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NEW FLOG! I play violin with my friend Tom Lenk, and yes there's a weird monkey and space flight and...whatever guys.
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Rob Go
No gnomes?? That's it, not watching.

I kid, I kid. Swearsies.
You've managed to make Monday my favorite day of the week ;)
Violins is not the solution....unless you're Sherlock Holmes or Felicia Day.
hehe nice GEEKS UNITE!!! :)
Shinning through in greatness no matter where she is, she's (Felicia) just showing off how she can make anything add up :)
That musical segment freed me from my life long Prozac addiction! Thank you violin vixen!!!
P.S. Really enjoyed reading an article in our local rag TBT* about your rise as an example of what more people are watching for entertainment and the decline of non-digital, "broadcast" television.
So... "Ode to Carrie Fisher" mp3/mp4? When can we expect to hand over monies for this wonderful work?
I was totally whelmed with the violin playing. :)
that was awesome. i enjoyed the music
I love it. I love it so much I don't think there's a word for it. Thank you, Felicia.
off topic where's vork and riley they not on google+?
Great Music and also TOTALLY comical!
That was beautiful... would love to see Carrie Fischers reaction! The star sequence was hilarious thnx!
The Scale 2 thing is like the Total Perspective Vortex from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, except it doesn't turn your brain into jelly.
lol the drum major is the quarterback of the band. awesome.
Can't wait to sit down and watch this with my wife tonight!!!
Felicia, you play the violin as well? I am a married man! Please stop making yourself so crush-worthy.
As long as you get your wife to crush along with you it is fine. That's how we worked it out in our household! :)
MP3 coming later today! Ingestion through Tunecore got backed up for some reason :(
That is so true +Jes Hausauer ! I let my wife say she was in love with +Felicia Day first, then I let on that I might be a little bit too. Smooth sailing after that.
You never can tell where you'll end up with blue screen
holy crap you're amazing at the violin!
I like Tom's slightly crazy Bach-hair. Also I loved him in Cabin in the Woods!
the "music video" portion of that, along with the music, were better than anything (everything) that's been on mtv for the past 15 years.
New Flogs and geekandsundry videos keep me coming back to G+

You play the violin quite excellently!
i especially love the bored and possibly pissed off expressions of the two crew members holding the green screen. well that and the space ships.
i especially liked the awesome special effects xD
I'm very impressed!! The piano and a string instrument were instruments I wish I'd learned to play. Just woodwinds and the tenor sax for me. <3 my flute though =)
I remember the monkey from the trip you took to Central America..but was that a sword in his hand? who is he fighting off?
That was awesome! :D Loving Flog, and yay for Tom Lenk on the show. :D
Ingestion got indigestion? We'd love to see more violin playing in the future!
Hi Felicia, loving the G&S line-up. Interesting to note, the term 'flog' can be used as a euphemism for male masturbation here in Australia - ie ' just watched Felicia Day on you tube, just nipping off for a quick flog.", and as an insult - "did you see <insert celebrity> in <that film> - what a flog". Just saying.
hey Felicia Day. Excellent! It sounds great!
Oh, and you do the best uncomfortable silence!
Smitten Kitchen is ok, but Drunk Kitchen is awesome!
Hey that's the sooky guy from the evil trio in season 6 of Buffy, awesome
Very excellent violin playing Felicia! Carrie Fisher would be soooo wrong as to not love this!
"Are we going to make out now?" eyeballing at the end of the performance. Hilarious.
I loved it ;) great performance, and the space stuff cracked me up. Including the guys holding up your green screens. I hope Carrie Fisher sees it!
I saw Tom and thought "Andrew, get back to work with the Slayers."

