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New Co-Optitude! We seem to have enraged YouTUbe because we play Sonic 2 and are terrible at it and don't like it. I guess you have to have a Phd in Sonic to play it publicly, the rage is kinda hilarious haha. Anyway watch!
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Sonic 2 was great. I'm going to cry now.
Better than most of what was announced at XBoxE3, and far fewer frakking quicktime events...
Great Episode. But I want to hear Felicia curse without being bleeped :)
Dying laughing! I remember playing this with a friend of mine back when it came out and I sat the controller down and went home.
I remember playing this as a child at my cousin's house. Looking back at it now, I think my brain was clearly undeveloped to fully comprehend what a shitty game this was. This video has caused me to reevaluate all the things I thought were great as a child. Thank you Felicia.
Omg how old are you guys? You didn't play this as a kid?? I never seen such mayhem in my life as you two destroying my childhood video games. It was quite funny to watch, my 9 year old can play this better than you guys. Have fun, enjoy the crude comments. 
I played the crap out of this game back in the day and it's probably the only game that I can say I truly mastered.
How old must I feel, when grown-up nerds fail so hard at a 21 year old video game? Love the video, but I am surprised at how hard you fail at a jump'n'run, that is much more simpler and accessible than any mario title ever created. 

P.S.: you need to publish these uncensored. The internet ain't ABC.
I never got on with sonic, great review video, this is how games should be reviewed :-)
Yuh... It's a pretty awful game.
+Felicia Day  wow  like goof troop  the only thing  good about the game was a watching you   play
Some days I hate having epilepsy...
Haha, I loved that episode, and you actually put the lights on everything that's wrong with it, so good one :D.
I'll be honest, I thought you went into this one very negatively. Guess the crappy co-op did justify that in the end though. It looked like it was added as an afterthought.
Admittedly I loved this game, and a couple of times I went "awwee" when you hated on it. But realistically, co-op sucked ass in that game, and if you can't laugh at video games and people mocking them what can you laugh at? :-) 
This made me crack up so much.
To be honest everything +Felicia Day said about this game I totally agree with I only playes it as a kid because it was all I could afford.
The later games were much better color wise. And I just got through the levels as fast as I could THE EYE STRAIN DEAR GOD!!!!
This may be the best thing on the net these days. Great fun, informative and, yes, you two are adorable. Adorable.
I found this very funny and relatable
As I said on YouTube, I REALLY want to see you guys try the special stage. 
Of course they're terrible at it.  They are brother and sister, since when can a brother and sister play as a team?...   You just want to mess up the other one.
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After watching it... I have to agree with them on Sonic... never did enjoy it.  And I think it's responsible for the invention of ADHD by Doctors.
I liked it.  However, the show has become "Hey let's pick up a game that we've never played and half-halfheartedly try to play it while cracking jokes at the game's expense."  This sometimes works--like the open heart surgery game (jokes more directed at the poor player, though). This is also fine for crappy games that not many people played (the Goofy game). But if your audience is gamers and you play a game that much of your audience has played, liked, and mastered, and then apply this formula to it, you will get some negative responses that are critical of your play style and jokes.  

It's sometimes hard for a gaming audience to watch people play easy games poorly and, due to inexperience with the game, criticize things unfairly. It would be hard for fans of orchestra music to watch a comedy video of someone trying to play a violin for the first time and hear them crack jokes about how a bow is made of horsehair as they try to figure out how to string a couple notes together, don't use any technique and then complain that the violin sucks, and then decide to make their next video about trying to play the tuba.    Don't complain and make jokes that the instrument sucks if you aren't even moving the bow the right way.  It's frustrating to the audience watching if they have any experience with the instrument or game.

I think there would be less opposition to this video if the negative comments within the video were more directed toward the people struggling with the game than the game itself, especially if it was considered a good game.  Just my 2 cents.  Again, I enjoyed the video.  
+Andrew Piscitello I just have to say, that is one well thought out post.  And may even have some merit.  

But anyone who puts this much thought into video gaming takes it WAY to seriously and has stopped having fun, which is the reason most people play games to start with.

Watching Felicia and her brother, Ryon ((I went back and looked it up :) )) ((sorry man I forget your name)) play games is hilarious because of their jokes, and their playing.  If they were master of these games, it wouldn't be that funny.  Thus losing them viewers who want to laugh.
+Dan Fiegert He didn't make it near the ark.  She drowned him before he had a chance to petition to be on it.
So, according to Felicia Day, a Phd in Sonic is required to figure out that choosing "1 Player" means only 1 of them is going to be playing it while the other watches...
+Xanamiar Knight Usually she is. But doing nothing but bitching and complaining the entire time about how only one of them gets to play when they PICKED "1 Player" is not funny.
+Xanamiar Knight What is funny about picking 1 player and then complaining the entire time that it's 1 player? If "2 Players" was that bad in the game then it might be funny, but they clearly picked 1 player.
+Nicholas Layton If you can't figure it out.  I have no reason to explain it to you.  She's funny, there's no doubt about that. 
I think +Nicholas Layton hits the nail on the head with describing why some people are complaining about this video.  Some of Felicia's complaining (and joking) deal with very fundamental things about the game that anyone with more than zero experience with the game would know better about.   It's sort of like how her jokes about Magic fell flat.  

