profanity. Let's bring back true political apologetics and actually try to bring forth true solutions to the situation we have allowed to grow into this festering malaise. Our founding fathers used reasoned argumentation to come to overall agreements that are the cornerstone and building blocks of the Constitution. We need to find those that will put greed and avarice behind them in favor of what our forefathers crafted for us. It is up to us to find our way back to the Constitution. But it can only happen if we follow the example of our founding fathers. We must quell the rhetoric of today's political stage and returned to reasoned debate using truth as the foundation.
How ironic would it be if a Purple Heart wielding veteran would post a video of himself singing the "Star Spangled Banner" on YouTube. Its jail for you, you evil evil man.
NOTICE: I DO NOT SUPPORT SMITH OR SOPA/PIPA. That said, i would like to point, that those pictures are not the same. Look at the sides carefully, you will see they do not match, not even close. Again, i don't support SOPA/PIPA and i think Smith is a total moron, but seriously, if we expect to be better and smarter than he is, lets at least not make up a story for the sake of insult.
+Keith Coronel ... because we should ignore things until they really hurt us? Im not sure I even comprehend your statement in any context...
Someone should get inform him or his office to let him know what a dick that he is!............fighting against something that you are well into?
The world is really a crazy place to be in!
Lamar Smith is an employee of MPAA or RIAA if I recall. Being a congressman is only his part-time job.
+Robert Huttinger problem. Most people are to dumb to think that far ahead. Nor ever used something more then paint. Do not get wound up by those. But your right it is a zoomed version, which makes his copyright violation even far worse. The press really should be informed. Here in germany some people will have done it already. Like they already did with 3 politicians with doctor title, who have plagiated there doctor work. There is no better way to stop those bills then to show the press that the bill authors are doing it them self. Enjoy the ripping sounds of a politician torn to shreds.
People of Texas, why did you vote for this scumbag? What did he do to convince you that he "represents" you?
Lol the saying is check yourself before you wreck yourself....
After historic protest, Congress members abandon #SOPA & #PIPA in droves Keep fighting, Senate votes next week!
Everyone was sharing this on FB but not on G+ so I though I'll share it on G+
Glass houses... stones.... yada, yada....
+Bruce Israel This very clearly shows the absurdity of SOPA. Obviously Lamar Smith had nothing to do with using that picture without permission. The point is that under his own proposed law he would be liable for copyright violation for an action taken many layers removed from him.

Regardless of whether or not he was directly involved in the copyright violation he is still liable under the legal doctrine of Respondeat superior.
SOPA is the most idiotic, the stupidest thing ever proposed in the information industry. Ever. This all reminds me of that movie "Idiocracy".
Nice!! over +1000 :D Thank you all!!
ooo - is have two hand and two leg as mom.. Hmmmm... DNA PIRAT!!!
And RED TIE - OL LA LA, нe stole the style Barack Obama...
Thank you for turning over the rock that this "I wanna be somebody - even if I'm seen as hopelessly dim witted" entity lives under.
its clear site background. LOL we a right! Copyright Violator!
His website appears to be down, or it crashed due to too many people checking it out... Nice
For those blaming all the over 25 million people in Texas for Lamar Smith, please stop. That's not the way the House of Representatives works.

Several Texas politicians were against SOPA and PIPA, not to mention several major companies based in Texas. The people in Texas that I know are almost unanimously against it and were well before it was a widely known, popular issue. Yes, I do work in an Internet-related industry.
+Bruce Israel because there is a chain of command does not let him off the hook. There are countless real world scenarios where this proves to be true. Someone, at some point, showed this to him, or told him (or the people that represent him legally) that this was done.

Ignorance is NOT a defense!!

Was he aware of the sites existence? If so, was there due diligence? These are questions left to be answered.

But for someone who could sponsor legislation that is WAY too far reaching, and wrong on so many levels, who then claimed that the people who are against it are just "uninformed", should have the book thrown at them. The heaviest book, and the hardest one.
Pass it on to all in Texas and campaign against his next reelection bid ;-)
The cat is a reflection of how I look at this exact moment.
Take legal action against him..
I still don't get how a bill from America suddenly affects companies around the world. They don't own the internet and, from my view, they certainly don't have the right to go around blocking off companies that do not follow US law. I'm lost, someone got time to explain? :)
i wonder what Tim burners-lee thinks about this now? An open source format being occupied by the US government? sounds about right :/
makes me sick!
just so yall know its not even the same picture
lol yeah and this is old now
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