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Happy +Geek and Sundry Launch day! Here's our present to you. Please press share.
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"I'm the One That's Cool"


This is going on my blog. Today. This is awesome.
Thanx for the song miss day!, finally us geeks have our own anthem =D
Nice way to start things off. Good jorb!
Another awesome song by the Guild gang. Adding it to my iphone right now. :)
It is awesome sauce! With a side of Unicorn Spam! You guys should tour... or at least come up to SF to play a gig or two.
So glad I never experienced that kind of thing at school... I like to think it was because I was too weird and hard to predict.
Very nice... the guild doesn't disappoint... :)
Thank you for that. Despite knowing better, I sometimes still feel ostracized, and it's nice to be reminded that the geek shall inherit the earth (or at least most of the $ and all the best toys).
Wow. Great song and the video professionalism is impressive.
Awesome song! Though I think I may have had some flashbacks during it. :)
it's very exciting but aslo attracted viewers.
"Try and cop my style but I'm the real thing. While you played sports I played Magic the Gathering." <--- Total win. I shared but I did it through you tube by accident. +1 share from me!
I LOVE FELICIA DAY....I want King George to read it without his glasses.
Wanted to buy MP3, but Amazon won't sell outside US and iTunes doesn't work without... well, iTunes. Too bad, now I'll have to wait till it hits pirate bay :/

Maybe you guys should push to magnatune or jango as well?
awesome, better than a lot of today's music! curiosity: did you all play "for real"? and, if so, did you all already know how to play the instrument or you did learn for this? :D
Very cool...

If memory serves correct, wasn't Felicia Day home schooled? I really hope she wasn't beat up at school. =p

I really hope that I can someday make it to a Hammer Improv show.

Great job everyone!
"i literally can't see my hand in front of my face" HA
Knowing anything at all about technology in the '80s got you an instant nerd label. Now the cool kids openly brag about their gadgets.
Pardon me,.. "Now I am the one that is cool",... Now?.. Do you think that they, the bullies, back then, were cool? No, right? Bullies aren't cool. Cool is being relaxed about anything if not everything,.. and bullies aren't cool about anything.
Yes, now you are the one thats cool!!!
Mark A
that song Rocked!!! thanks for doing it and sharing it.
+Jeremy Smith of course, they know nothing about them. Nerds will always be nerds. They make the things the cool kids want.
The longer I watched it the more it seems like an anti-bullying than a 'geeks rule' video.
You ever notice how people brag, and brag about how geek is cool now in the media, and it sure doesn't feel like much has really changed. Can't decide if it's my imagination or if I'm just too old to really give a (beep) what's cool.
If Google let me I would +Pi this awesomeness! Felicia you are exquisite and amazing in so many ways.
Vork on the Bass is cool. +Felicia Day I can believe you sing in this song, but I'm curious if any of your cast-mates played the actual instruments on this track?
More videos by the Guild please, THEY ROCK!
+Felicia Day How did you know that today was my birthday? Thanks for the present. Cause I know it was totally meant just for me. :)
This one double appeared in my stream, because it also appeared in "hot on g+" hehe
LOVE Clara with the hair moussed up. :)
I love it love it love it! Soon you guys will have a full album! Thank-you for this one! I got everyone I know singing "do you want to date my avatar" this one is next!
This is a really awesome song, and a really great video. All that being said, I still don't think my Magic Cards are "cool". :)
Hello guys new here from philippines
Awesome with a capital A.
I haven't seen The Guild in a long time, I need to go back and rewatch those episodes, show's hilarious.

