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I worked out 20 minutes this morning so I get to make brownies tonight. That's how that works, right?
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That's gotta be like 20 brownies worth
totally ;) ahaha that's how my day went.. except for i worked out for only 10 minutes .. Bahaha.
Absolutely! ;-). BTW: can I steal a brownie?
Definitely, you're now in what's known as a "calorie deficit".
Depends, what type of Brownies :)
That sounds like me, when my sons went to school. I was forever baking, for the class of 50 children, and loving it.You just say 3 times 50=150 b
I think that makes sense! Isn't that why we work out?
LOL. I bet they were delicious!
Hey, I skipped my Kinect Your Shape workout to eat banana bread. I can't judge.
but you don't get to eat them tonight...that's tomorrow. LOL
Where brownies are concerned, the answer is always "yes".
I ate 20 brownies while you were working out. That means I lost weight, right? :)
You don't even need to do that much! Just add celery to the brownies! Celery automatically cancels out ALL calories!
You also get to have ice cream with those brownies.
Absolutely. And if you share some of one of them, the calories are halved.
You should look into some of the pretty diverse submissions that people have made to +Chrysta Rae's Rice Cake gallery ( for inspiration ;) I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the submissions may be no better than a plate of brownies...but it's a rice cake, it doesn't matter what you put on it it has to be good for you (and low-cal!). That's how it works, right?
Yep, making brownies is also burning calories, so go right ahead! :)
Make them from scratch. More exercise. Or something.
K- Mall
Sounds about right
You can make them, but you can't eat them. Muah-ha-ha-ha!
Barb Schaller's Famous Orgasmic Chocolate Brownies
4 ounces ( 120 g ) unsweetened chocolate
1 cup ( 227 g ) unsalted butter
2 cups ( 400 g ) sugar
2 teaspoons ( 12 ml ) vanilla extract
1 teaspoon ( 5 ml ) almond extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 ( 200 g ) eggs
1 cup ( 120 g ) nuts (optional)
1 1/3 cups ( 133 g ) cake flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

In microwave oven (or double boiler), on medium-high power, melt butter and chocolate in 2-quart microwave-safe bowl, about 3 minutes. Stir until smooth.

Mix in granulated sugar, then beat in eggs, one at a time, with wire whisk. Mix in vanilla and almond extracts. Stir in nuts. Combine cake flour, baking powder, and salt and fold into chocolate. Spread batter in 9x13" pan lined with baking parchment and bake in preheated oven at 350°F for about 33-35 minutes.

Do not overbake; toothpick may have fudgy crumbs on it, but not wet batter
lie to me - teacher, I know you, and I like U!
I have an exercise bike with the digital readout in calories. It's very depressing! 10 miles, high resistance, fast pace... You have burned 3 calories. If I believe that thing, I could ride to Fargo North Dakota on one Big Mac!
I just saw conan have a cereal milk white Russian shake....Im sure brownies will go with it!!!
If it works for you. From here it looks like it does.

I haven't worked out since high school football and track, I just worked, hard.

Back then I was 6'2" and 157# with a 32" waist. 45 years later I'm 6'4" and 165-175# with a 32" waist.

Don't you just hate folks with a high metabolism? Having PTSD and running on adrenalin probably helps too. I eat like a horse.
That might be the right ratio. Math can get fuzzy, when we talk about brownies.

