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Late to party but wow the new G+ iPhone app is GORgeous!
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Not bad, is it? :) I sometimes struggle to view images fullscreen though - not sure if it just hiccups with certain proportions.
It's a little busy for the small screen, but still an improvement over the last version.
I really hate the iPhone app. Lots of pictures and not enough text, both in the posts themselves and in the not having any comments in the stream.
Took me a while to get used to it but I really like it now
First time I've been jealous of an iOS app (and no, Instagram doesn't count, never has)
I've seen the videos and it looks great. I'm waiting for the Android version.
Meh. Nice at first look, but way to heavy on pictures and animations. It's like a Soda that"s 3 times as sweet as Coca Cola. Great at first taste, but dizzying later.

You have to hand to Apple that they DO defend their design supremacy pretty fiercely.
Cal vin
So late... LOL
as Gorgeous as you....nah...but how would I know...don't even have an iPhone...
I find it incredibly annoying. I just want to read the texts, not see big huge confusing bits of pictures.
I just wish there was one for the IPad. Any one know any app for the IPad? 
It is so pretty, sometimes I check in just to swoon.
lol pretty late... but it does look real good. :D
All it needs now is hangouts.......
Still would like the ability to upload photos directly to albums like even archaic #MySpace and buggy #Facebook can.
I wish it let me see new comments on my threads from the "front" view. I used to be able to scan for new comments quickly, now I have to either remember how many comments each of my threads had, or click through to each one.
+John DiPasquale It wasn't meant sarcastically. I have the G+ app on my phone.

I just mixed this thread with the thread that mentioned the Ticket to Ride iPhone app. My bad :(
It's crazy that the iPhone app is better than the Android version.
Well hope google get round to updating the android version soon.
Google is already working on the android version. They did have a reason to do the iPhone version first though. Every android device is integrated with g+ from activation, so there's no lack of users and new users on the android side of the house.

Google has to aggressively seek out iPhone users or any other users, so a new sleek interface and bells and shiny shit is meant to entice those prospective users into getting the app and creating a g+ account if they don't already have one.

Either way I like it but it could still use some tweaks, just like any app. 
+Kate Childers actually, it works like crap on the iPad[1]. For one, no landscape, for two, no native iPad keyboard, for three, no Retina support on the G3 iPad, and as a very distant fourth, black bars around the app.

[1] That's at 2x. At 1x it works worse, because the iPhone app isn't designed to weigh 600 grams and have giant bezels around it.
That's a switch. They usually send more of the love to Android land. I guess it's OK since you guys lost Instagram exclusive. :)
big & shiny! I wish it let me share posts to my own wall though...
Is not so "gorgeous" for people who are visually impaired and who use the iPhone with VoiceOver. For these persons, unfortunately, is unusable!
-1 I can't say that the design is better. Sure it displays images faster and it's less buggy, but the zooming images are just blingy bloatware. 
Dean G
Was kinda shocked they didn't update it for Android first. But, oh well...I can wait.
The iPhone app is as pretty as the new web interface isn't - in both cases, very. They need to make the web page look like this.
+Justin Hughes I agree, I wish they would at least give users the option to make the webpage look like the iPhone app. It's fantastic.
You can always fake your brower's user agent :)
Dean G
Changing a user agent on the browser wouldn't make it look like the app tho. The app is coded differently than the site and vice versa.
I agree with you felicia the new G+ is really nice
/em patiently awaits Android update...
Joe Tee
I don't see what the big deal with the app is, everyone seems to be making a big deal about it. When it can wash my dishes, then i will say WOW!!
android g+ is smooth as butter...
JP Lang
Nice and clean interface. Much better than before. 
Neither this or the Ticket To Ride Pocket App will run on my ancient rev2 iPod Touch. I guess I'll just have to go bang the rocks together instead.
The android one is lamers. LAMERS!
Dean G
+David Driver it is pretty lame right now. According to Google, the upcoming android update is supposed to have "a few extra surprises".
+Dean G Is the surprise that it's good? ;-) Just kidding, I'd like to be able to initiate hangouts and download pics on my phone tho...
I was skeptical at first but it's grown on me. Now if they'd get an iPad version out the door, I'd be really happy.
Hi friend I'm new gmail group happy to know you .....

I like the new iOS version too, kind of disappointed google didn't take care of Android first :(
I like it, don't know if it's going to make me use it more but it still looks nice
How is the ios version better than the Android version? So confused
It has a totally new makeover, Android will get the update soon, with more features added it sounds like.
this application is very good. I agree with you
I already love the app I have on my Android. I find it really clean and simple, no where near as cumbersome and fail that the fb app is; but in saying that I only use G+ to check for Geek and Sundry posts. I don't know many people who have one, and even less who actually use it.
It looks even better on an Android device. AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd... maybe there is a cool app coming out only on Android >_>
Still no Android update, I know that the Android one is going to have "special features" but time passes and still no love for Android user
It's pretty but pretty much worthless...and still no iPad app.
I like the new g+ iOS app!
Umm, the Android app WORKS fantastically. See, people who have Android worry about how something works, not how it looks.
Yep, pretty much +Daniel Kuhn says. No need to assume, incorrectly as well, that something doesn't work just because it's on Android. I'm sorry, but this is pretty typical (as hypocritical as that sonuds lol) of iOS users.

And if you listened to Google, an (arguably better? note the question mark...) update is coming. If not, it'll at least be comparable.

Plus, iOS styled apps on Android are not the best looking - apps like Instagram have un-necessary buttons simply for the lack of back buttons (whether legacy style or new ICS navigation bar style) etc that iPhones are limited to.

Not knocking the iPhone as I've said nothing untrue. Just saying people can't assume that it's inherently a better device technologically than Android phones, simply because it is MARKETED better.
+Sarah Kelly Same here. I check Geek and Sundry, IGN, and talk to my one friend on here and a new penpal from China. That's it. It's beautiful.
Can't agree more. Think I could stretch it to the best looking app so far.
Why don't more people use this? It's brilliant and pretty, and as we all know aesthetics are everything!
How are you madam am requesting to be friend plz
Hmm ... do they have an iPad version yet?
your funny. wha you mean works at self? at home?
When iphone gets a full qwerty keyboard, NOT touch screen, then we'll talk hugs my Genesis :P
Didn't Facebook just announce they will be focusing on their mobile app? I think this is why. Google+ knocked it out of the park with the new app.
no i think we should all be bass fishing! see #Felicia Day last post.
welcome to the partay!
I really want a mode for ICS so I can switch to this for my tablet and keep the old view for certain more advanced options.
The sole thing I want for my tablet is pretty, and phone is functionality.

Just me :)
Dean G
The Android version is available now. :-D
A friend showed me his update (mine hasn't updated, and it works and looks just like this web browser, so I'm happy).

His criticism: the superimposition of text over the graphic. It's hard to read, and recreates the same error that Facebook makes.
gkj G
Just updated android by your recommendation. Its nice but confusing
I wonder if the capital GOR is a reference... would open an abyss.
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