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I bought a few weeks ago, a Nexus 7 3G and, a Poetic SlimLine case for that device as I was really sold on that case. 

It looked great, good quality and perfect functionality (smart open/close) with a good price/benefit relation.

It happens that I do not live in the USA and I just got, yesterday, the shipment with the Nexus 7 and the Poetic Slimcase.

First impression on the Poetic SlimLine case: TOTAL dissapointment on the quality of the product

Why is that? well, the screen cover on the outside seems like its an "irregular" or a "damaged" product. The very right-down corner is defective as it is not smooth as in evey picture I saw.

The product works fine, even the smart cover feature with the magnets.  But, having a "new" and "damaged" case on my shiny new Nexus 7 is not precisely what I wanted or desire, and specially when this pair of products (Nexus  and the Poetic Slimcase) were destined to be shown and showcased at our weekly Technology podcast and radio show to our audience.

Poetic (Exact Design Inc.) friends:  Is there something we can do to remedy this? 
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I have one of these too! Aside from the fact that they add a fair amount of thickness to the otherwise slim and sexy N7, they are very functional and give it great protection. 
some of these off-brand cases are hit or miss
mine is awesome
cheap and has held together for about 3 months now!
Miguel:  Yeah, that is exactly what I am doing.....
I also have that case, and know exactly what you are talking about. The corners will eventually start peeling away. I hate that case now, and am looking for a reliable replacement
I recommend a Speck Portfolio.  Awesome quality
+Edwin Torres  you got the Poetic SlimBook , the one I got is the Poetic SlimLine ... different products.  Glad you are happy with your case.
Got the same one about a week ago. Did not look like this at all. Mine is doing great. Stinks you got a bad one. :(
+Neal Veen  Yeah, it stinks I got a bad one.  Where did you buy yours? Amazon.com? better yet which seller on Amazon if that is the case?
And now, my comment gets deleted on AndroidPolice:

A comment I made, like this post regarding the bad quality of the Poetic Slimline case got deleted by either AndroidPolice or Poetic themselves.  Too bad, shame on them.

Instead of fixing the issues and providing good service and ammending THEIR mistake,  posts are deleted.     Shame.

Actually, I bought that case because of the review in this site. I commented below the review yesterday, pretty much exactly the same words I said on my initial post here. That was erased.

For the sake of fairness and full disclosure:  

Today, I got contacted by Poetic Inc.  by means of a private message on Facebook.  They have asked for my address and it seems they are shipping me a brand new replacement Slimline case, the same I bought and came defective as show in the pictures.

Whenever the case arrives to me, I will post it here and maybe some pictures of the new unit.    Hopefully this time it all works fine.

I am glad Poetic did care, at the end, about their customer(s) and the final product that gets to the customer.  I appreciate their contact and attention to my posts.

I will keep you posted.... To be continued !
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