I love brownies, well anything with chocolate.
Absolutely! Also, because you are making them at night and presumably eating them too, they have less time in the day to sit around collecting calories, so they are actually good for you too.
is it just me or do most non-english speaking people sound like yoda?
Only if they're white/dark chocolate. Wait, did I say dark chocolate? I meant ALL THE CHOCOLATES!
Brownies are actually a decent snack if you don't eat to many.
Why let an evil workout blackmail you into thinking you can't have brownies without it?
Sure... right... that's exactly how it works. ;) Enjoy the brownies.
i worked out for an hour today, can i come over and share in the brownies?
I think that's written in the rule book somewhere...
That's how I do it. Wednesday pizza night = extra 30 minutes in the gym.
Triscuits that are broken in the box don't have any calories.
Dude, I'm totally making brownies too
I like the way that works
I watched movies and ate brownies all day. So, I have to make more brownies tonight. Right?
I lean more towards the 'you can make brownies any time you would like. It's like the sign outside the Jimmy John's says, 'smells are free'. The fact that you worked out this morning means that you can decide whom you will share those brownies with tonight. :=_
depends on what your goals are...Wait, trick question! You can make brownies all day...Now eating brownies is a different question. I think I just won the Trick Question A "Day" Quiz!
any tips to make the skin glow or get rid of dry skin
so i will work out for 20 min so i can join you :) LOL
You are absolutely correct! I usually eat a bunch of brownies then work out for 20 minutes, but that doesn't seem to work, so your way only makes sense!
Ha ha.....sounds like a good idea to me!
it's always right only if you know how make brownies.
Good thing the directions are always printed on the back of the box. :P
I read this to my wife and she said "absolutely".
I had brownies yesterday night, do I have to work out 20 minutes yesterday morning?
Well when you "think" that's how it works, at least you do the workout. If you don't, you still make the brownies.
That's exactly how it works. You are allowed to apply the same theory to pie...>.> mmm, pie @.@.
I definitely don't see any flaw in your logic.
Not certain about that. Need to try it out first..
+Felicia Day, I also hear that if you cut the brownies into smaller pieces, that they're worth less calories.
haha you right :)
please circle me some one :)
Make brownies... yes. How many you plan on eating?
You should check out - that would tell you EXACTLY how many brownies you can eat...and if not enough, how long you have to run on the spot for to make up for it!!
And if you walk in place while eating it, you can eat "just one more" brownie. Two if jogging (extra points for not choking).
That's pretty much my philosophy, yup!
Jun Lu
you are funny.
I just followed you purely because of your amazing logic :D
I thought of hitting the gym this morning - I am convinced that entitles me to at least a cookie :D
If I had thought about hitting the gym in the morn, then I would only think about having a cookie in the evening...
Hi Felicia
its not just our body that needs a work out. but more importantly our soul we are born with an eternal spirit that spirit will !never die! so we need to make sure we obeying the holy spirit and not the other one. eternity is long time make a good investment.
Aw, so close! You were only 10 minutes away from winning a cherry syrup topping ;)
So today you work out again or youre back to square one right?
Nope. Gotta make it thirty minutes to count. :(
if (input > output) { jean_size += 1; }
You can make them, but that doesn't mean you can eat them :-P
Indeed and if you add the secret ingredient, then you can even eat them :P
I think it's 20 minutes per brownie, so as long as you don't cut them you're fine. ;)
Three hours for a salad. Strong body. :-P
I like your logic. I go to Zumba. I get to eat brownies! :)
Ram B.k
do the slowly work
I wish that's how it worked! I would be able to have cake everyday!
The making of the brownies isn't the problem. :p
Just don't eat the whole batch and you should be fine.
Leo T
NO?! lol
Yes, that is EXACTLY how that works. Be sure to send me a brownie.
I think you can eat as many brownies as you like, as long as you make them yourself. Michael Pollan says so.
Is this one of those experiments in which you post something just to see how many shares you can get?
I think 2 hours is brownies is standard... 3 if it's from scratch butter scotch brownies
Make them, yes! Eat them, no.
That's how it works until you hit 40. After that...
thats how it works even after 40 lol
I worked out for 30 minutes...what does THAT get me!?!
I heard that! Once you hit 40, you work your arse off and the pounds hold on forever. I just ran my 5th marathon (I'm a 42yo mom), and no matter how many miles I put in, I can't get back to the body I had in my 20's. grumbling profanity Middle age SUCKS!
+Felicia Day as long as you make the brownies... and walk on the treadmill while consuming said brownie... equals out and the universe keeps from imploding in on itself lol
If you hand stir the batter, for sure!
Only 1 brownie per minute of exercise though.
Yes, yes it does work that way.
Next time make it 30 minutes and you get steak for dinner!
F.D. Mc
Sure, why not?!
So how'd those brownies work out for you?
thats EXACTLY how it works. im about to do the same thing :)
Making them is fine, eating them is another thing all together.
As long as you send some my way, yes.
You think losing weight is bad? Try gaining weight while improving your fitness. Not to mention I can eat two burgers in a day and lose weight. It's disgusting how much food I have to eat.
Joseph Roman comment above from his forthcoming book "Things Designed to Make Girls Rage."
good job and I hope you enjoy the brownies!! :9
+Jacob Bryant yeah it seems to be a special talent of mine. Girls have complained about that and how thick my hair is for years.
Maybe for one bite of brownie but I'm pretty sure you'd have to work out after eating it to successfully counter it. :P
definitely for every 10 minutes of work out you get 1 brownie...before...after or during doesn't matter :-D
If you make them you musy eat them all or share them. Pls be generous and share. Pretty pls. With knobs on.
;) Balances out down the line.....but what if it is 20 min. per brownie?
i viewed your pictures,and it felt nice having you a friend. so how are you doing?
If your dog throws them to you and you fetch them.
They're better for humans than dogs.
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