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New Flog episode up over at +Geek and Sundry !!!
Guesting the amazing Robin Thorsen (Clara from The Guild!)
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I'm going to get in trouble at work because I'm laughing so hard. You are amazing, Felicia. I love the FLOG.
Is it just me or does anybody else read the logo as "FLUG"? The logo kinda needs to be reseated on the word, in my opinion...

Good episode, by the way!
I say do a "Cooking with Robin" show on G&S! #MakeItSo
A cooking show could be interesting.

Overall loving the show and the channel, wife and I in stitches watching it.
Greg S
Sushi is really easy to make too! It's just time consuming.
Yay, a cooking show for clara Robin sounds like a cool idea
Worth it for the toilet coffee mug alone! (Best laugh I've had in... Honestly? Years.)

Please keep 'em coming +Felicia Day!
love the outtakes for productivity! so cute! ^___^
Such a fantastic apron Felicia. I'm surprised that didn't make your Fave Five as well. Although Toilet Mug...that...yeah, that trumps it.
My wife is in love with you and you Flog. Way to go!
Hey -- considered doing anything with Netflix, like what they did with "Lilyhammer"?

(I mention it not because it's a geek-oriented show -- it isn't -- but because it's another show that would never have been made if the creators hadn't found a ... creative ... way to get it done, bypassing at least some of the typical studio/channel bullcrap.)
Did anyone else read 'cook a tortoise?' Monday isn't my day...
Felicia Day and cooking are two of my favorite things in the world, they need to be combined more often!
Love your show! :D My gamer hubby has a million gamer/geek shows/podcasts he listens to, but they all have dudes. ALL dudes. Doing...dude...things. So happy to see a girl geek show! ^____^ ( I kind of want one of those toilet mugs now. lol! )
nice might have to try that recipe
I could watch +Felicia Day sit around and pay electric bills or read the summary of old TV shows on the preview channel as long as she added witty commentary and smiled.
ITS listener. oops. sorry.
can't help it >_<
Amazing episode, it's always great to watch you:D
Julie C
I love my Monday Lunchtime TV! Mondays just need that little bit of extra awesome, and the Flog provides in spades. Nicely done lady!
303rd viewer! I've said "flog" over and over and it still does not lose its meaning :) And now I'm hungry....
i like the way flog turned into fog
The correct answer is 4 Teddy Roosevelts. Hand to hand combat, not whining and swooning are all covered there.
If he was bitten he wouldn't turn through sheer force of will. The only problem is that on a team like that, a normal person would be dead weight so they'd probably just ditch you.
off subject, you ever think about hooking up with charlie day?
She is by far just to damn cute for words.(I have a weakness for Redheads) Sadly, she also reminds me of most of my ex gfs in the kitchen.(Honey, which drawer are the menus in?)
I am now going to make torta for dinner. By the by, you are so funny, Felicia. I absolutely love that you can laugh at yourself; it's a great characteristic. Stay awesome!
It seems to me that Robin is a much better cook than Clara. :)
+Shawn Lancaster YEAH I just swa that, so I added an annotation, the description link is correct but ooooooh welll :( FUCCCCCC
zombie apocalypse team:
Michael Jackson: To make all zombies dance sweet moves in unison.
Zoro from One Piece: a badass with superior swordfighting abilities (guns run out of bullets, swords never run out of bullets) and will be A. quiet and B. ready to help me drink all alcohol we find
Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius: mad scientists are always in fashion and extremely helpful
Summer Glau: If anyone can singlehandedly keep me alive in a zombie apocalypse, it's that girl.
Good God, you're right! Realm of the Mad God is addictive!
My zombie team would be:
Charles Upham,
Takeshi Kovacs from the Richard Morgan books and,
Po from kung-fu panda.
It's great. Frighting. ^^
Please tell me the Guild aprons are available for purchase somewhere...? That was awesome!
Loving this show! Something fun to look forward to on Monday's.
Love the colors on the flog. Who is in charge of set design and costume?
If zombie apocalypse comes, I definitely want Felicia Day on my team...
If there was a small outbreak of the bird flu, I would want Felicia Day on my team. To be honest I can't think of a time I wouldn't want Felicia on my team lol
Geek & Sundry is great, but YouTube's constant buffering (alone on a connection where we routinely watch netflix & hulu+ at the same time) is making it unwatchable :(
I look forward to Mondays for The Flog, though the abbreviated (or truncated as the case may be) title in my YouTube playlist made it seem as if you and Robin were going to cook up some poor old family...I'd watched the episode previously so I knew you were making a torta (looks scrumptious, btw), but I was laughing at the mental image that conjured up.
love the Leia apron :D.... and now im ubber hungry >.<
hi want to be ur friend
Haha! The wax stamp is a nice touch.
Made the torta yesterday for dinner, amazing! Thank you for all your awesome shows and great ideas.
torta looks tastey. WHen I heard the oven beep i got up and went to my kitchen thinking it was mine so...thanks for that
I love your work..and I especially love the Flog!!! I don't ever promote stuff to people's pages...but if you had 3 mins to spare to check out this vid it would mean a lot. It's about Breast Cancer Awareness and a project some students from my school are doing... Please check it out! #MakeItPink!!! MAKE IT PINK
UGH! That torta looked so freaking good! I suddenly have a craving for meats and cheeses... and dough...
Felicia! Stop being adorable!! >.<
thanks for the headsup on Realm of the mad god! been looking for an MMO to play thumbs up
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