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I did a Country Gamer video for fun (yeah, what?!) and new Flog gets me to play with Toilet Paper: Felicia Plays with Toilet Paper and Etc.
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so cool dear..........................................
Gah!! Please say it doesn't mean you have a boyfriend now!! :-p
Ahhh the reasons I love G+ :) Great Job! Especially the guy dancing in the background
Country.... why Felicia... why... :(
Would watch the video but i couldn't stand but a couple seconds followed by screams of my gf to turn it off.
How can something that has Video Games, Rock Band, AND Felecia Day turn so sour...

* I must add, cool stockings
Oh Felicia, you make my Mondays!!!!!!!!!1!!     Always look forward to The Flog and I Love the new mucis video!!    <hugs>
This gamer girl lives around nothing but country boys. Trust me, they ain't all that. :P
+iPan Baal Firefly is a GREAT show, but... it's perfect for what match?  What are you talking about?  Firefly stars Nathan Fillion, btw.
Awesome video, so full of win! But what's with the canary paint job? Doesn't do those wonderful eyes justice... ;)
Yeah that was pretty good. Felicia Day as Lara Croft was hot, and then Grant Imahara driving by was pretty funny too, hehe.
Is that really you singing? Very impressed if it is. :O
It's the story of two star-crossed kids...
That's Cute.
I'm personally not a country fan, so it was a little hard to accept.
The only problem I had was the yellow eyeshadow, please don't do that again.
Not just funny, but a good tune as well. Nicely done!
Awesome video! And OMG Felicia! You're hot enough to bake cookies on girl!
dude.  just.  duude.  you rock at everything!
When I was told Felicia was strumming away in a video, this wasn't what I had in mind....

Giorgos Mpoyzmpas Γιώργος Μ Ικέτης στα πόδια σου τα ροδοπέταλα της ψυχής μου θα αποθέσω. Σε νύχτες με ματωμένα φεγγάρια, να πατάς, στα τρίσβαθα της καρδιάς μου εσύ να μπαίνεις, χωρίς κλειδιά κι αποσκευές τον δρόμο στην καρδιά μου εσύ τα ορίζεις ... Γιώργος - 16:45 hsto skyp giorgos.mpoyzmpas1
ei seglyka

Η ψυχή μου μου μίλησε και με ορμήνεψε να αγαπώ όλα όσα οι άλλοι μισού να αγαπω την αγαπη.
Η ψυχή μου με ορμήνεψε και μου αποκάλυψε ότι η αγάπη τιμάει
Όχι μόνον εκείνον που αγαπά, αλλά και αυτόν που αγαπιέται.
Μέχρι τη μέρα εκείνη .. αγάπη... για μένα ειναι μια κλωστή
Αραχνοϋφασμένη ανάμεσα σε δυο λουλούδια, κοντά το ένα με το άλλο.....πολυτιμα... ευαισθητα...μοναδικα.
Η ψυχή μου με ορμήνεψε να μετρώ το χρόνο με αυτό το λόγο:
Υπήρξε κάποιο χτες και θα υπάρξει κάποιο αύριο....
Mέσα στο τόσο σύντομο παρόν πραγματώνεται κι επαληθεύεται
Όλος ο χρόνος κι όλα όσα ανήκουν στο χρόνο........κ στην αγαπη6986098914
Grant driving the Prius really makes this vid lol
I spotted a Grant Imahara. But he looks shorter then normal. 
Girl of my dreams ... i'm actually a country boy ;)
Eastwood + Sci Fi = Firefly. O how I miss Firefly : (
Good Job Felicia! Though.. I can't stand that guy. D:
Somehow, I feel more stupid for having watched this.
was that a Grant Imahra sighting? was he in the desert blowing something?
I love Grant Imahara's cameo 
Don't like songs which teach how to love.
But The combination of a cowboy and gamer girl is very interesting.
Good Voice! And you are very hot!)
I love your music video projects, especially the Guild ones.
Keep them coming!
I like it :) you are nice
I some what like coutry but tht was awesome right
Give me a shout if you need great pics Baby...

I think you'll go far ;)
I don't like the thierd one because I'm an evelutionist
Is that Grant? Couldn't really tell...
Nice!  ... but why was Grant Imahara driving by?  haha  Sweet cameo : )
Fun song and vid. Lara Croft cosplay makes everything better.

But why the yellow eyeshadow? WHY???
such an active imagination :) 
Heh, fantastic - that's made my evening :) And Tetris leggings too - doesn't get much better than that really :)
haha right in the eye about that TV! my husband seduced me with an 21" monitor back in the times they were rare lol
Felicia, how are you out in that sun?  You'd be red as a lobster in a few minutes.
Felicia. You went full white person.  Never go full white person.   
I'm a country boy... Just sayin.....
That was cool.  Although for me it was the other way around . . . I'm a gamer boy who married a country girl.  

