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OMG thank you guys SO MUCH for making us #7 on iTunes in Rock, and #1 on Amazon! I'm literally crying. Indie victory high fives :)
This is the best launch +Geek and Sundry could have hoped for. Thank you THANK YOU!
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is this going to be on Rock Band?
much better than Do You Want to Date My Avatar.
You definitely deserve your success. You've been working super hard. I'm amazed at the amount of projects you've conquered.
I wish I had that song to listen to when I was in school. You're such a positive role model to so many people. Thanks for doing this.
I guess with ratings like that, it kinda proves its own thesis. (But why not "I'm the one who's cool?")
Greg S
Nooooooooo :( Amazon won't sell it to me because I'm Canadian. How dumb is that? I don't use iTunes.
It was great watching that yesterday. Glad it worked out so well for everyone involved. Very entertaining!
just downloaded the song from itunes. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Well deserved-well I should say #1 is deserved, because it is! I'm already humming it as I'm getting dinner ready. Living well is truly the best revenge. (or Rewenge, as they say on Blackadder!)
Totally made me think of Foster the People. And Felicia, smoking hot!
Itunes'd it. Genuinely a great song :-)
great song i bought it ten minutes after i heard it
We do what we can, +Felicia Day, we appreciate what you do for us, so we want to return the love :-D
Congrats! It's a great song. I too was a geek (and therefore bullied) when I was in school.

Very nice.
Love the song! You deserve to be #1.
+Felicia Day - bought the song, love the song.. will the video be available on iTunes sometime soon as well?
Suuuure, make me finally activate my Amazon Cloud Player! Too awesome not to buy!
+Brandon Barnhill Those terms aren't supposed to be exclusive to one another. Indie is of course short for "independent", as in... label-less.
Amazon with downloader for Ubuntu FTW! iTunes dies a little more every day in this household.
Its already on itunes ( I wishlisted it this morning)! Wish I had had more role models like you when I was in highschool... but then I would loose the perspective and distance I have gained since then. All of you look AWESOME as rockers... gerowrn!
This song/video is very well done and so true now. I was reading an article on how Geek is the new normal and what people are striving to be. Be it a real geek or just a poser lol.
This needs to be a Rock Band release!!!
I loved the ending! I have to wait a few more years until my students are old enough for me to share this with them, but I will. Oh yes, I will.
It's nice to see geeks ruling the world!
What's itunes? (die apple die)
I think I got something in my eyes... Nope, just tears. Thank you Felicia, that was a wonderful.
This is so awesome, makes me smile every time I hear it!
Felicia, that song is truly awesome!! I would put it up there with "White & Nerdy", seriously. You are seriously multi-talented. Is there anything you've tried that you're not good at yet?
the end is AMAZING, i died laughing. great song guys!
That was amazing, spoke right to the heart. Congratz and THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!
Ging De
"We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the United States." Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Please do more of these? seriously. More of you guys as a band..cause it's awesome.
Well deserved Felicia & Co! Y'all are the bestest most awesomest!
I am cutting my Cable TV as I type this (they have me on hold right now LOL) :) Better programming on the web BY FAR!
I just bought it and it's great!!!
That'll teach those sanctimonious "You can't do jack without us" recording companies!

Felicia for President!!
High fives back at ya from New Jersey! You're on a roll, happy to be there with you.
"Now?" Loving things without regard for what others think is and always has been the cool move.

