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Tabletop: New +Geek and Sundry show!
Wil Wheaton hosts a 30 minute show every other week highlighting a different board game. This week Sean Plott (Day[9]), Grant Imahara and Jenna Busch play Small World!

Thanks for supporting!
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Great start guys... loved it... cant wait for more... I listened to Wil play with the Penny Arcade guys so I couldn't wait for this... Keep em comin
watched it earlier. good show
nice graphics for the intro!
I wish I was at that table. Day9 and Grant are both clearly nerd bad asses. 
Bravo! And yes the Pillaging Orcs are bonkers!
12 hour hangout then this??

This is going to be the best week ever
i seriously going to buy this game XD just have to search where to buy in mexico ^ ^
The only thing bad about this show is that it isn't every week.
Pandemic pieces! Can't wait for that episode!
Small World is awesome, as are all of the expansions. Seriously, you can conquer shit as Corrupt Pixies. BOSS
Extremely awesome. Can't wait for the next one.
This episode made me want to whip out Small World and play a few matches.
+Felicia Day, this show might be my favorite so far. I'm not a huge fan of tabletop games, but the production quality on this is fantastic and the off-camera explanations of what's happening in the game are really helpful, since I've never played this one.
What an amazing show. I had no idea this was going to be THAT entertaining and THAT good! Kudos!
This looks like a lot of fun. Will pick up.
I'm excited to watch this show for so many reasons. Wil Wheaton, Tabletop games, nerd rage, etc. Too much goodness in one place!
omg I never thought that a program about tabletop games would be this good :D Ty so much for making me laugh and wanting to try this game out :)
I just finished watching this. Thought at first it would be boring to watch people play a board game, but +Wil Wheaton wins again. Now he's gotta get Jim Parsons on.
Now i really want to play a game of small world!
Toll, Great, Amaaaaiiizing ! :)
Hi! Found the rules introduction a bit sparse. There should be a simple goal, turn order (how the game works) before the game kicks off.
I hope he plays Dominion soon!
I was skeptical about a show about tabletop gaming but +Wil Wheaton really carries it and makes it work.
Awesome, I especially loved the Noooooo from Grant in slow-mo.
Very impressed, now i can be less productive a work
Wow! That looked like so much fun! Definitely will invest in this game. Also, w00t! Congrats +Sean Plott! If this continues, every day of the week will start having something interesting online. (Funday Monday with Day[9], ^Tuesday Currently Void^, Extra Credit on Wednesday with the Penny Arcade Crew, Board Game Thursdays, then this every other Friday!)
hey, felicia name is johnny day...what is your email
Don L
This is a fantastic game and I think this is a great way to get people exposed to it. I will also look forward to learning what other people have for strategies!
I like how you guys have a Cyanide & Happiness plush in the background of the interviews! :D
As the guy who has to explain the rules for every new game in my group, might I say that Wil does an excellent job explaining the rules to Small World in a very concise way. I appreciate the effort and skill that takes.
Day[9] ftw
He always tells us how to be a better gamer.
Awsome!! Why isn't it up on geek and sundry yet?
I enjoy this series, however, posting it first thing in the morning means being late for work. I just blamed it on Lovely Southern California traffic.
It's too bad Wil Wheaton talks and acts like a complete tool.
Felicia, I love your work The Guild was awesome loved nearly every episode. But I hate Will Wheaton, it's nothing personal but after what he's done to Leonard and Sheldon I just can't forgive him. :P
I found that there was too much build up. I've liked everything else I've watched, but in this one there was too much time explaining the game before we actually meet the players.:/
Have to admit, not as bad as I thought it would be. Kinda liked it a little too much.
Watching it at work, I had to stop several times. But I'm loving the format! Can't wait to see the rest of the Geek and Sundry lineup. As a hobby game store owner, I'd like to show these on demand in my shop. Do I need to jump through any hoops to do that?
That looks like the most fun game for others to totally whoop me in haha!
No doubt, i'm going to have to go look for that game, looks like fun!
This is great, I was just playing this over the weekend. Its one of my top 5 board games. Love seeing people I look up to play this!!
Noo! Not another source of temptation for board games! I'm in enough trouble as it is (that said, Small World didn't grab me much so I should be safe to watch this one).
That looked ridiculously fun. Want.
I got this game a couple weeks ago. Almost every time I've played it, it's been with new people. It LOOKS far more daunting and complicated than it really is. After about 2-3 rounds, everyone knows how the game is played, and they ALWAYS want to play another game. I ended up getting 3 of the expansions for it, and I'll get the Underground version soon. Supposedly, there's even another tie-in expansion that combines the two boards together.

Great video. I enjoyed the format of it, and I subscribed to your new channel, +Felicia Day. I'm looking forward to all the other shows!
Ok, I tried. Got about 5 minutes in, but watching other people have fun playing a game doesn't work for me at all.
Love the show! Never played the game, but now want to because it look ridiculously fun. Although I am going to have to make due without the +Wil Wheaton commentary which is a real letdown but I will just have to struggle through it.
Really well done, and like +Jason Cline is there a way my friendly local game store can use this promotionally? Perhaps a business card type thing with the Geek and Sundry logo, the Tabletop logo and a QR code that links directly to the Youtube video that could be taped to the box.
Love it... now if you could blow the game up to warehouse size it would be even more awesome :)
Wow, well done! The animations for the rules explanations were especially awesome. Can't wait to see further episodes : )
My copy of Small World has been sitting unused in the closet for months... But somehow, Wil made it fun again... Looking forward to the next episode
I have a feeling this show is going to do a number on my game budget. I'm normally hesitant to buy into new games because it's far too easy to buy into a game with good production values that turns out to be no fun due to bad rules or boring gameplay. For example, I now very much want a copy of Small World, as it looks like a perfect addition to the collection played by my monthly tabletop group.
This is going to be one of my favorite bi-weekly webisodes. Good work crew.
+Karl J. Smith well duh, next you're going to remind me that the big bang theory is only a tv show. It's not going to make me like any more. To me Will Wheaton will always be evil.
I started watching this and my 11 year old son came running in from the next room yelling "THAT'S WIL! WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING!" We spent the next half an hour snuggled up, laughing at the show and then plotting to buy Small World. And he's already strategizing how to completely crush me and his dad when we get the game.

And now we have a game night back in our family schedule.

Thanks, from a really happy mom.
This was the best thing ever. I can't wait for the next episode. AMAZING!!!!!!
I loved watching this. I'm totally getting that game.
That was awesome. The game looks great, I'm certainly looking to pick it up. LOVE the show!
Great show! I want to buy that game, but having a hard time finding it.
They should play Twilight Imperium. The footage after around hour 10 would be golden.
How about the Game of Thrones board game? Fun, but ridiculously complicated!
@Viet-Tam Luu I know, I was skeptical too but Wil's choice of games & guests really make the show. not to forget his awesome sound effects.
The show emulates shows like Poker After Dark very well. Love the format.
It’s like Poker After Dark for nerds! Awesome!
This was entertaining, and made me want to play it!
Very entertaining and educational, thank you!
Thoroughly entertaining, will definitely keep an eye out for future episodes, Wil was an excellent host and day[9] was awesomely funny - might look into his SC2 shoutcasts!
Awww. Small World. I love Small World :)
I just ordered up the game here. Looked like a lot of fun. Thanks!
seriously though, I can't believe they got Grant Imahara to be on this. Will must have been handing out some serious blowjobs to get Grant to make an appearance! You can tell Grant is like, "uh, I thought I was going to be getting blowjobs under the table for the duration of this game." ROFL! Grant is high as hell!
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