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Legend of Grimrock (FIXED!): I had more fun playing this yesterday than any game in a LONG time. Took me back to Wizardry and Ultima Underworld times! Def check it out, gonna make it a Fave Five for sure!
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sighs adds to the list
And it is tough! Kids these days are spoiled by easy games.
+Felicia Day Did you ever play the really old school text-based games? ie MUX, MUSH -- that's where the real imagination was at;)
I love even with as busy as you get you still find time to play!
Grimlock = transformer. Grimrock = this RPG game. :P
Sounds cool. I might have to check this one out!
Where can one find it? I see lots of Rock references, but few Locks.
Interesting, how does it compare to the non-underworld side of the Ultima series? (I was a big fan of the Avatar Trilogy and 7pts 1 & 2, but never really played Underworld.)
Ill definitely have to check it out. Sounds like one i would enjoy.
F, have you ever tried X-men Under Siege? It's the top of my table top games.
The bigger question: are you playing in ultra-hard mode with no maps? :-)
I have been playing this one since the PA lads mentioned it. Definitely takes me back to the graph paper / tile based dungeon crawling days ;)
Make sure you read Ready Player One :-)
It's definitely a great game and worth the low price. I'm still working my group through it as it's fairly hard.
Ooooh...Ultima Underworld! I loved the excitement in that game of turning a corner, seeing a beholder come floating out of the darkness, and running in terror across the entire level to get away from it!
I've been eyeing this game closely as they cited Ultima Underwold as an influence. I wanted to buy it but sadly have been broke.
This game was definitely difficult. For the love of all that it is holy, remember to save frequently.
looks good. Shame there isnt Linux version.
Props for referring to Wizardry & Ultima Underworld!
OMG! Wizardry! I don't think you are old enough to remember playing Wizardry I, II, & III on the Apple IIe like me. Mahalito!
I;m stuck at the locked door at then end of the first level! lol I cannot bring myself to moving on until I figure it out and right now the game hasn't captured my interest enough to really try to figure it out.
Been playing it and loving it.So glad to see someone making a good party based dungeon crawls again. ahh those were the days, lands of lore, eye of the beholder, dungeon master........good times...good times.
Yup, it's on my to-play list.

I loved Dungeon Master back in the day on my Amiga!
Waiting on the new episode of Eureka but I still can not believe they killed you off.....not a happy camper!!!!
Yea, seriously. Thanks for ruining it.
It's pretty good for what it is. Definitely a fun flashback and I hope we see more old-school dungeon crawlers emerge on the indie scene with the same amount of love and polish that Almost Human put into this one.
Loved Ultima Underworlds 1 and 2. Brilliant both of them!
Yes, its reallly a great oldschool Game. I had so much fun with it.
This is almost exactly like Dungeon Master (back from the Atari 1040ST days, and it's sequels)
Haven't played much of it, but what I've seen so far is really great.
This game is amazing. Check out Giantbomb's Quick Look to get a feel for the game. It's well worth it's cheap price tag
Thanks for the tip Felicia - looks to be a lot of fun, and certainly brings back memories
Agreed, I enjoyed this game a lot. It's old school but it's polished and has a good interface. Lots of fun.
Did you not play the GW2 Beta this weekend??
You had me at Ultima Underworld :). I miss the old school days when games didn't insult my intelligence every step of the way by pointing everything out to me. I have been meaning to pick it up and heard its really good.
Woah!! a "Wizardry" reference.... ahhh to know I wasn't the only one - LOL.... old Mac's FTW when everyone was loading 15+ floppys just to get a command-line DOS prompt - LOL
Love this game. Put it in old school mode and got out the graph paper! Took me back to simplier times.
+Felicia Day, please tell me you loved the Wizardry series as much as I did! Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord?
been wanting to try it as it reminds me of "eye of the beholder" gold box.. which was one of my fav older games.. nice to see someone as reputable as you giving a thumbs up..
Ultima Underworld is exactly what I thought of with this game. Hours spent doing the Ultima Dance... forward, attack, back... forward, attack, back...
A friend recently recommended Grimrock and Dungeons of Dredmor t me. Haven't gotten either yet, but hopefully will before Borderlands 2 comes out.
It is worth the 15 bucks. The editor is due out soon as well.
Wow! Wizards, Ultima those are some old games. Liked them all. From some screen shots it looks a little like an Eye of the Beholder type Dungeon Crawl. Will have to check it out.
Amen. Its an awesome game. My party has been knee dump in this dungeon for over 60 hours now.
Wizardry?? I remember when that was being written!

How come we need a mega four++ core processor with another 320++ graphics processors when an 8086 was more than enough in the 'good old days'???

Do I really REALLY need water that reflects the bullets being shot by/at me? Do I really REALLY need an echo correctly bouncing off of every wall?? sometimes we lose the forest when we insist that the leaves are all correctly colored and will act correctly in the wind and each of their shaddows will interact correctly on the deer who is running beneath us (and the bird overhead).
Mr. Altman.... I'll get off your lawn now!
Ahhh I love all the love Ultima Underworld is getting. That game was one of the very first PC games that I had (our family was slow getting a home computer). That game was utterly terrifying. It was so DARK and there were Beholders and Headless around every corner! Wonderful game.
Felicia for Dr. Who's Assistant...all in favor say WHO!!
james, quick, run back. Your shadow was permitting the Grasshoppers to not be seen by the Grasshopper eating whatever eats grasshoppers. and the gravity well you formed in front of the roses allowed them to climb and extra 20 feet.

If the 'Mr.' is an attempt to age me, I programmed a PDP-8E in assembly code in order to produce induced motion graphics for the shrink lab at conrail U in the 70s (almost three years before Andy released first Wizardry version from Risley).....
I'll ask you to not discuss my gravity well in a public forum! I'm on a diet!

The "Mr." was just out of respect! But as someone who was a Computer Scientist in a former life... PDP-8E? Very cool!
Felicia would make an awesome companion for the Doctor. How's your British Accent. :)
+Blake Murdock. If you liked older games like Eye of the Beholder then you will really like it. An old game mechanic with modern graphics. Very addicting for only 15 bucks.
Grimrock is a stellar presentation of what thinking games used to be. Been playing since day 1 and I'm only on level 8... Puzzles and strategy and grids? Oh my!
Mary F
that looks cool. you may have convinced me to shell out $15...
Definitely try it on normal before hard... or you may be starting over after a few hours of reloading.
The spiders on lvl. 3 are goosebump-inducing..
OK: if we are going for the history of great ancient computer games:
PDP-8 had the first space invaders style game I have seen. When I was producing induced motion videos for testing on a PDP-8 using an oscilliscope as an out put screen (and a pair of DtoAs to produce 'video') we had a set of four or five 'action' games written on this same hardware.
This was back in '76, when all the rest of the university was operating on punch cards!

2nd greatest game I played was RATS. Is there anyone here who played the game RATS which ran on the CTOS/BTOS operating system back in early 80s (prior to the PC taking over the 80x86 space).
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