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New Dark Horse Motion Comic at +Geek and Sundry! And next week a 5 episode arc starts for HELLBOY!
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what software is used to create these motion comics? HMMM???? curios minds want to know!
I enjoyed it, I found it funny
Nice introduction to an unusual character- can't wait to see the Hellboy one
Did Concrete attempt to jump over a series of children laying down on the ground as a fun birthday party activity? ...Wouldn't he crushed them if he didn't make the jump?
Not what I expected. But it was well done and I enjoyed it all the same.
helo hw are u ur raelly cut wana go out
I'm actually hoping it's trolls so my faith in humanity isn't further destroyed. Please don't poke any holes in my blissful(ish) delusion.
Sombody should come out with a badhorse comic.
Hey Felicia, thank you for the post.
I liked the Dark Horse comics in the past and eventually got now to the Norwegian Vampires and the Secret part...Fantastic.
Thanks again.
I just joined them because of a promo with a video game called Prototype 2. Gave me two other comics for free to start as well. So this is cool for me. I never thought I would do digital comics.
Oooo. Did they get Ron Perlman for voicing?
I love Concrete, Love Dark Horse. Love Geek And Sundry. But those DH comics are not very good. The storys they're choosing are not compelling and the voice work is really bad.
I wouldn't say the voice work is necessarily terrible, but Concrete didn't sound like a big concrete guy, and the voices didn't match what I'd imagined. Overall animating it was an interesting gimmick, but the motion was for the most part distracting - it worked much better as a comic story.
I'm talking about the voice work on all the ones I've seen so far. There are so many good voice actors it's a shame not to use good ones.
I feel weird posting on G+, but it feels weirder to see the combination of movement and sound with such a cherished comic book. I guess the voice of Concrete in my head as a kid was significantly different, and his mouth didn't move that way in my head at least. Either way, I would like to see these turned into full length animations, and not just manipulated images. That would be neat-o-riffic.
I actually really love motion comics, I thought the marvel ones were awesome! It looks like a comic..but I don't have to read. Win!
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