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FLOG TIME MONDAY at +Geek and Sundry! I use a chainsaw and lots of bad words! Share it if you like it! <3
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Best one yet (and it's a high bar!)
My ears are bleeding and I still enjoyed the Flog! Thank you for sharing :)
The screenshot on the video looks like you are mildly amused by a chain saw cutting off your shoulder. "Whoooaaa, look at the silly thing that's happening to me".
My GF and I remain to be impressed until the Flog has an episode on Flogging.
So... haven't watched the FLOG (yet), but chainsaw AND adorable baby animals? At the same time? Oh, the possibilities!
I love this, I really really do. Flog away Felicia, Flog away!
Haha, Felicia Day + Chainsaw + Adorable Baby Animals = ? :P
+Andrew King your somewhat too enthusiastic enjoyment of the flogging marks you as the M part of an S&M situation (not that there's anything wrong with that). Perhaps you should refer to +Felicia Day as 'Mistress'.
Definitely looks like a horse!
We play this "Drawception" with paper and pens by passing stacks of paper around a table, but we call it "Telepictionary." Played it Saturday night; hilarious.
I think I am in love. It could have been the fuzzy polar bear or chainsaw, but I think it was the foul mouth at the end that sealed the deal for me.
Ti Jesu
I do hope the chainsaw and the baby animals are in different segments?!?
I think you sculpted a seahorse. A very fine seahorse to be sure.
Just wanted to say that I'm loving this show.
Thank you for telling us about the Lizzie Bennet vlog! Soooo funny! LOVE IT!!
In all fairness, chainsawing off your shoulder is pretty much the most metal thing you could do AND it's a well known fact that +Felicia Day is a method actor. #Gorgol
Youtube's auto-caption feature sucks! Can you add captions to your videos?
another good episode, & lol at felicia squeak at Fave5 xD.
During the ice sculpturing I was expecting you to say "Hi I'm Felicia Day, and this is my job!" #dirtyjobs
Great show and best Question of Note/reply yet! Keep it up!
People who move from Texas to L.A are all so great. Austin though... I prefer Dallas' West End...
never dis a Red Head with a chain saw, great flog, love it.
"It's just a chainsaw, it won't hurt you" ROFL!
I like how the swan looked like a Knight chess piece
this is why i love mondays!! loved you on SPN!
Thanks for the cute baby animal squeal, now I need new wine glasses...oh...that wasn't you..that was me. My bad!!
Flog is quickly becoming the highlight of my Monday morning. Thanks Felicia!
great episode!

You should wear safety glasses, though.
Watching your Flog is always a pleasure: funny and informative. Thanks!
Best. Question of Note response letter. Ever.
oh my god. LOVE. lol I feel stupid for not watching the previous flogs. Correcting error.
I love how you lovingly carved out Johnny The Swannguan and then immediatly murdered him!
Just curious if you've seen the Firefly Lego concept that's been flying around G+ today?
your swan looked like a really nice knight chess piece
Cool Vido Never Saw that comming Was the Iceing on the cake Not a Swan song in the whole thing
Feep i Up (Go Red's)
Read this as "Felicia Day with a Chainsaw plus adorable, baby animals!" and thought it was getting a bit dark.
Wow...I'll have some of whatever she's having!
Oh Miss Day only you can swear like a drunken sailor and still be so ladylike.
Don't know what I most want to comment on! Conan (Hhe's not fiction, he's got a tv show! :) , cutting the cheese, squeeness... or the fact that the swan actually is looking more like a punched unicorn...
OMG I was so scared during the chainsaw bits. I'm sure it's rare for people to lose limbs with those things (it's rare, right, RIGHT?!?) but that doesn't stop me imagining the worst!

Loving Flog very much. :D
Felicia's ice sculpture looks far more like a chess knight than a swan.
I can't believe they killed her off on Eureka!
Ahh! I missed the gravestone photography! Is there a link to it someplace? It's not disrespectful at all to photograph those old stones. I'd say it's the exact opposite. They sit in the cemetery old and forgotten and then you come along. Even tho you don't know anyone interred there you stopped to give them a moment of your time. It's really sad how people try to ignore death and the dead as though it isn't very much a part of living. More people should be open about death and be comfortable about their own mortality.
Johny Swan, the Transvestite Swan <3 XD
"If you're about to leave an a$$hole comment, you can go f*ck yourself"

