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Two years ago I joined Samba TV, and it's been a really fun journey.
The last few months are much busier than I expected, mostly because of recent project, growth and challenges around recruiting/hiring. We moved to a new office (and I was one of the people leading the project), we are expanding our operations both in Europe and Asia, and we keep growing in USA.

I originally started working within Engineering to take care of Production Infrastructure and Operations and that evolved to build and grow a second team: Information Technology (CorpIT).

The company is growing, we are around 100 employees now, with a big chunk of those being Engineers. Infra and CorpIT are still small, but growing (which hopefully will help a little bit with the long working days). Did I mention we are hiring?

The company's culture is great, and one of the points that candidates (and even people around for few years) keep bringing up. I know it won't stay the same, as we hire more people the culture changes, but I hope it evolves in the right direction and preserves its DNA, while fixing small problems and overall improving, so people is proud of the work they do.

Despite the heavy work and long hours in the past few weeks, I'm learning a lot, and I have some really interesting projects. Engineering is always coming up with new crazy (and complex systems) and we have a unique type of data (which our Data Scientists and Data Engineers are really proud of).

I'm excited about our upcoming projects and about the next year. Hopefully it will be another fun year, busy (so I can learn a lot) but fun (so time flies).

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Hello everyone,

some months ago I read an article about Google moving Hangouts away from XMPP, and since then I started playing with the Hangouts native protocol in my spare time. A quick search on Google led me to these two projects already using the native protocol: (Qt/Qml app) (Python)

After an analysis I decided to refactor Hangish into a Qt library, removing app specific stuff (like data models and notifications), and creating something that could be reused by other apps.

This is how libhangish [1] was born.

Some months and cups of coffee later, I finally have a working version of libhangish, and also a telepathy connection manager called telepathy-hanging [2] (written in telepathy-qt [3]) that uses libhangish.

There's still a lot to be done in terms of features and defining a stable API, but the basic stuff is already there:

- Login (with and without 2 factor authentication)/Logout
- Set self presence
- Send/Receive text messages
- Group chats
- Contact list (with avatars and online status)
- Send/Receive typing notification
- Recover messages received while offline
- Receive delivery notifications

I created a Trello board [4] to track the whole progress, and also an Ubuntu PPA [5] (Wily only for now) if you wish to give it a try.
I expect to write a tutorial on how to build clients using libhangish soon.

Bug reports [7] and patches are welcome.

Thank you

 - libhangish API is still unstable and subject to changes.
 - Logging in with an app specific password [6] is currently broken. You have to use your master password for now.
 - If you have 2 factor authentication enabled on your account, empathy will ask you to enter the pin code.
 - telepathy-hanging requires telepathy-qt 0.9.6
 - telepathy-hanging stores some data to $HOME/.local/share/telepathy-hanging/


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Ahhh... a hipocrisia.

Sendo ainda mais específico, o SERPRO continua mantendo fechado o código do software de Declaração do Imposto de Renda de Pessoa Física (IRPF).

E esse é só um dos exemplos mais significativos.

E sim, eu acho que o Governo deveria adotar soluções livres, mas não acho justo forçar empresas a abrir seus softwares. Especialmente se o Governo não está dando o exemplo e abrindo seus próprios códigos-fonte, e isso que não estamos nem falando da urna eletrônica.

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I like the idea of Amazon Echo, but I'm super concerned about the privacy implications: #amazon #echo #privacy

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If you use Debian Testing (aka Jessie) keep an eye on this bug: #debian #bug #grub #sysadmin #devops

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