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Transformers Producers Secure Rights to Space Invaders
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Hey, I heard someone optioned "Battleship" for a feature film. What's next "Chutes and Laders, from the producers of SAW!"
This is either going to be awesome, or so bad that it's awesome. :)
Are they going to include the classic Dr. Demento song? (He's hooked, he's hooked, his brain is cooked!)
Up next...the five hour epic 'STAR CASTLE'...taking circles to a whole new level...seriously, WTF indeed...
lolol. Someone alert the captain of the fail boat.
I can't wait to hear the mystery ship sound effect in full THX sound. :P
They can just work with Micheal Bay again, he ever needs a plot!
Really stupid, I wonder if they just wanted to use the name.
Let's hope the invaders don't have visible testicles.....
I have a line on "Bejeweled" if you're interested in playing "Blue Diamond."
I like the idea of the invaders moving faster and faster as the film goes on, until they disappear in a flash of relativity at the end.
Youre clearly the red temperamental one...
That sounds like a terrible idea. How do you make a movie based on a video game with about zero plot? I was not a fan of any of the Transformers movies though, so maybe I'm just biased.
nah you gotta play a red one
haha, that's a great idea!
Yes reminds me of futurama gag, but also
Reminds me of "Tetris: The Movie" gag video from a while back... 
I hope the aliens attack in a horizontal cross-pattern.
/groan. Well, guess it could be a standard aliens attack thing, or a 'The Last StarFighter' angle. Either way, it's interesting in who they think the target market is. A game released in 78? hmm... (though if it was an interesting introverted self analysis of one of the invaders in the middle of the incoming wave, seeing his friends slowly picked off along the edges, hating something below him that he only see's briefly as it jumps out from the protective shielding to launch a few shots, and voiced by a Woody Allen sound a like?)
i see u more as the purpleish one, dont know why :P
"T-Shirt"... surely you meant T-Shirt (not movie). Right?
The idea is so insane that I can't wait to see how they are going to pull it off. I mean, where's the story?

Next thing we know, we'll get a Pacman adaptation as well...and not in the form of Ghostbusters in yellow uniforms.
This seems too complex. How about a movie based on tic-tac-toe or rock-paper-scissors? Eenie-Meenie-Minee-Moe: This Time it's personal.
How?! How can this game possibly be turned into a movie?
Hollywood... truly out of ideas, and completely ripping off my childhood. From the jackasses who brought us a bunch of frenetic beer commercials with robots. /eyeroll
i think this movie was made and it was called Battle: Los Angeles
Hmm. Space Invaders directed by Michael Bay, or one of his intellectual equivalents...
Ha! I was just about to make a Last Star Fighter comment as well. I'm having a hard time imagining how this could not really suck.
It'll be turned into an alien invasion style movie. Think Independence Day... but with 8bit aliens...
Question on everyone's mind is who will be cast as the ... mothership squeeling "whee whee whee .. phut" that comes up at random throughout the movie ....
I can't wait to see the plot about how the alien's invasion algorithm makes them speed up as you kill them. that boss fight will be with one fast alien!
If you look at the concept just right, you can already see light bending around it. It sucks that hard. It may as well be called Transformers 4.
But wasn't The Last Starfighter already perfect?
+Alan Burton It will share its name to evoke nostalgia in 30 and 40-somethings, and maybe they'll nod to some ship design. Other than that, it will most like end up just being Independence Day 2.

Defender is next, I'm sure.
Gotta be better than a movie about arm wrestling... 
(sigh) And Hollywood complains that boxoffice receipts suck--- there's 500 more original, complete scripts and ideas within 10 blocks of their offices. Felicia, you (and other online producers) are the last, best hope for original creation in the entertainment industry.
A movie based on Space Invaders... Not to be facetious, but wouldn't that be Independence Day?
Whenever I see a film adaptation of some odd property like a video game or board game, I remember the movie version of "Clue", and how much I loved it, and there's a tiny bit of hope that maybe it doesn't have to be terrible.
Yeah, "WTF!" was kinda my reaction to hearing that one the other day.
Didn't Futurama have an episode based on Space Invaders? I seem to remember one....
This sounds like another really BAD idea brought to you by some bored, drunk people in Hollywood.
This sounds about as promising as the Battleship movie Universal is releasing...
I imagine starship troopers with more colorful bugs
Sarah W
It would take some serious creativity to make that into a movie. Can I be the purple-ish one?
Why waste time on Galaga? Go straight to the bottom of the idea-barrel! That's efficiency.
It can't be worse than the "Battleship" movie, can it?

Oh god, can it?
Please, Ms Day. Green is the obvious choice. I know, I know, everyone thinks "Wait, Felicia Day, shouldn't she be playing the RED alien?" and then they realize that you have to challenge yourself and they immediately settle on green.

