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If you like teasers (spoilers) watch this scene from my Supernatural episode! If not, just watch the episode on TV Friday <3 SO EXCITED!
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oh good, I thought I had missed it and would have to wait till it was available online
cool :D let me guess before I see it... you get slashed and hacked to pieces hehe :D Your end on Eureka was very disappointing, but only because you died :D Let's watch the video now :D
lol awkward scenes like usually :D good one :D
This Friday at 8pm, my (Michigan) version of "The CW" is showing a replay of How I Met Your Mother. Search of the guide shows no new upcoming episodes of Supernatural... I'll be sure to catch your episode on Hulu or TPB.
I hope you live! They love killing off female characters.
Can't wait for the full episode.
Oh Felicia. You're so awesome.
Don't look Don't look Don't look ...


I'm too weak .. I wasn't able to resist to look this teaser/spoiler ! Now, I am impatient :)
i hate seeing tears most esspecially 4rm d one i luv
You landed on one of my favorite shows (and I watch very little TV). All kinds of +1 for you Ms. Day!
Saw Eureka great episode! Looking forward to Sam and Dean!
Funny hey your Penny from Dr. Horribles sing along blog
That's friggin' awesome... gotta watch! :)
What is this. I cant beleive that a body like this man is talking to this respectful woman in this way.
Cant wait Felicia!!! :) I love that show and you just rock lol
Ha Ha! funny clip :) Is your character's name Christian de Neuvillette by any chance? Guess I better put my tv back together so I can watch the episode.
This is simply amazing. I can't wait to see this.
Hated the end of the episode... It had better be a teaser for next week!
Great work, Felicia. Keep it up and we'll be seeing a lot more of you on network tele.
I'm scared to watch it, last time you said check me out in an episode you died.. And I know Supernatural, there's a good chance you could bite it there or already have bit it.
Just finished up the season of Eureka where your character was introduced. I must say, very nice job +Felicia Day. I don't want to spoil anything here so I'll just leave it at that. I hope they keep your character around as she is making a nice addition to the show.
Awesome! thanks for the sneak peek.
I'm so making sure I catch this episode, even though I haven't watched in a while
lol, I don't think that conversation could have been more awkward
Everywhere we turn...there is Felicia Day.
oh wow... time for a cold nerd shower for me!!!
Her saying that to any guy would make his day :)
I don't watch it but I'm happy for you.
Nice ... Looking forward to it. Supernatural strikes me as Hardy Boys meets XFiles, so I can't watch every ep or the gag will wear off, but this, I will watch. Soon as its out there!
Sometimes I wish they'd let Felicia do her own writing. She's IT for crying out loud, I bet she could come up with a better excuse then "I need to use the bathroom"
As awesome as this looks, I hope it's not a filler episode. I could definitely enjoy some recurring Felicia Day!
its veryyyyyyyyyyyy nice
Why must I live in Russia so I can't watch this? WHY!?

+Andrew Franklin Most of the world shares those sentiments, so since no official alternatives are offered, a lot of people go with the unofficial alternatives.
+Felicia Day , I prefer you armed with two elvish twin daggers and a leather armor. Not only it's sexier, it's also more effective to slip in secured places ;)
Any chance of a hint about if you will be appearing in the second Dr. Evil's Sing A-Long-Blog. That was my first discovery of you and hope to see you in the new one shooting soot (I think).
Mithril is overrated XD in the end, I don't like when Felicia has to hide her beauty under a human disguise.
love your hair colour with magma red it would be woooowww(i'm on magma red-tripp)seductive,dengerous,but tough& gentle in bothways i like
ps look if you like on face crsytal21 there's a amazin' basiccolour-edition(ps.i would buy red,yellow,blue cause i'm insecure) ....
You may not get the block buster movie parts, but you get the fun parts. I'd think I'd choose the fun parts, too.
I think it's very cool that you got to be on Supernatural!
Looking forward to this on Supernatural.. watched last Monday's Eureka... wow... ouch... last season and all, but what a sad moment.
You are an awesome actress! Congrats on both episodes!
I'm looking forward to this.

(and I hope you're not becoming the female version of Sean Bean! Sure, the roles start out great... )
So is it just me or am I sensing a thread here. Dragons on Eureka. "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"... People might think you like dragons and play games like Skyrim if you're not careful... :)
I certainly hope you survive the episode. If anything happens to you I'm not sure I can watch the rest of the season.
I'll skip the spoilers and just wait for the episode. Great show will be made greater by an appearance by Ms. Day. :)
I wish I had your superhero power of making tragically awkward look totally cute! I get the first part but usually epically fail the second. LOL!
dies laughing OMG I so can't wait!! I love SPN and love your work Felicia. This is like winning the lottery. Now...just to get more Eps of The Guild on Netflix
Totally awesome girl! You are on my favourite show in the whole wide world! Well done +Felicia Day x
You need to talk them in to making you a regular. SPOILER!!. Seeing as how it looks like they killed you character off on eureka.SPOILER!!. Any show you are a part of instantly makes it 100% cooler and geekier( I mean that in the best possible way).
Guild gal + Supernatural guys = Awesome.....cant wait!!!
only episode ill ever care about watcing
combining two of my favorite things Felicia and supernatural yay!!!!!!
Oh damn Felicia Day on Supernatural yay woo
SuperNatural is a great show. Watching it if you're in the entertainment biz is great with the little in-jokes episodes they do. "Why do horror movies have to be so dark? Can you make it bright with colors." Every studio guy/publisher ever. :)
Can't wait to see the episode!! I'm so excited!!
Great job girl! :) you're turning into a legend
Doesn't spoil anything for me, but I'm a season behind so won't be watching for a while :B Can't wait to see it! I should just do a marathon run, Supernatural all day every day! haha!
Why aren't you a major star yet?!
I'm sure the character will be back, nicely done!
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