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Thanks to the stupid guys of udisks, I now have to switch everything from '/media/foo' to '/run/media/felipec/foo'.

Haven't they heard this notions about backwards compatibility, transitional period, configurability, and not breaking user experience?

ELCE 2011: kernel panel on the importance of users
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Shut up, they know what's best for you better than you could ever imagine.
Really, my USB drives will be mounted as "felipe"? #iwontupdateever
Any other ideas besides refusing to accept user specific mount paths for removable media??
You can always run something that isn't Ubuntu or Gnome or whatever nonsense it is you guys are running.
+Måns Rullgård Then I would have to find another way to automatically mount removable media partitions as user, and find a way to unlock encrypted ones.

udisks allows gvfs to automatically do that, and consolekit allows gnome-keyring to store the passwords so encrypted partitions get unlocked and decrypted automatically.

It's very convenient.
Currently the thing is: udisk2 seems to try its best to make so multiple users could mount their storages w/out each other seeing it.

Probably a better path would be ~/media/$id but in concept that would be ok for a multi-seat desktop.

The thing is that I'd expect udisk2 to have another setting for storage that is automounted so it is shared across group and accessible through /media

+Martin Ott I hadn't check the code yet so I'm at fault for my snide comment before doublechecking and see if there is a way to get that.

(think usb2 memory stick and firewire data array, both they get by the same logic but just one makes sense as locally mounted)
I, for one, welcome the change! The thing is I used /media location long before it was inappropriately taken from me by hal and then udisks. Nobody listened to me when I argued the mount point should be in /mnt and not /media. Now I will finally get it back! :) :-P
+Luca Barbato +Denys Dmytriyenko Sure, change, whatever, but not without breaking user experience all of a sudden. There's many ways to not just break things totally and completely from one version to another.

For example, a configuration to use the old behavior, even if it's temporary; it would help.

But nooo...
+Felipe Contreras complain to your distribution, I'm just stating why it might be done, not that I'm all for that nor agree with how it had been done.

What is reasonable for me would had been doing in a different way. The change itself seems in the configuration, not in the program, but again, I can be wrong, I hadn't look at the code, nor I use udisk at all myself.

+Denys Dmytriyenko I hope he is not involved.

+Vladimir Pantelic I do not know at all. I'm quite happy with my many users single seat setup (I do use more than an user so having per-user mount is an hindrance for me)
Time to improve the situation with a patch.
Or a patch to a path (the one to the mount point).
with a patch to a pattern for the path ^^;
D-Bus is the new universal replacement for text config files, take e.g. which calls itself "embedded" yet needs python scripts to change its config via D-Bus for even basic things like setting a static IP...
possibly you might use a different and more protocol. connman is a leaner networkmanager and uses the same approach sadly.
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