To anyone that's played the game more than a few times (I played a few months 15 years ago), jokes about "tapping" and trying call White cards "douchy" based on a small subset of White cards from one expansion in a HUUUGE universe made me cringe a little.   Gamers love the games they play.  When surface jokes are made about them, the humor comes off as cheesy and artificial at best and offends people at worst.  

I could be wrong (usually am), but I think videos like the Magic one would have garnered much more attention if it showed her trying sincerely trying to play a few rounds while she made jokes about her opponents and the cards.  There could be a small series about it: "Felicia Day learns Magic."  But instead, we get White cards compared to a fraternity and a description of how she organized her cards.  It's just too superficial for an audience made of gamers.   

I think this is why TableTop is so successful--each game is played in accordance (mostly) to its ruleset, and there is some substance and depth to the show.  Each game gets a very fair shake.  The Guild was great because it gave gamers a fair shake and fair representation.   I don't feel that with some of Felicia's latest efforts involving games.  She comes off as being really spazzy (often funny, sometimes not) but sometimes I'd just like her to be a little more serious (like she is in real life) and show us some more gaming "meat" in her videos.  

 In the end, it's about the games and the people that love them.  
+Andrew Piscitello You seem to assume that she doesn't know what she's talking about.  Perhaps she's played Sonic before and just hates it.  There are several of us out there who don't like the game.

When it came to her Magic video, same thing.  Maybe she really does know what she's talking about and is making fun of it because she doesn't like the white set.  ((And in CCG's the white set is always the loser set))

But I just have to say.  If you don't like the video.  Why bother posting on it at all.  Just take it for what it is.  She's playing a game with her brother, Ryon.  And they are having fun together.  

And if you notice in the Goofy video, they were making fun of themselves about not figuring things out very easily.
+Felicia Day  I hope that you and your brother go off the wall playing  Simpsons Arcade game..I believe it is on XBox Live. I don't think your parents would have let you have that entire arcade game at home...
Watching that made me realize how much the Kirby games (especially Kirby's Epic Yarn) owe to Sonic 2.
BwaHaha! This game was fun when I was a kid but it was tricky when you first played it. I laughed so hard at you 2. Tip for the god awful color, turn down the color on your TV lol
+Felicia Day Sorry you and Ryon didn't like Sonic 2. I've always loved it. As a matter of fact, I got Sega Genesis Classic Collection on Steam just for that game. Oh well, not every game is for every person. But it was fun to watch you two. :)

You can here me right? Wait never mind, shown up by your brother.
Agreeing strongly with +Nicholas Layton on this.  It was somewhat disheartening (as a casual fan of Felicia) to see her be so terrible at an old game.  And pointing out "this isn't how a bird flies" and sounded more like a Conan game review, which is funny because that guy is a comedian that claims to never play games, whereas Felicia is supposed to be a hardened veteran gamer.  I'm sorry a 21 year old video game has some basic mechanics (that work just fine within its universe) and not a very advanced co-op system.  Who could have known (oh right...anyone who grew up playing video games...)  

On another note, I like how Ryon was having nearly zero issues with the game and got her unstuck when she "couldn't get out" and other such things, I'm guessing he was always better at playing video games.
play Gunstar Heroes next! play Gunstar Heroes next! please please!
I usually like this show but that was terrible. I have never seen such difficulty playing such a simple game. Sorry Felicia you are awesome but epic fail!
I don't think +Felicia Day failed.  I think she saw the same thing I did about Sonic.  It's a pointless game of running and spinning, and decided to make fun of it.
I can not watch sonic for more than 30 seconds.....agreeeeeeedd
Well, maybe if you knew how to play the game.. 

