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So we have a logo for Vaginal Fantasy Hangouts! Many thanks to my intern Delaney for creating the logo with me!
And be sure to watch me and +kiala kazebee +Bonnie Burton and +Veronica Belmont Hangout on Air to discuss our monthly book Feb. 27th at 8PST!

Reminder we're reading Deanna Raybourn's "Silent in the Grave" this month.
Here's last month's Hangout archived:
Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #1
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Oh huzzah, another Z-backed fictional woman. How very forward.

Edited to add: The book as a V? Brilliant. The Barbie-doll silhouette is my beef.

Edited again to add: I feel like I should say that I've loved everything else you've done, Felicia, and usually I'm the person going, "Get a sense of humor already!" but this coming on the heels of this (, on top of time spent working in comic book store in my early 20s, just made me snap.
I wonder why it is that "Vaginal Fantasy" sounds so much less offensive than "Penile Fantasy" would? :-)
OK, why exactly is your logo an Auschwitz survivor?
I'll do my best to not make any comments about dryness and mustiness that this picture brings to mind.
hi my name is Ashley i would love to find out how you come out with such briliant ideas... I iam a fashion designers fan ...
While my kind isn't welcome at these hangouts (I have a peepee not a hoohaa), I heartily endorse this kind of behavior. Kudos for getting it rolling.
what about the men's logo.........
Good logo and use of the book. All logo's should be this creative
Let me say this so that you can understand: Not all women have vaginae, some men do.
Tasteful, artistic - yet suggestive.
any Vagina you can fit your hand in from the side is not in my Fantasies. I am disturbed....
This is really a perfect example of what graphic design is supposed to do, isn't it. It's smart, it's funny, it draws attention, and it completely suits the purpose. Brilliant.
are yall like Lesbos or something
Nice work. There's a subtle hint that the palm of the hand could be facing up or down, which either position is associated with the 2 words below the image. or something. :-)
Um maybe you should rethink the name of your book club. This is the internet, you know...
This made me realize I need an intern.
"Vaginal Fantasy" pretty much sums up everything a teenage boy thinks about. Coupled with your cast, that group grows to what every hetero nerdy male thinks about. BTW, great logo.
I'm starting a competing club tentatively called the "Weener Weaders."
+Zabet Groznaya Well I actually hadn't thought of that, I thought it was more of a stylized hourglass. That link and that woman is pretty scary though hahahahah
that is really weird but yet i didnt read it so first glimpse is not the best impression haha kearsley is what that reminds me of lol
Congratulation, Very sharp and good color! I like it!
You should review the Sophie Green Mysteries by Kate Johnson at some point. Her first book, I, Spy? is free on Kindle right now. Super great series and a perfect fit for VF Hangouts!
oh wow amber thanx ill really look into that
+Felicia Day, Do you have a book list in mind for the next several months? Or are you taking suggestions?
Good job ^^ The logo looks great!
they should have put in a bookmark "landing strip"
+Zabet Groznaya I think there is still a place in the world for the hourglass figure in art and in this case advertising art. If you go too far down this body image policing we probably couldn't read these books. In the climactic bedroom scene of Grave Witch it ends with something like "a few hours later." Under the premise as a male shouldn't I be protected from such sexual ideals that I don't go out and harm myself with medicinal, herbal, and/or mechanical fixes to become capable of performing for hours? Would this genre be responsible for my low self esteem because I'm not capable of performing these lusty feats without some serious recuperation time? Should my local museum avoid showing it's impressive collection of tribal fertility art?

