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Winding down launch week, thank you so much for supporting +Geek and Sundry can't tell you how happy I am to make this new home for my shows :)

Here's one of the last interviews I did for launch. Joss Whedon did an amazing quote for me that made me tear yeah. Nice closer to a great week :)
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Geeks half dressed, fully equipped, And they be screamin' out "Felicia, we loved your last hit!"
Awesome article for an awesome girl
I like how everyone figured out that "cool", "nice", and "sweet" are summed up with the "+1" button, and nobody wasted a comment with such a simple statement. I am also unfamiliar with sarcasm. Someone please explain it to me.
Great work Felicia! Most of us have known you're something special for a while now. It good to see the rest of the world catch on.
I really enjoyed the first 3 pages of the article... but then the regwall hit, on the last page.

No I can understand limiting the number of articles someone can read without an account (I don't like it, but I can understand it), but cutting someone off mid-article?

Not cool. /rant

It's true tho, Joss's quote was pretty awesome. :)
You deserve all of that.
Wow I never knew I was the same age as you Felicia. We totally would have hung out in school.
So what's the new color you're going to invent, and do you need any people for your new asian administration?
Well the first 2 pages were a good read. Too bad they want your email address to read the rest. Interesting they are talking about a person who really "gets it" as far as Internet content and yet the publication itself is sooo behind the times. Eeesh!
I read the first two pages of the article until also got hit by the regwall. Considering Im an aussie living in Germany, washington post doesnt seem worth registering for. As an aside Felicia, you are brilliant! and not for acting or imagination, but for your bloody mindedness in developing and opening a whole new means of entertainment with an interactive element. The best thing: Web content means I can hear you as you are and not dubbed by some bland german voice who also does 15 other main actors across other TV shows.
Any way to read the entire article without registering?
I am really enjoying it so far, Felicia. Your Flog was great, and I absolutely LOVED Table Top! Wil was very fun to watch (and it doesn't hurt that I am a big fan of both Grant and Day9).
Whedon's quote is perfect! Congrats on a great launch week! Can't wait to see what's next.
Brilliant ... every bit of it. The Flog, Tabletop with +Wil Wheaton - funny, funny :-)

I really like I'm the one that's cool ... its fantastic +Felicia Day ... I can't stop singing it.
I so admire your motivation. How you went from holing up and playing WOW to much to making and creating so many good things is beyond me. I wish I had 1 ounce of the motivation that you do so that I can get my self on track. You're an inspiration!
Gratz on launching Geek and Sundry! I watched your FLOG and Table Top and found both to be very enjoyable! I was recently introduced to Small World so watching Wil, Grant and the others play the game was very informative and just plain fun.
All of it is excellent! And thank goodness you had enough vision, fear and balls to get this going. Kudos! A longtime fan looking to be a longtime fan! Queen DIY FTW!
I'm totally loving the Dark Horse series and the Flog. Can't wait for more Guild.
Loved the episode with Will Wheaton, he's a great host. "Orc, Orc, Orc, Orc"

Production was very good also.
HA! I want to hear what your plans are for the new color Felicia. . . Will there be a color beta test?
An Editor's Pick from the NY Times. Congratulations!
What a beautiful story! I hope you keep telling your stories and sharing them; you are an inspiration of creativity, honesty and determination. Thank you!
Every show I've seen so far is better than 99% of what's on TV. You've earned the accolades.
This is so awesome! As a fellow geek I always look forward to all of your projects. Keep up the great work!
Congratulations on your awesome success! Keep up the great work!
You ARE an inspiration, ma'am. Every nice word is true, and well-deserved.
You and Chris Hardwick should have a baby right now- to ensure geek dominance for the next generation.
Thank you for being such a great face for what is means to be a girl and a geek.
+Felicia Day, thank you for being you. I would never be so bold as to say that I am your number 1 fan, but I am a big fan. Keep it up, but don't burn yourself out!
Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day are the king and queen of geek
you have to watch her blacksmith, funny
I'm just happy that you get to do cool stuff (and get paid for it!) It must seem unreal at times.
Wil Wheaton! Johnny Galecki! Mayim Bialik ... hmm agree with your picks too Dennis
Felicia, Wil and the guys from Penny Arcade need to play DnD on Tabletop. It might cause an awesome overload though.
The guys from Penny Arcade and Wil already do play D&D -- in fact, my wife and I ha've watched two of their sessions live at PAX.

I'm sure that somebody (or somebodies) reading these comments has the power to add Felicia into the mix and overload the awesome...
Cool story FD. We're happy when you succeed because it means more great content for our consumption.
Screw You Washington Post!
I want to read the last page, and they won't let me.
That blacksmithing flog was awesome! I loved it!
Hey +Dennis P, the word is "pantheon" and while you included Adam Savage you forgot to include +Wil Wheaton , +Grant Imahara (god of robots!), Kari Byron, or Jamie Hyneman. And how about a shout out for +Tom Anderson and +Alton Brown ? Maybe we can get an inclusion for Brent Spiner? Also, we can't leave out Morgan Webb (and maybe even Adam Sessler). And there's NPH, naturally. Wow, this list is getting long.
+Quelyn Gretsky has it exactly right, if we were all as motivated as Felicia and we were all on track, then we'd have solved climate change, stopped using petroleum, solved world hunger, and colonized Mars. Speaking of Mars, I think Felicia should do an extended Flog where she meets up with more NASA peeps and learns about how a manned Mars mission would work, I'd pay to see that.
Love the interview, loving all the shows on Geek and sundry channel can't wait for more keep up the good work and don't forget to get some rest!!! every now and then that is.
well done! indie internet superstar....Go!
I think that happens with all genius types.
You realize the insanity you've begun, I really hope the momentum of this keeps going and doesn't bowl you over. I, and I'm sure most of your fans, appreciate the risk you're taking here, and want nothing but the best for the future.
looking cool ON TWO BALLONS above t shirts ;)...
You, Felicia, are a powerhouse and the world should know. You've certainly inspired me. I'm going to try to invent a new color too.
Great to see that you're on the same list as George Lucas and the creator of Twitter. :) and love the elf comment haha
rising star? you already are the best star out there!!
I worship at the temple of the day :P
Congrats, a very well deserved write-up.
Loving the new projects so far!
I knew there was a reason I stopped reading the Post... bleeding paywall.
Rock on. You deserve it. Cause you're awesome. Nuff said.
i loved that. the quote was aeesome.
I bet the article was awesome. Too bad I could only read half of it before they demanded that I register with their company.
wow ... my favorite Geek is going mainstream ... time to find a new Geek
@ Robert Howe, that's okay she has other fans who support her. C'est La Vie It's your loss, not hers.
A great insight into what you are, and that's simple a true star
Great article, and well deserved praise!

What I love most is that you're leaving behind the traditional media avenues and bringing about some change and attention to the power of this fully armed and operational battle stat... wait... the internet. :)

Kudos to you, Felicia, and I hope you guys keep on trucking. It's great to see your hard work paying off.
Congrats Felicia! Last week I was chilling at my boyfriend's and we just happened to watch "Review on the Run", and amazingly, you had an interview on it. As much as I hate to admit it, I let out a girly nerd shriek because of how happy I was about Geek & Sundry. Thanks for your hard work!
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