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Here's an #android feature I've been working on for a while...

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Starting #2017 in great style with a Trappist...


Either a really, really big truck passed through, or it was a not-that-small earthquake...

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Got this check from Capital One, out of nowhere - +Chet Haase​ , did you transfer your book royalty payments over to me?

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Some folks at work organized a Beer Advent Calendar , where each participant end up with 24 unique, wrapped beers.

That's the kind of thing that makes #Google such a nice place to work...

$ adb shell trumpstate

WARNING: 'trumpstate' can damage your device, permanently.
Are you sure (y/n): y

Sorry, I cannot let you that (prime directive #2: Protect the innocent).
Please run 'dumpstate' instead.

$ echo $?

*$ git log frameworks/native/cmds/dumpstate
commit 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666
Date: Wed Nov 9 09:10:19 2016 -0800

trumpstate - making Android great again!

Bug: 20161108
Test: trumpstate is proven, doesn't need tests
Change-Id: 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666

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Mandatory X-Files reference: I made this :-)

Scoped Directory Access in Android Nougat

Scoped Directory Access is new to Nougat and provides an alternative to the storage permissions with two important differences:
- It gives you access to only a specific directory - don’t request access to the entire primary storage if you only need the pictures directory!
- It gives read and write access to SD cards and USB attached storage!

See this video and many others in the full #AndroidNougat playlist:

Another "great" #GogleVoice  transcript for a message in Portuguese:

Hi, Phillippi, Tony Cardo possible committed vehicle some insight here. My name is Casey. Just cooper city your phone b**. What's up my physical the mail mobile Michelle Williams as for mental agency who seger my vision went out there with you telling me about my tablet. I spoke with me and my search up.

I don't always reply to surveys, but when I do, it goes like this:

_Why the f** can't I select a f** seat in the ticket I purchased online in the your f*, horrible website? I had to wait in line to get my f** boarding pass with an assigned seat, almost missed lunch, then had to wait in line again to get in the plane and almost didn't have space to bring my luggage in (which would make have to wait forever to claim it, hoping it was not lost). I used to be a happy Continental customer but United is messing it up more and more, to the point I might stop flying it.. _
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