Now I get it, there are some obvious harm being done from people taking things too far with their bodies because of the portrayal of beauty and sex in pop culture, today and in the past. Maybe comic books are another area where some reform is necessary depending on the audience. Maybe if Felicia were launching a new diet club or boutique we as a society should maybe agree to hold back. But to throw out thousands of years of sexually evocative symbols where ever we encounter them seems kinda silly, and I believe it's the case here. There's a line, and maybe this particular example isn't all that far away from it, but I don't think it's over it.
I guess I haven't been following Miss Day as well as others, but "vagina" wasn't something I ever anticipated seeing in one of her posts. Several other folks I follow perhaps, but not her.
...then you obviously don't follow her very closely. ;) Her penchant for saying surprisingly vulgar or risque things is one of the things that makes it so fun to read her posts.
Love the logo! However, it feels like there is a good handful of people that are being childish over the title and the image. This is not derogatory term or image. You see and hear worse on TV. For the childish people out there: Seriously, get over your self.
Gary M.
Why was I thinking about Tacos for a logo?
Dear people complaining about the figure:

It's a drawing. Lose some weight if you are that self conscious. As an artist, it is pretty tiring to hear the same complaints from the same fat girls about how unfair it is that artists render women in whatever way they please. Nothing could matter less in the world than how a drawing makes certain types of people feel inadequate. Art is freedom of speech being exercised, and if you think that we should protect the most backwards and impressionable among us by kowtowing to some narwhal's self esteem issues with censorship, then the news for you is that no one cares. If you see a picture or drawing of someone else and it makes you feel angry or inadequate, too bad for you, loser. Especially in the case of a line drawing that is obviously stylized and not meant to be the new standard for women looking to better themselves through voyeurism. Why don't you go find a real issue to be insipid and overbearing about, rather than pick on +Felicia Day just because you feel inadequate.
Am I the only one who would record something with the title of "Felicia Day Vaginal Fantasy" if it were on TV?
^ She knows what she's doing. And she does it so well....
I fully understand why some people are displeased that this image is over a thin woman, but in your objection of using this particular figure you're all very guilty of one thing: shaming thin women about their bodies.

+Zabet Groznaya, you posted an article expressing disgust over a woman with a 20 inch waist who is not sick and has healthy eating habits. That article is attacking her and shaming her body when even it points out that she has body image issues. How is shaming thin women about their bodies any better than the fat shaming +Ryan Allen is doing? (As if you wouldn't get called out...)
+William Griffey Well, I still think one large cock building with spot lights and a glowing tip beats that. The proctor building is either a large set of boobs, or it's taking architecture to a whole new level of homoeroticism.
Hey guys, I think it's interesting that the logo (and name) is provoking interesting discussions, clearly this is a topic that deserves more exploration! I in no way want to insult or alienate anyone (and if you want to discuss please keep everything civil :) ), I am putting a tongue in cheek/humorous attitude towards a genre of fiction that I LOVE and feel is negatively represented, or just ignored entirely. I feel like humor allows people to "own" something, and make it more possibly to talk about publicly, which leads to acceptance. And I'm just having fun with friends bottom line :) Everything is done with love and NEVER exclusion! Your comments are welcome as always.
I, for one, applaud the expansion of usage of the word 'vaginal' to non-sexual settings. Vaginas (like dicks/cocks) are more than just sex organs, they are also part of self-identity and femininity. (And as a separate point, this usage mostly avoids the sometimes-weird politics of transgender issues, by focusing on 'people with vaginas' instead of 'women' in the more typical sense.)
Hi i'm roberto i'm from belize as well i would like to knw u be friend and by the way do u mine for me to be a fren of yours.??
Holy missing the point Batman. You get together. You talk about books. It's just a logo. It doesn't represent your chakra.
Well said Felicia! I personally think the logo and title for your book club are interesting and well suited to your subject matter. Why anyone would be upset by either of these things makes me wonder if they actually know what you ladies are doing, or if they are simply looking for undeserved attention.
I think Paul & Storm have a theme song for this as well. It's a lullaby...
+Ryan Allen How about you go fuck yourself, OK? Draw what you want but keep your body shaming to yourself.
lol, pretty clever logo.
Felicia...I feel a little silly asking this here, but I clearly have no other way to contact you. :)
As someone who loves you, Nathan Fillion, & The Bloggess ( need to know that Nathan knows about this current project:
Wil has gotten on board ( , but Nathan has yet to fulfill her greatest wish....a photo of him holding twine. I just cannot imagine why he hasn't gotten his act together. Does he even know?

