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New Flog today! I play Battletech with my brother Ryon! Hope your Labor day is awesome!!! Felicia Day Plays BattleTech with Ryon 
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I like the segments you do with your brother. I like him. Nice bloke.
Quiet labor day here in the East Coast. Which is fine, I need the break.
So when are we going to get a flog where instead of going "Tee Hee I'm a girl and not very good at this" we get to see you going "Ha Ha, I'm a girl and I'm awesome at this."  Granted a WoW Raid is definitely too long for the Flog format, but perhaps a Skyrim dragon battle or something similar would work.
Do people ever call your brother - Right On! ?
Sorry bout the dog, just had two myself. Play Battle tech, found it to simple and the moves tend to lock up on you. plus some times your rounds though hit target did nothing. until you learn to double shoot targets. 
I don't know why I kept reading "Battletech" as "Battlefield".
the fact that you play BattleTech just made you a million times more awesome in my book... Next thing you know you will say you play Starfleet Battles too....
Did you know that FASA is back? They don't have Battletech at this point, but they do have Earthdawn, Blue Planet, Fading Suns, and Demonworld, and are developing new properties.
Jordan Wiseman the creator of Fasa and most of the good properties (IE BattleTech and Shadowrun) is with Smith & Tinker.
Hey, if you like BattleTech and/or giant robots, check out MechWarrior Online. If you get a founders package and get into the beta, then check out for a good group to game with. We're on every night, sometimes in large quantities (40+).
This brings back the good old days of knowing all the rules and rolling dice.
Wooo! Battletech! Classic tabletop or PC versions?
L. Ross Babcock, one of the founders of FASA, is back with FASA, and worked with James Sutton of Redbrick LLC to re-found the company. And I consider Earthdawn to be one of the "good properties", but then I've written for Earthdawn and probably should have put a disclaimer on my previous post.
I miss FASA... I miss playing the Tabletop. I hope they Re-Found.
It was funny seeing you in "The Annoying Orange" episode tonight, Felicia!
I think I am in love with your brother and good morning hve a nic day God blessing you nd your famailyyyyyyyy.......<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
I and my brother in law would play this for hours and hours on end... just to get to the 2nd level and die of overheating.
Holy crap the game is hard.
Hey +Rob Simmons - nice way to breach your NDA there!
I started reading some of Ryon's tweets and apparently he is some kind of a karate man.  Can you do a flog where he teaches you how to punch through something?
Battletech is awesome and still part of my collection. I always single player'd it - yay introverts - but normally ended up using the passwords/infinite ammo cause it is killer tough anyway you play it.
+Felicia Day might I suggest the following games for Sega Genesis: MERCS, Lethal Enforcers II (with The Justifier pistol accessories), Mega Turrican, Contra Hard Corps, World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, The Incredible Crash Dummies... I could go on.
its going great hope you had a great labor day ill check out the video after some +League of Legends GAWD i love gaming :) 
+skooter Martin  - No breach.  They've already announced the founder's program and anyone in it can say so.  That's all I've done.
+skooter Martin Ah yes, "k".  :)  Thanks for looking out for me though. Will look for you dirtside...
Lol just got done watching lol that was fucking hilarious
You and your brother are like me and my buddy serious but fucking hilarious at the same time if you can't have fun gaming then gtfo
Wow, you just completed the Trifacta of awesome.  I wish they made wemen like you here in the big Dirty(Detroit,MI)

Hope you won.
I love Battletech.  Sounds like an awesome day to me. :)
Yes!! At laaaaast!! But it aint 1 may? All know that labourday is may 1st. Lol
Hi, You are looking soooooo cooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllll.
I went to six flags and had a great time!
Yay for B-Tech! XD We played Arkham Horror for Labor Day :P Still a fun Day. Still B-Tech is my favorite game.
Kristian jakobsen well not here in Europe it aint. But its great you have one though.
I always enjoy the video game segments with Ryon. You two are hilarious.
Awww, BTech, how I've missed you. Awesome that you guys played. I wrote an application back in the mid-90s that would print large (3'x4') maps on our plotter at work. Still have a few of those maps floating around - and they were definitely a blast.
Glad you got to have a great time with your brother!
+Felicia Day If you liked this game, I suggest you never watch a movie called Robot Jox.  It will forever scar you.  However, now that I've mentioned it, you'll likely click on this link and hate me forever.  Robot Jox Trailer
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