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"Portal to Asgard" by Vince Buyssen

In a comment to Mott Kornicki's post of this photo, Seth Rosen addressed the eternal "Does She or Doesn't She (PhotoShop)?" question. His comment is technically enlightening: "Someone asked if it was a "real" picture. If it's not then it's one hell of a particle physics computer render. We are talking isotropic lighting effects, smoke simulation, particle defusion. I'm thinking it's real." I think Seth would agree with me that, with a photo such as this, the question is almost beside the point. Whether 'captured' or imagined, nature's power is awe-inspiring. This picture does the power justice.
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I look at that, and all I can think about is the movie Evolution, and where David Duchovny shoved the firehose up the alien microbe.....
Looks like the supercell storm in Montana in 2010.
This is awesome, Season 5 episode 2 of Eureka... is frak saying anything would be to much.... damn you social network the whole world can see...
This is something like the powerful bomb,LITTLE BOY in the huge sea.
I've seen this picture before... identified variously as a tornado or as Hurricane Katrina.
It appears to be over dry land, my guess mid-America. Kansas or the state above or below
Ma ja
Even to render it on photoshop it would still need a basic design within the mind's eye.
Just beautiful. Makes me feel so small.
Impressive. Looks real to me. Also looks like a toilet being flushed, as seen from underneath.
Wow, looks like your gonna need a bigger umbrella. (ella ella ella)
Grown I know bad pun but someone had to say it.
This picture really scared me. But it's so supernatural! :)
Ging De
This is a real picture, I have seen very similar ones that were taken in Canada.
I've had this picture on my desktop at work for the past few months. It really gets people to sop and just marvel at at it.
yep ive seen ones like that one before in Missouri. some storms can be downright strange
Now this is scary &Awesome!! at the same time.Always,Lori H-Smith
29th. April 2012
Hate to be caught in the middle of that!
i think this deserves an oh my god
Unbelievable!!!!! This shows you dont wanna make nature angry.....
Inspiring. I have nothing else to say.
ikr i would have died if i saw that
what brandon crowley
i dont think alexander that the tornado is funny
looks like atomic bomb had exploted .not good .but good picture thought\m/
"We are talking isotropic lighting effects, smoke simulation, particle defusion." - or it could be, you know, painted ;)
WOW, never seen anything like it!
its like the sky opened up its ass into a gigantic goatsy and began diarrhea rain! RUN!
This is a wall cloud under a thunderstorm. This picture has been floating around for several years now.
Not to ruin nothin', but Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, is the gate to Asgård.
Scene from Half-Life 2 Episode III ?
Looks like a typical day in Seattle...
It is a real photo, as I am told, but it's been manipulated and changed time and again for every new major storm that comes about to reflect the amazing awe inspiring damage of Katrina, or this, or that... but as best I know there's a photographer who pretty much makes his living photographing this type of event... and it is AMAZING
I would totaly shit myself if I saw that in my back yard
what the heck that should go on faked or paranormal file
OMG it's beautiful it real ?????
Holy Shub, looks like the Old Ones are back. Someone thaw out good ol' H. P. Lovecraft, stat!
Awesome photo. Looks like Nature creates another dream like landscape.
I used to see this kind of storm off in the distance while driving along I-95 in Florida every summer... Truly beautiful.
Giant Space Lamprey vomits on planet Earth.
thats weird and scary at the same time
Makes storm-chasing seem like a good idea. Those guys and girls must see this kind of thing a lot. Don't fancy being carried off by a tornado, or fried by lightning though!
The picture is real, I've seen distanced rain storm in deserts similar to that in real life, but the clouds are darkened and photo effects brightened the rain
It's a thunder storm, however the light is from the sun not lightening (the glow of the sun could be seen on the right side of the falling rain)
And you wonder how myths about heavenly battles get started...
its the view of Nature' power..!!!
It looks like the heavens are taking a massive dump on us...
Guess the pld GODs are waiting for the translation book for the new slang phrases and meanings Just remember the USPS can be slower that dead people in repying. And you wonder why the government gets hated with so
picture of the heavens taking a massive dump. deserves a +1. =Þ
Russ R
Looks like a cloud turtle about to drop an egg from an ovipositor.
I think it was in National Geographic's pictures of the year a couple of years back so I think it is real.
If I saw something like that through my bedroom window I would shit my pants XD
I was thinking the Close Encounters mothership at Devil's Tower, but yes, epic.
for something so destructive it looks really calm.
in this photo you can see that power of nature so dont play with environment
Looks like the sky is having a bad hang over lol.
If you look at the top centre there a skull looking down,wierd.
It's interesting, the comment about how hard it would be to create with cgi... a painter could do it with just a brush.
looks like god taking a rain crap! :)
Sam Kab
is that the famous bamuda
Erik E.
Frighteningly awesome.
That is so dam very awesome beautiful makes me wanna cry and pull my beard!
It's probably real, there isn't really any reason to photoshop clouds because of how insane they look to begin with. If you haven't seen/hear a new type of cloud was discovered a few years ago and has been showing up more frequently lately.

And yeah, this is real.
А что, если у Барака Обамы книга была о дискриминации, он получил за это Нобелевскую премию. Я ничего об этом не знала, когда писала о нем стихотворение. Но ведь какое небо! Бог за то, чтоб был Закон о всеобщем равенстве и не нужно никакой дискриминации. Это же возвращение вывесок "Все для белых", это же крайнее унижение для людей! Как там -негр - неграмотный гражданин? Мулат? Да, и у мулатов тоже дискриминация. Ведь - не белые!
whatz thisss!!!.........its so scared uh
This is an awesome photo, whether real, or imagined with photoshop. 
It shows the power of our world, of God. 
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