And to be fair that game was overly coordinated. The level design required you play through the specific shoots and ladders like stuff you were given. If going fullspeed generally everything would go your way. Going slower and everything sucked, and no part of the level worked with other parts of the level. So basically you'd just speed back up to play. And tails just went away when you did that.
After watching this I realized I must have been uber pro at this game when I was 5 because I beat it numerous times. Sometimes I was half asleep on a Saturday morning when I did it. Like some of the other commenters I grew up with Sonic 2 and the Sega Genesis.
I was never fond of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 too. Reset that shiznit. :P
why are there coins instead of rings in the intro? :o
duka atuh kang..abdi mah ngartos sapalih.. 
 Next-generation games quite spoiled us.
+Felicia Day
thanks you for video.
Come join us on a visit to Moscow.
We have mutant-bears :) and Snow! and matrioshka!
Oh raging is kind of a thing among young gamers, specially those who play something competitivelly. My first video-game was a SEGA mega-drive that came with sonic 2, nice to see it haha
Oh and Felicia, if you were to notice this comment, go to options from the main menu, go to sound test and enter, 19 65 9 17 press start, when the menu comes back up hold A press start, on the next screen go to it's sound test in the bottom right corner and enter 4 1 2 6. Congratulations, super sonic without collecting the chaos emeralds (just get 50 rings and jump). I don't think it'll work in multiplayer though.

Don't know why I remember that cheat after all these years
Some folks are taking what is meant to be a light, intentionally farsical video waaay too seriously. Just relax and laugh, folks, or don't, and watch something else. It ain't that critical. 
I did laugh all the way through the video, even though I like Sonic 2.
That was the funniest ep of co-optitude yet! 
holy fuckballs,  i just pissed myself laughing.  you dudes are nuts.
Wow.  Some people took this way too seriously.
I think the nerdrage comes from a very new source: fake nerds. While I would argue that +Felicia Day is very obviously not a "fake nerd" there are a lot of them out there, especially fake nerd girls (I'm looking at you, Munn).

Certain people (myself included) are pretty sick of fake nerd girls being paraded in front of us like we can't tell the difference. Those folks rage hard at any sign that their favorite female nerd might not be as genuinely nerdy as they'd thought - as judged by probably-meaningless signs like the ability to effectively play Sonic 2.

Combine this with the violent rage of those who chose a side during the console wars and you've got a recipe for angry Sega fans falsely decrying Felicia as a fake because she's not on their side of the conflict.

It was pretty funny that they never noticed they were in single-player mode, though.
Defaming the beloved Sonic 2 is blasphemy. Shame on you, Felicia :P
I loathe the pair of you right at this moment for your blasphemy!  Meh, you'll probably make another episode soon enough and I'll adore you again....dammit.
That's a priceless look on Felicia's face...  I can tell she's just on the cusp of saying a naughty word.
I suck at Sonic 2 as well. :-/
Tails is the key to winning: He can't die.  All Sonic has to do is stay alive, and tails can kill everything
+Nicholas Layton
From wikipedia, RE "1 Player":  A second player can join in at any time and control Tails separately, but the screen always stays centered on Sonic, frequently leaving Tails off-screen.  ->  This is exactly what they were joking about.
+David Berry They weren't joking about tails leaving the screen. They were complaining the entire game that the 2nd player was useless when they picked 1 player. You don't need to quote wikipedia and tell me that 2nd player can control tails in 1 player. But there's a big difference between controling tails and actually playing the game. If you want 2 people to play, that's obviously what 2 Player mode is for. Now tell I'm wrong and that 1 player mode is made for 2 players...
Well, that was odd. That game is one of the greatest of all time. That was like watching Beavis and Butthead trying to review a classic video game title, except it wasn't funny. See Angry Video Game Nerd for proper way to bash old video games. Have a good one!
I loved this video and thought it was hilarious. Then I read the comments and laughed even more. Seriously even 20 years ago this game sucked compared to what else was around at the time. But I guess that is what we love about video games, some people will adore a title and the rest of us will shake our heads at the horror.
Looks like Co-Optitude is turning into a video game hate group where everyone complains about games rather than appreciating them.
Felicia with extreme profanity...So amazingly awesome....She has 100% with to top of my most amazing woman list.
How dare you desecrate the honor and glory of this game.
This was fucking great. I'm a huge fan of Sonic, but watching you two fail at this was entertaining.
At least I'm not the only person in this world who can't stand or play sonic. Give me a NES anyway over a sega :) great video 
Sonic, especially Sonic 2, was (and is) one of the best games ever. Love it.
Guys, this was so awful on so many levels that it hurts their credibility, unless their audience is full of underage half-wits. I can see these type of videos going nowhere. I understand she is popular and her personality is bright and bubbly but this video does not do her any favors. It's basically very immature and I don't know what the state of "gamers" are these days but I'm sure they at least have some level of respect for games that came before their time. If you are going to go after something with such a snarky and childish tone, then please be informed about the topic you are bashing. Unless of course, your desired effect was to make people laugh at how bad you fail.
+Michael Chase I couldn't even laugh at how bad they failed. The non stop complaining about being the second player in one player mode was too much to bare I had to turn it off.
Awesome.  So much Freudian content on this.
I have to admit that across the Sonic franchise there were several puzzles that I had trouble with... But I also had a lot of free time to overcome them. At the very least Sonic 2 was better than the first Sonic game. I would appreciate it if you would try Sonic 3 in an episode, if for no other reason than to allow the series to redeem itself. The coop is beyond better, and things run a bit smoother.