Then I remembered that you're a Slayer too, Felicia. <3
to grant to be ben tasty shoulder.
there is hubby not already I love you neither.
Every time I see him, all I can think is: "We are as gods!!!"
Felicia, they just killed off your character on Eureka!! QQ
They already Killed you!! I am VERY upset! QQ
Pam A
Scale of the Universe! I came across that page last week. It definitely deserves to be in anyone's Fave Five. :D
RIP Holly Marten. Thanks for a fun bunch of episodes, Felicia. :)
I'm really going to miss you on Eureka. It really won't be the same without you. :(
Thank you, +Felicia Day. Thank you so much. That performance was wonderful . Thank you also for giving me a little more push to back to my keyboard (obviously, not the one I using now to write this). I "came here" humming Mendelsson's violin concerto (: from The Guild OST - sadly interrupted there).
Now I'm going to watch the performance again... without watching (all that background stuff was very funny and, because of that, a little distracting - it's not because I don't want to look you; I wonder if is there any version of the performance without the space stuff).
Poor Fargo, he is going to be crushed.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (just watched dvr'd episode)
Can't believe you got wacked on Eureka ... I'm not happy about it
Not bad at all. Classically trained?
Thanks for the spoiler, Robert. Haven't had chance to see Eureka & probably won't until tomorrow night.
I wasn't the first spoiler Jesse
Yet another talent, or should I say STRING TO YOUR BOW! That was a pun folks. An intentional one.
Girl you play the violin! Gooood on ya! Impressed :)
You should definitely play more violin! I figured you were good (no one gets a degree in music performance who isn't), but it was great to actually hear it. You should get a gig guesting with symphonies around the country...especially if they're doing one of those nights of gaming music...that would be simply epic!
Nice, but I always wondered why English speaking people can't get the German 'ch' (e.g. in Bach) right? (you have to speek it like a hissing cat). At school we have been terrorized with the English 'th', so please at least try to get foreign languages right.
amg...its actually nice lol..what id buy there cd >.>
Actually, the 'ch' in Bach is more like the sound you make when you're clearing your throat. The hissing cat thing is the other 'ch' we have (as in Brecht for example). So, Bach usually becomes "Bahk" when English speakers try to pronounce it, and that's just fine with me. Close enough, you know? And considering how many Germans can't get the English 'th' sound right, it's kind of fair, really... :)
hate to say it, but I was expecting the violin playing to come out something like the cooking in a previous episode. Glad to hear that it didn't!
+Dave Chester, Felicia was accepted to Juliard, but went to a different school on a full scholarship for violin. Also, you apparently don't watch The Guild. Codex plays the violin in the second season when she's trying to get her hot Asian stuntman neighbor to notice her.
Drat... I have to go to the grocery store after a 'quick look'@SmittenKitchen. Bad Felicia!
Love The Flog! But why did they have to kill you in Eureka (sorry for the spoiler)?
From someone who played violin and viola, your playing was anything but underwhelming (though I lol'd at your choice of adjectives...)
"Oh no, I dropped a name! There it is!" Tysvm, I rofled and may have almost peed a little.
Holy cow. She plays violin. She plays violin WELL. I'm just done, now.

Felicia, you rock.
Felicia, great job with the Guild you have taken the show to a new level.Ii am actually ripping down our first 5 episodes and re-shooting them. Have some great people now behind the scenes and some known faces in front. Wish you the best. W. Joseph
I love the name dropping part, so funny. Ode to Carrie, not so much, sorry. :o)
I now totally miss playing the piano......which is a scientific impossibility at this point
while (Eureka.episodes().unwatched().count() > 0 ) {
// SPOILER ALERT for this thread;
Not to mention the co-creator of Dungeon's and Dragon's Dragonlance along with Margaret Weis! Tracy Hickman that is...not Carrie Fisher.
Little Isa, just think of the 'old' Star Wars and it will come to you. ( you know the chick with the cinnamon roll hairdo ) And miss Day your playing brought joy to my hart. I bet your Mother is happy you have something to fall back on, not that you need it but Mothers worry about things like that.
OMG totally love it when your playing the violin! Real good duet you had going there. Also liked the smitten kitchen link YUM!
i love violine i buyed one,but i do not make the first step.yours looks more pretty then mine.. sometime i want to hear your playing.
That was a beautiful piece. I, for one, was not underwhelmed.The piano was fantastic as well. Bravo!
Wait, your name drop for Hickman wasn't tied to Dragonlance? C'mon!
Like that old Alka Seltzer commercial, "can't believe I watched the whole thing..." Was so yummy.
You look so serious when you're playing the violin.
That was a great episode.
Felicia is especially beautiful in the role of the musician of classical music!
Total Win, almost makes me want to learn to play an instrument
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