Hugs from another chick-nerd...nerdy chick?....whatever,
Wow people. Thin, svelte, fat, voluptuous, etc., is all subjective. Stop bashing each other over perceptions that are unique to each individual, sheesh.
again, all I was able to read was "+Felicia day", "Vaginal fantasy", then I blacked out for a little while...
"I'd put a book mark in it" <---obligatory crude statement provided.
For what it's worth I love the logo. Also I don't feel that "vagina" and its derivations are bad words. They're not even particularly naughty. There are so many more offensive words that could have been used... I've seen a few in these comments...
As a fat woman I have to say I cannot find anything objectionable. Come on. It's a line art logo. Personally I love it. There's no fine print that I could find that said if you don't look like this you're wrong. The logo rocks and the name of the group rocks harder. I'm going to go back to playing with my little toy soldiers now. :)
I wonder if there would be a "Penis Fantasy" - would that sound sexist or plain silly? Also, would anybody be offended?
The logo looks more like male fantasy, actually. This is not a woman's body, it's a cliché. If she had hips and a ribcage that wide and a waist that thin, she'd probably break in two.
Very suitable logo, indeed. Nice job ladies... carry on! >:o)
I love the logo, but I'd need a lot longer than 1 month to read a book. My son doesn't let me read very often. I'm hoping to finish 1 book this year!
+Suvi-Tuuli Allan I'll keep nothing to myself, thank you very much. It's a free country with free speech. Stop trying to convince everyone that your feelings are more important than artistic expression. You are equal to or less than zero. The only thing being shamed here is your fragile ego. No one cares about you jumping up and down yelling at a mirror.
This isn't like angry vagina monologues where there really aren't vaginas is it?
For the record, the concept of the Vaginal Fantasy book club is genius. I LOVE it, and I envy how much Ms. Day is able to contribute to geek culture through projects like this. As someone who's been interested in reading and writing nerdy romance, and who loves the idea of greater female awareness in fiction as well as sex-positive attitudes, I am really looking forward to the monthly videos. The first clip comes off as an indulgent mess of fun by women of intelligence and charisma. Keep up the awesomeness! ... End fangirl rant. Continue as you were. :-)
Classy looking logo. You guys did a good job with it.
That is funny because most men can find a deer to shoot easier than they can find the clitoris.
would you rather do a virgin or noti just dont like the blood
Better lick your fingers to turn these pages.
LOL, you guys even have a logo now. That's awesome.
Logo is clearly feminine, open book is in a clever place - logo is made of win. Can't fault the intent.
I have fantasies of vaginas can I join your group and share mine?
How appropriate in these times - hoping that alternative lifestyles, sex toys, condoms, morning after pill, abortion, std's, etc. enter as discussion topics at some point. Lots of energy in that first cast! Keep up the good play!
I'd like to have a vaginal fantasy with you. Damnnnnn!
Just taking a quick break to check my phone, but I'm actually reading it right now!
That's one hyperopic lady! Or are my thick myopic corrective lenses failing me again?
Yall are weird, as someone notices above by someone
i've never seen book va-j-j's before.
Gonna get lots of lonely dudes volunteering to be bookmarks.
All of Olivia Varners have no sense of humor.
+Felicia Day don't change a thing; the point is that it IS fantasy; it's a book club about guilty-pleasure reading. What man doesn't fantasize about a wasp waisted woman and what woman doesn't fantasize about having a figure that garners envy (and yes, I know some don't or at least publicly say they don't)? We're all (well mostly) adults here and realise that fantasy is not reality and that people come in all shapes, sizes and perspectives.
It's a good logo. Don't change it because people can't handle seeing a representation of a thin woman. There are healthy thin women in this world, and all this ranting that images of them and people who look like them are bad is just as damaging and wrong as demanding that all women be rail-thin.
I Love this logo! Its lovely, feminine and the V is divine!
That is actually one very cool logo! :)
Nicely done and kudos to the artist (s).
I just want say, normally I would be interested in following and participating in this. I'm a small-time fantasy writer and anything Felicia Day is doing is kind of cool, but the name turns me off. What do my genitals have to do with it? The name makes me :(
I wouldn't change it, Felicia. Nobody complaining about this fictional figure's waist seems to mind that he also is either wearing a high necked dress with a bustle or just has one, super thick leg. They don't mind that she's magically supporting a half opened book from the side in total defiance with the laws of gravity. What matters is not whether or not she cuts the realistic figure of a woman, but that she conveys femininity and a love of literature. She does that perfectly.
LOL So, I'm against artistic freedom, the freedom of speech, and have a fragile ego? Wow, loving you guys.