How I love me some Felicia Day!!
your kind of annoying in real life I must say lol.
OMG! I almost sh*t myself, laugh so f*cking hard about the f*cktards. You f*cking r*ck! (wait why was r*ck censored....WTF is wr*ng with my keyb*ard. Great! FL*G cens*r g*ne wild.
Awesome stuff, as always!
I liked its just a chain saw it won't hurt you lol
Marc Andreesen would have made a better Curly.
+ 20 to Courage? I would have spread those points a bit to cover resistance to spinning blades and ice shards. And I know without asking that you really do use a wax seal on your letters (before folding them into single-electron size and sending them over the interweb).
Nik SM
Johnny Swanvestite?
Aw, what happened to your chainsaws and cute animals comment? I liked that one.
I'm a big fan and new subscriber. Thanks for the Awesome Episode!
Greg B
Great video. Loved your Supernatural appearance!
Looks more like a Dragon, which is so much cooler!

OMG Question of Notes is too funny!

Living in Country Victoria I was expecting a monster petrol fuelled chainsaw (well even my chainsaw is considered a baby but compared to yours), I was a little let down ... damn my wood fireplace and it's high expectations!
You were at PAX East and I missed you!? I was there all three days! Nooooooooooooo! Everything is terrible!
Totally should have made Trogdor. Also, your squee? Epic.
This was the first episode that I watched. I really enjoyed it. Thanks bunches.
Regarding visiting old cemeteries, if you're ever in Rochester, NY for a con or the like, you should visit Mount Hope Cemetery:

It's a really beautiful cemetery with some unusual burial sites and some famous people (including Susan B. Anthony, among others).

Also, I disagree with Dylan Hunter. You should say more bad words. It's funny. :D
I clicked the Google+ "Explore" button for the first time and it took me here. That's a pretty cool Ice Swan you made. If you had a blue beanie to match your blue gloves and blue chainsaw, I'd say you're on the way to a nice killer blueberry Halloween costume. Not hating, just relating. That'd be a cool costume.
wonderful ice sculpture! and I'm not being sarcastic... it may not look like a swan but i thought it looked like a wonderful horse... like the chess piece horse thing... I don't know how to even play checkers so... yea a horse! Go Felicia!
Very nice episode! "It's just a chain-saw; it won't hurt you," got an actual LOL out of me.
All I could think about was Groundhog Day ( +Felicia Day is easier on the eyes ) ... BTW - f**ktards is awesome! Although I prefer *ssnozzles! +Geek and Sundry
stupid how people think if you say a bunch of bad words its funny
You rock! You TOTALLY are a FIREBALL and LOVED you in Eureka - The Guilde - Grrrrr8 Stuffs! - JUUUUUST had to say - U FUUUUUNY!
That was awesome!!! Thank you for doing all the things we'd love to do, but that society probably wouldn't legally let us. (ie: handling a chainsaw)
Awesome. Shared. That was a hugh high five. You could make a High Fivein White Girls skit
I think I just watched a video of myself looking at pictures of cute things...
+Danielle Barnham I was about to same the same thing! Or, specifically, more like a wyvern, but maybe I shouldn't be so picky in my mythological terminology.
That ice sculpting was cool, although your swan could be more easily passed off a Chess Knight. :) The answer to this week's question was spot on!
Aaaaand queue the reason why most women don't want to admit to being female on the internet in 3... 2... 1... :P
Ace V
bleep, bleep bleep bleep.
Yeah, they are cute till they bite your face off or slash you. :-D
she did way better at cutting ice than i would have .... tho hers did look like a horse ... she could come cut ice at any special occasion of mine
Felicia - how cold was it in there when you were icing sculpting? It didn't look cold but obviously it has to be. Great show. Johnny may not have been how you wanted him to look (or maybe he was?) but hey you are one level higher than most of us in ice sculpting...
No safety goggles for carving ice with a chainsaw? Take an extra +5 to courage.
+Felicia Day I Love The Pride And Predjudice Zombies. Must read if you haven't.
Love love love love love the Lizzie Bennet Diaries!! Thank you so much for sharing them!
Felicia Day: The Worlds Most Adorable Person.
Mark J
Most excellent. SMART, sweet, funny, and a potty mouth. Who could ask for more?
Loving the zooborns...thanks so much for that!
Sam Kab
quite brutual
this was rewarding to watch.
it is ur presentation in university
OK! don't loose it! You are everywhere! U sure R having fun!
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