Keep up the great stuff Felicia!!!
Thats a fantastic song, sung by fantastic singers
Awwww, Felicia Day! Haven't I seen you in Supernatural and Eureka? So cute. Perfect for the geeky roles. I'm a geek myself. Anyway, the post is wonderful! I love it!
Felicia hi ! Keep playing video game.
Who would have thought that Felica Day doing a Country Pop song would be just the thing I need to make my day perfect. 
Fantastic! SuperEditing
Ciao Aldo

Clicked on this video, liked, and endend on looping on your "french lips" LOL :^D
Wow! I didn't realize you had such a great voice.
I don't normally listen to country music...but, with you in it...TOTAL exception.  Loved the song!!!!! :D
Loved it! Made me smile because I'm the geeky country girl who married the gamer guy. :o)
I love your Tetris pants, Felicia.
It gave me pain.  But kudos for the tetris pants. :)
How retarded this is noneducational. As a teacher, I am completely devastated one would wast time on such none sense. my life was plenty complicated before movies back in '23 when I was young.
Somehow gamergirls always make my days worth standing up
"it might be out of regular size..." 
? ? ? 
your song is out of regular size 
really goddy good good good
drive & beat & baby has best good vibrato 
chapeau+ from a german in france 
move on and make it, cause you got it  
Am I the only one who thought that was Steven Yuen?
You're hot Felicia that's why you're on what's hot baaaaahahaha......
what would the children look like?
Your singing isn't bad, the song is horrible, I blame the rest of the band
Felicia, are you the same individual that's seen on Eureka? Especially since way things are going, you're amazing in there. Oh and be nice to Kevin......
So...when does the sitcom come out?
+Felicia Day about the 4chans who are flooding this video that you post on fb
Just ask Chris to show you my live journal and you will understand why i never like them
take it for what it is, I can't stand country music, but it's a bit of fun, and the lyrics are funny
I used to know my own name, then I saw +Felicia Day in Laura Croft cosplay.  Now I... uh... forget what I'm saying.
The line about only using the Nathan Fillian tweet for number one was SO creepy it was funny.
LOL thanks for all the comments today all! This has been...interesting. 
And totally agree with one thing: That eyeshadow was a HORRIBLE CHOICE.  My fault entirely. :(
I actually used to LOVE yellow eye shadow. I haven't worn it in a while, but it can look awesome. Especially with a little green on the crease of your eye. With three kids nowadays, I stick with natural colors because I rarely have time to put on make up, but I miss playing with bright colors... guess I'll have to have fun with it when my daughter decides to start wearing some...or the kids move out. :-)
I personally am baffled at all the vitriol being lobbed at (and sometimes for) this video.  I mean there's nothing wrong with not liking something, but yeesh.  I've decided just to stay away from the youtube page of this video at least for now.  For those who haven't been over there, people have said everything from wishing death on Felicia to saying that she's not a gamer girl because she only plays Angry Birds to various and assorted other junk.  How she can continue to respond with good humor and without losing it I'll never know.
Great song, but open your eyes quit gamen and start singin!!!!
This is a great video! You guys are so cute and this is genius!
I wonder if it would work out with a gamer guy and country girl...? 
Well done, I enjoyed immensely !
ok that is REALLY weird, but Felicia's voice sonds REALLY amazing like I can't even believe it's her own I mean, I bet you sing awesome, Felicia, but I have NEVER heard your voice being so deep and harmonious and .........stuff. Sing some other things, yes?
I love it I think people are just up set that your making your dream come true wile they sit a home and play video games.
The Oldcowboy & The Modern Cowgirl nice teamwork.
I fall for Felicia more every time even more <3 and the cameo spectacular
Love it... Grant Imahara's cameo appearance was a nice surprise!
Just listened/watched the video and ... WOW. Thumbs up from the jury here. Not a huge country fan myself, but if you wanna do a tour then I'd buy tickets. Failing that, any chance of a B-side/album? I just love a song with good lyrics.
Loved everything about the video. :) You are too savvy for those that have negative things to say.
At work, but I'm adding this to my watch-later list.
Hey Space Cowgirl you were great! What's not like!
Not generally a modern-country fan, and so the music - well, by genre standards it seems good. But the visuals are fun in either a let-go-and-indulge-unironically and/or indulge ironically. A nice touch is the over-the-top girl-in-a-country-video eyeshadow. 

Overall verdict - amusingly random

Codex has earned the achievement [Holy Crap, You Made a Country Music Video]!
Oh, and the youtube comments are a step up from the norm, so they're only mostly offensively moronic.
Too. Much. Fun! Haters gonna hate. I thought it was adorable.
I don't know why you are getting hassled about this. It was adorable and fun and you should keep doing things that are different and new. Great voice by the way. Is that yours? Wow.
Very nice! And the eye shadow is horrible.
Love!  I don't get the big deal about the eye shadow.  Seriously?  Keep being you!  Thanks for all the happiness you bring.
Keep up the good work.  It is always fun to see the projects you put out.
Still don't understand why some people did not like this music vid?
who'da thunk Felicia could sing country.   Yeeha!
It didn't really work for me, probably because I hate the current state of Country music (pseudo-pop), but it looked like y'all were having fun so at least there's that.
I really liked the video, and the song (even though I'm also on the "no likey country" bandwagon), so cute. :o) Love the yellow make-up and the tetris leggings. So sorry to hear about all the abuse :o(
damn... I never knew a read head could look so hot in a Lara croft outfit!!
Great Song and Video!  I'm very little into country music, but I Lv it!
da lin
wow wow oh Amazing so nice , i love this song very much .
Jacki R
Not a fan of the song, but I'm a fan of fun, so I'm glad you did this ^^
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