Great song! You guys are so amazing! And it's hilarious to see you as high school students...
matter of opinion, i'm sure?
+Felicia Day is way to young for me but every time I see her my heart skips a beat and I get a little warm
Hahaha :-) another cute vid! If only this came out in high school, +eleventy self-esteem. Couple parts that stood out, the crowd surf/pool scene came together really awesomely, and please never remove Vork's pants again XD it has caused a 16.014 second delay in beginning my daily gaming ritual D: <3<3<3
I love the video, because it's so true. I've seen some of the bullies, that have gone nowhere in life, while i am educated, working, living a good life, and soooo cool. The music, singing, and performance is great.
Dan Coy
LOVE this video Felicia =) well done indeed
+Felicia Day This should really be in the +Google Play store, too. I think I remember reading that until tomorrow even the $25 'prove you're serious' fee is waived. This place is likely to have far more +Google fanboys/girls, right?
just wanna say, really big fan, felicia, watched every episode of The Guild and so happy they put you in Eureka. Im sad that Eureka is comin up on its last season, but, all good things must come to an end, i suppose. Anyway, you can rest assured that I'm definitely gonna buy it, lol
I love it - like a lot :))) Sharing it here and also on FB
Only wish that Bladezz little sis was on bass. But Jeff faked it well. As did all the others. Well done Jed & Felicia!
+Jordan Schumann Its a shout out to RockBand- meaning that the Band of Geek is popular/cool enough to be on a video game. This is a "Its get Better video" for Nerds/Geek/Dorks alike
Another great song from the lovely talented folks at The Guild. Much love to all the geeks and nerds.
Thank god that old looking school kid had on clean underwear! : )
Were did you find the stage from the Joey vid. Loved everything about it.
Saw your new episode on blip. Our Director James f. Donnally turned us onto your show. Good episode.
Why are Youtube View counts broken? Your song has over 5,500 likes but only 301 views!
still no trace of the guild on amazon UK, but another great song stuck in my head.
Haw haw haw i love the show!
Yep! We're the one's that are cool and usually the boss
does it get better the second time ya watch it?
Lol Wut
i do not have a mp3 that's fine
The level of hotness +Felicia Day in this video is immeasurable. The awesomeness for the song is legendary. Together this blew my mind for all of time and space! Brilliant!! If there was an album being made I would buy it in a heartbeat.
I bought this straight from Amazon as soon as +Felicia Day posted it on twitter. The video I watched before, that first thing in the morning. I love this song.
I love this song! Awesome job, I wish I were a geek that made it cool like you, but I love you all anyway!
i loved the first season.
Felicia Day, you are my hero! :)
Well heroine.... but ya know :P
Man, I would've lost my shit on any girl who would've dared to pour milk on my head. And I say that as someone who's pretty wimpy 99% of the time.
BTW - this song better end up in Rock Band soon. I desperately want to fly my nerd flag rocking out to this.
Those of you saying worst singing I ever heard.. must've never heard rebecca black in "friday" and its kinda grody cuz these are all .. old people.. playing highschool kids.. grodyy
Now am I the one that`s cool =)>
That was Legen... wait for it........... DARY!!!!
it's funny because it's true. ; )
That video is funny and it makes me want to cry.

I remember my parents telling me not to worry about the other kids in school when they were bullying me, I would have my day. They were completely right.

However, the severity of bullying included things like torture and sexual abuse. A girl one year younger than myself was raped and killed by another student. And up until that point neither the teachers nor the educators were taking the situation seriously. I've spent much of my adult life having to cope with suicidal depression that started from those childhood experiences.

I have a PhD in storytelling for computer game design. I have a book that was a bestseller in Australia. I'm currently doing standup comedy. I am interested in helping people to learn how valuable fun and kindness are. Thank you Felicia for doing your bit.
Hmm.... Soundtrack to Bully, perhaps?
+Felicia Day You just made me cry happy tears. That was exactly what I wanted to say at my 20th Reunion.
played this for my kiddo (who's having kind of a hard time in school for being a geek), and he has been humming it all evening. Thank you so much!
I especially love the ending - lol
I love Okuda's facial expressions throughout, but I have to give my favorite scene to Parikh at the 2:53 mark. Well done, sir. Also, good expression on the guy who's milk is stolen.
vee dub
bought it right away, shared it on tumblr and failbook and g+ and livejournal. forced my husband to watch it and emailed it to my daughter. it has taken more than 60 years for the kind of geek i have always been (sci-fi fan, early adopter of the personal computer & the internet, inveterate blogger and self-publisher, etc. etc.) to become cool.

'bout time.
Supreme reality of the world.Saara hi sansaar apna ghar(House)ha.
Just heard this tune (and you) on LAST WEEK...waay kewl...just like...uh, oleo?...margarine...oh, frell it: BUTTAH!
OK, so when does this come out for Fofix? :)
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