Dr. Robotnic's Mean Bean Machine was an interesting puzzle game spinoff, and I think it had two player vs. capability as well. Not to mention you could butcher it pretty badly just off the name.

If it weren't for the fact that this is a coop show, I'd recommend you play Sonic Spinball... In which you actually are a pinball most of the time. Unfortunately the multiplayer is turn-based, and turns can be very lengthy.
I have to admit that across the Sonic franchise there were several puzzles that I had trouble with... But I also had a lot of free time to overcome them. At the very least Sonic 2 was better than the first Sonic game. I would appreciate it if you would try Sonic 3 in an episode, if for no other reason than to allow the series to redeem itself. The coop is beyond better, and things run a bit smoother.

Dr. Robotnic's Mean Bean Machine was an interesting puzzle game spinoff, and I think it had two player vs. capability as well. Not to mention you could butcher it pretty badly just off the name.

If it weren't for the fact that this is a coop show, I'd recommend you play Sonic Spinball... In which you actually are a pinball most of the time. Unfortunately the multiplayer is turn-based, and turns can be very lengthy.
Watching you guys play video games with each other reminds me of all the times my brother and I raged at the nintendo trying to get from one level to the other in street fighter.
I miss this game. But it's all about the spin attack which makes the game really fast and is the point of the game. Sonic is fast. Swag genesis has more power than Nintendo so it was able to have "mind blowingly fast games" but it's obviously not fast if you are just walking the whole time. I would hate the game too if I didn't know how to do Spin Attack. 
I loved the sonic games. But they're funny so I'll let it go.
I know you don't want to hear this, but your brother is hot. :)
Really Zillion was the inspiration for my Preppy Hair in the 80's.
Ich finde Ihr Angebot recht gut kann sie aber nicht doanladen. Eine Kommentierung in gean wäre wünschen wert John aus München Germany
I know you won't see this comment, but I can't believe I missed this video!  I'm watching it right... woofow!
You know what the french word for Seal (the animal) is....right? ^_^
+Felicia Day you made my morning. Watching two grown people on the Sonic Struggle Bus gave me life. 
Aww, Felicia you've gotta give it another chance! Its so challenging but so much fun! Then again, my first system was a Sega and Sonic was my first intro to video I may be waxing a little nostalgic!
You're not supposed to play Casino Night as your first level. I must admit... that game is a bitch when you play it for the first time but you can't say it's shit!
least it's not sonic 1, that's quite hard if you play the original genesis one (no "spindash" enough said)
I still play this game. I was exposed early on so its a nostalgia thing mostly... mostly.
chemical plant will have a special place in my heart...
opa sonic sou  muiito fã ? Booah tarde Felicia Primeiramente :) ?
your smiling face look's as like innocent red rose.
I finished that game when I was 4 years old haha.
+Guilhem Neko-Nyan No, they are just to dumb to figure out simple video game mechanics. Seriously, I feel like I'm in a room fool of people who don't understand retro gaming at all. They are the most moronic video gamers I have ever had the displeasure to watch.
Pretty sure they're just pissed you guys dissed an obviously epic character.  I mean sure you don't have to like the game, but raggin on Sonic?  Who's next?  Tommy the white/green power ranger?
+OkashiiAmerican The developers of the recent Sonic games and the obsessive Sonic nerds who spend all their free time wring terrible fanfiction and drawing terrible fanart have already ruined the character beyond repair. Two people making a few jokes about the character is hardly going to have an effect.
+Vince Batten "Seriously, I feel like I'm in a room fool of people who don't understand retro gaming at all." - Please enlighten these people then. What is there to "get"? There's nothing complex about it. It's not like they're playing something like Ultima VI. It's just going from point A to point B collecting rings and avoiding pits, spikes and enemies. I like the old Sonic games, but they're not as great as people make them out to be, and it's completely understandable that not everyone is going to have fun with it. They don't deserve "sacred cow" status.

You're the kind of "nerd" who makes it embarrassing for people to label themselves as such.
+Drew Keavey
"Seriously even 20 years ago this game sucked compared to what else was around at the time"

Look, i know the nerd-rage is hilarious in the comments & the fact that sonic fanboys are one of the most embarrassing demographics on the internet means that you'd rather play whack-a-mole with your own scrotum than ally yourselves with them.......

BUT.......lets not go nuts here. Sonic 2 was a fantastic game & has never "sucked"....then or now.
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