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we're uncool." - Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Catchy song though. Grats on the Geek & Sundry launch!
Love this! I saw a hipster girl wearing glasses without lenses and wanted to poke her in the eye through the frame. My glasses are not a fashion statement, damnit!
Wish I had this song in junior high, but I'm the cool now!
Bought it! You're tearing it up in this vid, Felicia. This is such a good song!
that was awesome! like it!
You deserve the success. Congrats!
Just bought on Amazon. Awesome. I'd have loved to have played this at my high school reunion, lol.
Geek & Sundry is my new spot for Geekertainment!
Where's the video? I want to buy the video too! (I just got the song from iTunes)
I think you and the gang did a spot-on job of capturing the way a lot of folks feel, Felicia. Catchy tune, GREAT video ending. Well deserved success! Thank you for all you do!
Ging De
+Greg S If you know a workaround let me know.
I would buy the MUSIC VIDEO too on iTunes if I could Felicia & The Guild! ♥
freakin farout groovy great lyric, that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuch better than ,..whats her name maddona?
Felicia Day, you are awesome, and so are the rest of the people in The Guild cast!
Isle have my boyfriend put that one on his revenge cd.. He's always looking for more good revenge songs for it. Thanx
ahhh, the songs over.... clicks play again OVER 9000 times
amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luved it make more you are like royalty
I've shared it with everyone I know, bought it three times, and have played it (singing obnoxiously loud) no less than 10 times today. You have created what could be an anthem for a large part of a generation. Well done, thank you, and keep at it. It's inspiring, and I can't wait to record more of my own stuff thanks to this reminder of what it can be.
More Guild songs! I want my "The Guild" folder on my iPhone to have more than two amazing songs!
Incidentally, this song contributed to my pretty much optimum day... not perfect, but a day that was about as great as it could be without major changes in my life.
Thrilled but dont cry about it. We promise you will move up from 7th on itunes just please dont cry.
I love being a geek...thanks to all my geeky friends...
Never bought a song on itunes before. You were my first. I can't so no to The Guild.
I Dont KNow Why BUt I fuckin <LIKe LOL i guess i'm cool too
You and the rest of the Guild looked like total rock stars! Fantastic work... as always.
Is there anything you do that isn't gold? Great video! Thanks again! Keep up the genius work.
Felicia, that's another great contribution to Geek canon. This song can bridge the gap to educate another cohort that doesn't "get" what being a geek means. Thank you.
Woot woot! Congrats girl!! Love the song. Buying it now! :-D
Woah, that the first google+ post of them that I see, but I recognized them because of the song (do you want to date my avatar) and because of the show they created about gamers! Keep going The Guild! Good luck!
I don't need any reason to buy a song other than it being good and this is a really good song.
I bought it! But I cant find the video in iTunes... upload it! I Love this song, The Guild and above all Felicia! Congrats!
I bought this song on amazon on my android phone BEFORE it could even finish on Youtube!
well said for the same

i like the girl standing with door support
I once told a rock star that tuna a diced apples was awesome.

She agreed.
Was it courtney love? Hate to tell you but shes on drugs...powders...
Another precious 3.43mins down the youtubes.
Oh well. Drum sound is ok though.
WHAT this is the first i am seeing this. i adore it.
Thanks for making this. Oh, btw. The blond in the sweater is hot. ;)
I'd buy the video from iTunes if it was available. Loved the song.
crying I can't buy it at Amazon from France ..../:
+Felicia Day: One issue with the Amazon MP3 is it can't be sold outside of the USA, which I find kind of ridiculous, given the Internet is global. I also don't use iTunes, which leaves me, and other fans like me without a way to purchase it :(
And one more "I'm not in the US" vote :-)
Also, perhaps a way to get the music as FLAC instead of lossy MP3s? You do claim to be geeks, after all :-)
There are plenty of very attractive adults who were considered goofy and unattractive as teens, not that it matters at all, if you don't like the "right" things or own the right trainers, you can be gorgeous and still ostracised.
age w
Please give me a kiss。Thank!
Just bought the MP3. The Guild always makes me happy, and reminds me that I don't have to feel guilty for enjoying games and sci-fi. Thanks for the great shows and music.
Congrats on Number 8 on iTunes UK! Thank you Felicia!
Top song and a great surprise for the channel launch. Bought it on Play Music, Amazon and iTunes.
Thanks for making it! It's cool and true. :P
they triuly rock....i one of thier fan
This is my new favorite Guild song. <3
Cheers Guildies !! You did it again. :) I think you topped "Date My Avatar" with this one
Congrats!! :D

As said in GH: YOU ROCK! (insert guitar riff from hell sound here)
Haha, so true! You guys are my heroes xD
Ur welcome Felicia =], we're glad to have an awesome geek like u to represent all us geeks out in the world that needed someone like u, keep up the uber cool work =D
Lovin the Geek and Sundry Excellent work all of you!
This song made me cry because its true!!!!!!
Congrats Felicia, Jed, The Guild and everyone else that worked on this! With an awesome message and a great beat, this song is one of those you just want press replay each time it stops! Totally Love it!
I love your work! Many thanks to you, the rest of the cast, and everyone involved in producing the show and songs.
Looking forward to a full album or even an EP with Avatar and more new music. Hopefully there's legitimate means for those living outside of US to get those music because iTunes and Amazon (even Google Music) does not export to my part of the world (Asia)
If there was a plus 1 million button. I would totally push it.
Great song! Can't stope listening to it <3
Terrible song that smacks of elitism. Makes you sound just like the people you are "making fun of."
I disagree with the above comment. It's not making fun of them, it's calling them out for being jerks back in school, for picking on someone who's nerdy and awkward who turns out to be awesome and cool later in life. There's no real attack on them, besides a "how do you like me now?" sentiment.