Some women have a fucking penis!

Some men have a fucking vagina!

Don't even get me started on intersex people and so on.

All this cissexism and body shaming is one of the many things why I hate mainstream nerds/geeks/gamers/whatnot so much. I can't be treated with the same inclusiveness and respect as your cis het male gamer. Well, Fuck You!

I'm now muting this post, tyvm!
And now I understand Suvi. Well we men had an aweful showing here and well so did everyone else.
I'm just not sure how Felicia's book club logo offended Suvi. Is it because the "woman" in the logo is not transgender? She's also pink. I'm worried that the rest of us non-pink people are not covered and well labeled by this logo.
I'm a bit shocked by all the people lacking a sense of humor. I think it's a very catchy logo, not meant to offend or be perverted. it's tasteful so don't change a thing. (except for maybe the color.... pink sucks! lol jk) but seriously, great job. It made me laugh. :)
+Suvi-Tuuli Allan I've thought about this, and I don't feel like this is cissexism. It has a particular target. If you wish to start a Trans Fantasy hangout there is nothing stopping you. +Felicia Day has chosen to start a Vagina Fantasy hangout, and her intern has produced a logo that is very obviously feminine with a clever visual pun to help identify the literary connection.

I'm open to discuss this with you directly to help understand your viewpoint further.
+Kc Martinez Ultimately, Suvi was offended because she wanted to be. The whole time she cited cissexism (a cisgender person is more or less the opposite of a transgender person). She clearly has issues with gender roles, and is likely one of the people who would like to see the gender binary eliminated. Something like this logo does kind of further the "women like women things" mentality, but it's really not that big a deal. Women who like women things have every right to be open and respected about their beliefs as women who like men things and men who like women things.

People like her who avidly fight the gender binary have a noble goal of mutual acceptance in mind, but they don't realize that by denouncing things like this, she's just as bad as those who would persecute her beliefs. The way to acceptance isn't through the suppression of the current status quo, which is what she wants. You can't fight fire with fire, and all that.

This got long. Sorry about that. It is a nice logo, by the way. Like others have said, it conveys its intended message simply and effectively.
+Suvi-Tuuli Allan Do you think over reacting and rage quiting a post is a good form of transgender advocacy? I certainly don't think your opinion is representative of the trans community at all. Also, I see no body shaming at all. In fact, I don't see anywhere claiming it is a thing that is exclusive to just women or men at all. You might want to back up and cool down before making posts like that. It is ok to have body image issues, but you shouldn't be angry at people who are comfortable with their bodies. It isn't their fault you have gender dysphoria.
I think the logo is way classy and can't wait for the hangout!
I really like this logo for several reasons and don't think it should be changed at all. (Do ya hear that, FD? ;) It's subtle, fun, and clarifies pretty obviously the group isn't about an actual 'vaginal fantasy' but is rather about books. Specifically, urban fantasy/sci-fi/historical fantasy that has a decidely "romantic" bend and tends to appeal more to female readers. Additionally, in a rather tongue in cheek way, the logo pays homage to thousands of really cheesy/steamy romance novel covers. The covers are important to consider, because lots of people passed up really good reads because women didn't want anyone to know they were reading something that may have actual cough sex in it. (All that thrusting and glistening!) and men didn't want anyone to know they were reading "women's books". The "romance" genre in general seems to exist in three camps. There are those who openly love it. Those who consider it low brow fluff. And those who secretly love it while maintaining the pretense of considering it low brow fluff. The Vaginal Fantasy group is for individuals (GLBT and intersexed, too!) to hang out and chat with other like-minded people who enjoy the genre, either openly or as a guilty pleasure, especially when the books have a sci-fi or fantasy twist. I think the logo captures all of that pretty succinctly and don't think it should be changed.
I'm confused by all of the negative comments about the name. It seems to me that way too many people are having issues with the fact that "vaginal" is in the name. If these people would stop and think, it makes perfect sense. It's a group of women who read fantasy novels. If I had a group of my male friends who had a book club reading suspense novels, I could (just as easily and in the same vein heh) call it "Suspenseful Scrotums". The references are similarly gender-biased, but both refer to a gender-based group reading a specific literature type.
As for those who say they are male and can't participate, that's equally ridiculous. That's like saying men can't enjoy The Vaginal Monologues because it's was created by a woman and has "Vaginal" in the name. Here's a hint: try getting popular media out of your head and actually refer to things in context every once in a while. It'll make you a lot less grumpy about everything. 

