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Have you guys checked out the @darkhorsecomics Motion comic on +Geek and Sundry? All four episodes of The Secret are now posted, watch them all together for the whole story now!

America's largest indie publisher brings their most popular titles to life.
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Yes, it's a neat approach. That particular one isn't necessarily my bag, but look forward to enjoying both the technique and story of future titles.
I have seen the first one and loved it! Gonna watch the other ones soon!
Watched the first one and decided it wasn't for me. I guess I'll have to check out Umbrella Academy next week.
Sweet, watched the first 1 the other day. Really interesting style!
i am not that impressed by it. same old same old.
Don S
The Secret was impressive. I'll be back to see more Dark Horse on +Geek and Sundry
I still can't see "Dark Horse" associated with Ms. Day w/o getting the Bad Horse theme song stuck in my head. Score: Felicia 1, Comic Book Mogul: 0.
Ti Jesu
Awesome,will have to watched the last episode when I get back from the pub. :)
Well made and gripping comic series... good work Dark Horse and +Felicia Day for sharing it!
(wet blanket) - First, I have to say that I love the other shows +Geek and Sundry creates. Flog & Tabletop are great, but I've always thought that motion comics were a serious eye sore and, unfortunately, the Dark Horse entries (HUGE Dark Horse fan) are no different. By eyesore, I mean that the animation is typically awful, camera moves are amateurish and whatever made the original artwork enticing is destroyed. If the integrity of the original artwork is going to be compromised so much, then maybe using the source artwork isn't necessary and a different approach to telling the tale is required. I realize that the look of the Dark Horse motion comics is the accepted industry standard, but I think it's time for a change. I have thoughts on what those approaches could be, but that's beyond a G+ post.
Thank you for exploring the various sides of geekdom with your new venture. I look forward to seeing more.
+Alec Fredericks I think the push for this type of animation comes from the comic manufacturers themselves. Stan Lee did something similar a while back. E-books sold as PDF have some limited flash capabilities, if the medium became more popular over paper comics it would be a good alternative for publishers. But I agree with you that much of the story gets lost and the animation adds little to it. Personally I prefer the take Scott Sava - Dreamland Chronicles took in the E-books on wowio. Single frame comics with frames of fully done animation in a single cell animating a few seconds of action. But a rendered 3D comic has that flexibility.
+Jack Heath I totally agree. It is the industry standard that is absolutely driven by the publishers. Marvel and DC motion comics are no better, in my opinion. I just think that it's missed the mark in its visual style. I've watched many of them, just to give it a chance to see if it will grow on me. It's similar to my approach to 3D in movies. I hate it and think it takes away from the viewing experience, but I give it a go every once in a while just to see if I still feel that way or if anything has improved. In the case of 3D in film and motion comics, nothing has changed.
I'd be interested to see what you though of the animated comics done in Dreamland Chronicles on Wowio, you should check them out. Keep in mind he's targeting younger audiences, but I find they have better continuity between animations and still frames that could be replicated in other comics. But I'd take it even further. Have the hero jump into a cell, throwing a punch...move into the next frame dodging a swing, and fall into the third frame guns blazing in real time animation. Then move back to still fram and shifting backgrounds for dialog.
I'd love to take a look at it. I can't seem to find it on their site, though.
I'm on board with Geek & Sundry and most of the shows, but I've got a big thing against motion comics, so...

I LIKE digital comics fine. But this halfway-between-comic-books-and-animation stuff leaves me cold.
Motion comics are like trailers for reading the real thing.

If it's from Dark Horse, it's automatically great.
Loving the art and series..cannot wait for part 5.
+Chris Williams That's why I go to +comiXology and the like because they typically have a few preview pages of each book. That's enough to let me know if I want to buy or not. Motion comics, to me, do nothing to make the print or digital comic any more interesting.
Oh snap! I love Umbrella Academy like whoa!
I love Dark horse comics - I walk by their HQ all the time.
I really want a digital comic that is made from scratch with the principles of animation in mind. (ex: It would add more and take advantage of the video format better in my opinion.

The Secret might slightly benefit from the motion by giving it an eerie vibe.. but other than that it just feels like it was an afterthought.. and it might even take away from some of the timing/impact of certain panels.

The story was kind of generic but I enjoyed watching it overall. Keep em coming.
I don't like comics, but this was fantastic!
+Josh Beswick I like that one, but don't like all the clicking, a comic that really uses the animation capabilities would have segments of self advancing sequences and some that need interaction.
It was very creepy.... But very good.
Thank you for letting me know about this. I really enjoyed "The Secret."

BTW I just saw season 5 of the Guild on Netflix and that was the best season yet. You had Nathan Fillion and Stan Lee!! I almost had a heart attack when I saw Stan Lee. This is one my favorite shows on right now. I can't wait for Season 6.
Hi..! My name budi from Indonesia, thx.
Hi..! My name budi from Indonesia, thx.
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