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Listening to you on Ben Gleib's podcast. :-)
Too many don't checks in that flowchart!
I only read emails promising me more penis.

I spend a lot of time reading emails.
Recently got a smartphone- now my email checks me...
I enjoy emails without any definite articles. It's like beat poetry.
I can make this flowchart work by redefining what the following words mean: Family and Work.
There is only one way you can check your email after 3 minutes and that's if you want to get rid of your family.
Email is the last form of communication I check each day. Sometimes I forget to take a look until the day is almost finished. Twitter, FB and Texts all come first.
Wait, so if I haven't checked my email in the last 3 minutes I can't ever check my email again*???

* Unless I'm with my family and hate them.
If you ever go without checking your email for 3 minutes, you should never check it again, unless you want to lose your family.

I think the real problem with this flowchart is that it doesn't trust you. Or maybe that's what's good about it.
I always thought it was like this:

Should I check email? --> Yes, why do you ask?
Strange, my diagram has only two steps "Should i check my email." and "Hell, yes!". Yours seems too complicated for me....

Sorry, have to go now to check my mail.
Hm. I have notifiers on my phone and I just check when something arrives. Much simpler.
Mine goes 'should I check my email' 'have I checked it this week?' 'then it's too early to do it again.'.

Email is that weird thing we used before whatsapp, social networks, text messaging, and the like, right? Transitional technology in the move from snail mail to modern communication.
True, in the past we used to get a ding or changed icon when mail arrived, which is still normal for corporate mail. Now people use web-based email more often or have their mail only check a server at long intervals, so they're tempted to to check more often if they are expecting something.
Hmm my boss and/or parents have never sent me an email worth reading, so I have to disagree with this logic.
But what if I don't want to keep my family?
they forgot to include the "Do you have anything better to do?" scenario.
I should send this to my brother...
ETA: Nope, this isn't directed toward the likes of my brother. Young 20-somethings just got away from their families, so not being with family is a reason to check their e-mail.
Check email? this ain't the dark ages any more, we have push mail nowadays (email checks you!)
Wait, but this says that if it's been longer than 3 minutes since I checked my email that I shouldn't check unless I'm a jerk who wants to lose my once those 3 minutes are up, I can never have a valid reason to check my email again, ever. And within those 3 minutes I can only check my email if my boss or one of my parents tells me they are sending me an important email. So basically, if I ever go home from work I can never check my email again according to this chart. Classic Dell for you.
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