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Hey hey! The Guild one-shot comic "Fawkes", written by me and +Wil Wheaton was released today!!!! Anyone pick it up?!?! Here's a link to the digital download if you want!
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Woah, very cool! :D
<3 Felicia
wow! somthing is new to read and i bless that your comic is hit
+Felicia Day, where do you guys get the inspiration for these comics/shows? I don't think I've ever been in a gaming clique that's had half the shenanigans as your material has. :)
That is a combination I couldn't resist: Wil, Felicia and a comic book.
My sister already got me the Emma Rios variant one for my birthday, now just waiting for the Paul Duffield one to come in at the local shop.
I'll grab it if we have it at my work! Excited!
Oh my god. I'm peeing right now with excitement. My teacher bought me the Dr. Horribles Graphic novel, and fainted with joy. I thought my life was complete. BUT OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS AMAZING!
Hoping to see this available on the Dark Horse iPad app soon!
All you need is a crocheting Colin Ferguson character!
Eeevil Wil Wheaton: never a bad idea!
I don't understand Wil Wheaton. How long can someone milk the fame of looking like "Wesley Crusher".

Wesley Crusher... now there's a celebrity!
Can people let go of the Wesley Crusher hate? Wil Wheaton has done, I don't know, about a million other things since that one teenage role. Some of them are actually pretty good, even. Grow up.
Will Wheaton and Felicia Day are my two favorite geeks.
i know! wouldnt Felicia and Wil have the most intelligent and willowey beauitiful children!?! <3 <3 Heres hoping! <3
I read a review copy (so I owe you a $1 royalty).
I was unfamiliar with The Guild, but the FCBD story did explain it well enough.
You also did a decent job of telling new readers What Had Gone Before for this story, and it was fun!
Was the timing of the Guild behind-the-scenes on Geek and Sundry planned intentionally to coincide with this?
Picked it up on my way out today. Great job! Couldn't have timed it better either, with Munchkin's "The Guild" expansion having come out this week, too! Was a real fun read - could tell that you guys had fun writing it. :D
What you doing for geek pride day.
Now we just need more episodes! I'm having withdrawls! LOL
Ahh so happy I found this, I just happened to go to the comic shop the day after it came out and got my copy! YAY! Also I was able to get the awesome Munchkin expansion pack for he Guild. We had a great time, getting "Pep talks from our avatar" XD
Just read it - funny and revealing. I'm so glad you've decided to expand your Guildiverse with comics because I ran across the Guild on Netflix about a month ago, became a huge fan, and promptly watched all of the episodes. The comic was well written and just as funny as the webisodes. Can't wait to read the other issues.
Will wheaton + Felicia Day= Best Team Up SInce Avengers!
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