Suspensful Scrotums is also awful.
Getting so, so tired of reading comments about the name, so I guess I'll stop. Great book, though. I'm looking forward to the next hangout. In the mean time, I will be devouring the rest of the books Deanna Raybourn has written.
Jeff I agree! In fact when I was at the first hangout my husband who loves books, was next to me on his computer logged into the public library reserving books as they were mentioned lol there is no reason a guy can't enjoy reading these kind of books too. 
+Felicia Day You and your intern should have a part-time gig as graphic designers! All great logos are clever and have double or triple meaning, and this is no exception. You have a book to show it's a book club, the book shaped like a "V" for the word vaginal, and the book held down by the lady-parts with the opened book vaguely representing the lady-bits/sexy-slit/treasure town. I could only imagine the conversations that went into making it!
My husband was a little distressed/confused when I started talking about Vaginal Fantasy Hangouts, and then I showed him the new logo. "Oh God," was his response. In my book, that means SUCCESSFUL LOGO IS SUCCESSFUL!
I like how it grabs your attention (especially with the bright pink background! Hehehe! I'm not a person who loves pink, but it fits this purpose). The reason people make logos is to make others remember the product, and I must say, this will definitely stay on some people's minds! LOL!! As human beings, we are curious creatures, so once this is viewed upon, someone will say "what the hell is this?" Then, as they delve further into the meaning of it and what the book club is about, they will see very intelligent (and hilarious) observations about the book we're reading and what constitutes as vaginal fantasy. I like the name of the book club and the logo. Good job as always :-) I enjoyed watching the first hangout and I can't wait to be a part of many more!
That logo wins all of the awards.
I am a bit behind on my reading, but I just read all the hunger games series and wondered if you had read it? If you even read this right rofl.
+Nando Rossi I don't find it heavy handed at all. "Penile Passions" would have been a better analogy. She's not exactly using a vulgar term here. Super props, Felicia. I dig the logo.
The logo did spark a lot of interesting conversation, but I only date girls that skinny anyway.
Enough about necrophilia, I love that Felicia is giving an enlightening purpose to what seemed to me a trivial and shallow genre.
I realize you will have gotten a million recommendations, but you should check out the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.
Hai! Realy it's a great f.... U...,,,,n...?
Hai! Realy it's a great f.... U...,,,,n...?
Hai! Realy it's a great f.... U...,,,,n...?
Hai! Realy it's a great f.... U...,,,,n...?
I go away for a month while the g+ problem on my thrive gets sorted out and I miss this amazing!?! Good thing these are archived so far :) on the up side... i know have a few hours of archival awesome to go through to get up to speed :) Keep on being amazing, Felicia !
i love vrgn vegna
i love vrgn vegna
Gotta admit .. a well done pink logo .. the word vaginal .. as a guys' guy...nope, I won't be anywhere mear your hangout .. mission accomplished
Mani peeps wil alwaez cmnt on dis cus x a man 2 woman afair
Mani peeps wil alwaez cmnt on dis cus x a man 2 woman afair
Oi felicia Day que conhecer um moreno no Brasil galega linda como voce manda mensege.
Oi felicia manda teu hotmail. 08197318106
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