Reminds me a lot of Ben Fold's "One Angry Dwarf". I don't think there's anything wrong in feeling a little superior to asshat school bullies from your younger years. I think the moral is, like Wil Wheaton says, "Don't be a dick." You never know who someone will become.
And you sound like a troll, Gary. There's an old saying that goes "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." You might want to think on that.
I'm going to have this song stuck in my head all morning now... will have to download when I get home tonight. I love the video too, you guys pull off the rocker look well, especially +Felicia Day. You guys should release an EP or something with all your +The Guild songs so we don't have to purchase individually.
Wait... you're not #1 on iTunes too? We're going to have to change that! GEEKS AND NERDS ASSEMBLE!!
My name is Felicia! thats so cool that there is a Felicia Day!!!!!!!
I love your music as much, if not more than the show!
Wow, that's awesome news - congrats, and thanks again for encompassing my high school experience in one video :p
This is awesome Code :) and the rest :P +Felicia Day +The Guild +Geek and Sundry +Wil Wheaton I was sadly cool in school myself :P The popular fat kid who was good at everything and friends with all lol cool then, cool now :P But sadly a step below +The Guild Gonna give me a hand and help me up to your level? :P I think the guild needs another member hmm? :D
Hey felicia, you might want to talk to microsoft zune. I saw when I purchased it on there, they've got you mixed in with another rock group also Called the Guild. Great Song by the way
for some reason this picture in this post makes me think of the group "The Party" which was a music act of Mickey Mouse club Alumni. I don't why it makes me think of that. Weird.
Don't worry nicole. You're not the first to say it. :D
love it....gotta steal and share with my geek buddies :)
your music is so good... got to have 1 on my list ^_^
If there ever was a geek anthem this should be it.
ulo da pthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
This video really makes me want an AU version of The Guild where the characters all had gone to high school together and now were in a rock band.
You guys deserve every bit of the exposure and praise !!! Keep it up. Love it!
I must be a geek, because I have Clara's sweater XD Didn't know Liz Claiborne was "geeky," but I'll take it!
This has been stuck in my head all day today! AWESOME! :D Love it.
Not going to lie, I listened to this on repeat yesterday.
+Felicia Day, you and the Guild cast need to put out an album. I will throw all of my money at it!
great video - love all you folks. rockin' toonz. can't wait for the next season. so felicia, when does the singing career take off? also: great message on anti-bullying.
This is great. I lucked out and didn't get beat up any, but I'm a total nerd. You guys ARE cool. Keep it up.
Is it possible to get the Lyrics of this song ? Thanks Felicia, it rocks ;)
Further I'd like to point out +Felicia Day , that you successfully used the term 'asshat' in the chorus of a song. I love it! ^_^
YES. Thank you guys for yet another fan-damn-tastic song.
Well done lady - keep the awesome coming!
While you keep doing this awesome stuff you should expect this kind of results ;)
I play video games, roleplay, read science fiction / fantasy, and collect comic books about men and women that wear spandex and save the day. Yet somehow, not even I am divorced from reality enough to convince myself that this video is accurate.

Fun? Yes. Accurate? Not a chance.
Maybe because your hair is still green..?
I'm just impressed that you seamlessly worked in the word 'Asshat' into a song. Bravo.
Purchased from Amazon, now I'm the one that's cool.
This is gold, the glasses line cracks me up!
so super <3 you and everything you do! this is the best song i've ever heard :D i've listened to it a milliondy times already lol. Fantastic work, Miss Day! You're brilliant and never let anyone tell you otherwise! You're a hero to me and every other geek gamer girl out there! ;)
Is it really that common to be picked on in school?
Yes Darryl, it is. Highly common.
"rather be dead than cool" -Kurt Cobain
Nice song ! Thanks Felicia Day and keep the Good work !
Няша, не знаю, переведеш ли ты это сообщение из Украины, но я твою песенку перевел, и это теперь мой гимн. Thanks you for that
Няша, не знаю, переведеш ли ты это сообщение из Украины, но я твою песенку перевел, и это теперь мой гимн. Thanks you for that
Oh how we so empathize with this. Awesome music video Felicia, thank you from geeks everywhere. :)
I just tryed buying this song as its brilliant, i've had it stuck in my head for days now. But Amazon wont let me buy it from the UK =(.
Well done. I know it may not mean much, but you are now getting regular air play at the ice skating rink in christchurch, new zealand. You guys rock!
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