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Holy Crap. Mother's Day. Scramble to pre-order flowers. Whew.
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Then post it Public, where mom can see :P
My wife will make sure I don't fuck it up. :-D
It's the 13th. You have time!!
You're neglecting StarWars day, though!
May the fourth be with you...always.
wait, is TODAY mothers day? i thought like the 15th?
Thanks for the reminder... Gotta get on that.
Added it to my Google Calendar just to make sure that I don't forget it :-)
Crap, +Felicia Day, you just scared the heck outta me. I have at least another week before I need to start panicking!
+Robert Martin Yeah, when I saw this post, my first thought was "Oh, crap is it THIS Sunday?"

The 13th....the13th....the 13th...
ITS SOON ENOUGH! And I'm going out of the country.
Famous people have mothers?! I thought you were all vat grown in a warehouse outside of Burbank.
yea I am still trying to figure out what I am going to get my mom and my wife. Any suggestion Ms. Day?
You still have 9 days :)
Phew- false alarm for those in the UK...
Whaaaat! If only my hording of jewels in Skyrim could help me now...
Wait! What? When is it? Rats i'm behind!
Ahh, Mother's Day. Batman's least favorite holiday, right after Father's Day.
I'm so happy that GCal tells me these things. What idiot put Mother's Day right after Finals Week? Seriously! :P
(Yes, I realize it's basically the other way around. Stupid University, putting Commencement on Mother's Day weekend.)
She probably screams fire in the middle of crowded theater too ;-)
Holy crap, you scared me for a moment. Then I realized mother's day here is march 8th. Thank god.
My Mum would keel over with surprise if I sent her gifts on mother's day. She knows I love her, so purchased stuff in shiny packages is pointless. Don't forget to only wrap gifts in naturally processed, recycled and recyclable paper. No plastic or glossy, bleached earth strangling land fill fodder! I know it's preachy, but a thoughtful gift shouldn't be smothered in thoughtless crap!
Simply pretend you are in Europe, where it is not Mother's Day. Problem solved :)
Can I assume your mother isn't on G+ to see your post about how you almost forgot? :)
Here's a simple and cost effective mother's day idea:
Make your own card!
Hit up your local dollar store and buy a few rubber stamps, cheap card stock, and your choice of paint.
She'll love it, guaranted! ^_^
Im glad im not the only person who remembers at the last moment!
Also thanks for the heads up i just realised i havnt ordered any either! Eek!
I really should deactivate Google+ mail notifications... commenting +Felicia Day's posts usually ends with 100+ messages in my inbox... :-)
thanks for the reminder. =X
Seriously....I am a terrible daughter! I almost forgot! Thanks for reminding me Miss Day! She will be getting some chocolate covered fruit cut into the shapes of flowers now. :D My mother Janice thanks you.
I'm making my mom a one-page comic XD
You know you should be buying Looney Labs happy flowers at your local game store. They are happy and never die, plus you don't have to stop gaming while you're buying your Mom flowers. :)
To OCD to wait so long.. Had mother's day taken care of over a month ago... Had her b-day gift (fall) in January.. Had dad's b-day and father's day gifts in January as well.. now.. where the Hell did I hide them.......
I think some drunk guy is mad at his mommy. D:
Crap, Felicia. Don't scare me like that. I thought I missed Mother's day and was in for a world of pain!
Ooooh in my country its the last sunday of May. I heard it varies from country to country...
Yeah, the UK one is in March, or something... Missed it already this year!
13 may in belgium too. Thank you for reminding it to me. I had forgotten ^^

But i'm lucky. My mom is happy with just a phone call for say "hey mom, happy mother day, love you " (Of course, I say to her that in French, because she would be surprised that I speak to her in English ^^)
thanks for the reminder, does this mean I'm a bad person? 0.o
:) My mom just wants to raid with me. Uh...yeah...I can do that!
i'm getting my mom a bamboo plant i think.
lol, im making her, her own movie theater in my living roo. but i owe her anyway bcuz my b day is the day before.
really? my birthday is the day after.
really? thats cool. i was born on mothers day
cool, i guess. my birthday is on a Monday. grrrr........ school.
In response to an earlier comment:
My mom uses G+.
I don't get my mom flowers for mothers day. Of course the fact that she's been a florist for longer than I've been around might have something to do with that.
ThinkGeek's mother's day tin of gooies was a great success for me
I'm sending mom a massage to relax and have a good day.
Dawn C
I like to get a plant for mother's day. Costs the same as the cut flowers but I can enjoy every year.
Ahem.... I love you... no this has nothing to do with Mothers day.. I just realized your in all my favorite TV shows and I love all your quirky Characters... from this day forward... let the internet know... THAT I LOVE FELICIA DAY!.... no homo :p
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Tell me about it! Its my birthday even! I get a present and give a present!
With my Mom once more local it's a leeeetle less stress than before! :-)
Sam Kab
hey felicia arent you amother or amother on making?
A woman feel nice and proud to be a mother whether the baby is a boy or a girl.
Felicia, your mom is eccentric, interesting, and kooky in a fun way :)
That what sisters are for the call you and say i got mom a gift, just send me a check for it later.
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