No, to really go for the gold, you have to be the blue alien. Or one of the bunkers. Try doing that in a manner both feminist and NOT pomo.
Ah, I was hoping instead we'd see the Labeouf riding a space ostrich knocking off enemies with his jousting lance. And then at the end Samuel Jackson makes a cameo to introduce Shia to his newest teammate, Qbert.
So, we'll get a generic alien invasion film called 'Space Invaders'. The only possible clever gimmick I see coming out of this is that Earth gets attacked by a coalition of various alien races, rather than a single species.
Wow, and you know even without a plot to screw up I'm sure Hollywood will still mess this up. Funny how they have complete disdain for the games industry and gamers, yet they love to make movies out of them.
Have to admit though, its a fun image :-) I can already hear the announcer with that deep resonating voice .... "The #1 Action movie in America .... SPACE INVADERS....<dramatic music montage of explosions in the background>
Maybe I can get tourist to pay for my games, watch me play and have me put their initials in the high score? (What can I say? I lived a blessed childhood.)
This will be interesting to say the least. I am not sure about the green ones.... :)
Excellent! I've always felt the doomed romance between one of the spade-headed aliens and gunner #2 needed to be explored further, despite the callous way it was portrayed in certain underground slash fiction stories.
No doubt it will have Michael Bay directing, because apparently, in Hollywood, success is not correlated with talent.
I read the first draft of the script... starts off pretty slow and repetitive but gets very intense towards the end.
Dan Epp
Perhaps a gripping docu-drama on the dangers of eating pellets with a fruit chaser is coming next. Once they secure the rights to Pac-Man, that is.
Yea if you played the red one I'd feel like you were being type-casted.
What's next? Pong - The Movie? :)
Can' wait for them to bastardize yet another one of my childhood memories.
This is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke.
If they do this, it better be set in the late 70s/early 80s. That's all I'm sayin'. :D
How do you adapt a game with no plot?
How the crap are they going to adapt THAT? It's like someone trying to make a move based on Tetris! Good luck w/ that!
So this is going to be a movie about pixalated alien ships?
As long as Michael Bay does NOT work the film there may be some hope for it.
There will be the old Space invader who farts and pisses his pants, and the two young black stereotype Space invaders who dont know how to read good, and then there will the John Wayne Space Invader who will turn up just in the nick of time and kill everything
Sad statement on the state of Hollywood today. When will we see pac-man or Adventure turned into a movie?
I was like "WTF" the first time I heard about it.
Sounds like a waste of investors money and am pretty sure it's gonna be in 3D
Of course she has to play a green one. That way she can be a Green Day.
I'm going to wait for the Rubik's cube movie. 
There was a little bit of a story behind the Super Mario characters and look how bad that movie was. Space Invaders had ZERO story. WTF?!?!
Felicia Day will be the best space invader of all time.
what's the story? pew pew pow! drama scene! roll credits
heard they were planning this. I am waiting for "My Little Pony: The Apocalypse" myself.
lol, thats just odd. I wonder if they will have swift single direction movements.
I can't wait for the battleship game movie to come out - barf.
I wonder is they gonna use the moon men from aqua teen hunger force.
I heard somewhere that Mickey Rourke has signed on to play a medium-sized asteroid in "Asteroids!"
I'm not entirely sure what this movie would remotely be about. I'd imagine there will be tons of explosions and needless nudity. Sounds like a hit!
How do you adapt a video game going back and forth and shooting invaders into a movie? I mean I can see the potential for a story line, but then it's not really Space Invaders unless the ship used in the movie can only move left and right and the aliens march in a straight formation from left to right and slowly towards the ship...
I'm wondering if it's going to be like the Futurama episode with life being more like video games.
With you acting in it, it will be better than Tron!!!

Make that better than Tron 1 & 2 + Transformers 1 & 2 & 3 combined.
Space Invaders would make a kickin' flash mob.
All you need is a hostile alien force, ground based laser cannons, and a team of marines dedicated to killing every last wave of alien invaders, and Megan Fox to be a love interest for the unit commander.
hollywood would likely take liberties with the story, ruining the genre. no 8-bit world? a love interest that wasn't in the original game. where's the alien in row 3, 4th column? you're telling me that these so-called protagonists are the ones actually controlling the defending earth vehicle and not the video gamer? the characters are played by well known actors(which distract from the suspension of disbelief because you see them as the actor & not the character). and then there's the obligatory aa-bb-cc rhyming rap song and dance: "do the space invader! yeah, do the space invader!" /all-said-with-some-joking-sarcasm :)
They're all green :-P /oldfart
I was just thinking about Space Invaders last a way to delete spam followers in Twitter.
Somehow it's not the movie itself that frightens me here, it's the knowledge that there will probably be a video game adaptation of the Space Invaders movie. Based off of Hollywood's past I fully expect this to be a sandbox type shooting spree with rpg elements that will give the lead character some form of magical powers for no discernible reason. As to whether any alien space invaders make it into the game you've got about a 50/50 shot.
It could be cool, but I'm betting it won't end well. Despite previous success, I'm seeing a Wing Commander in their future.
I look forward to the key plot reveal, when our protagonist learns to shoot at where they WILL BE, not where they currently are.
oh dear... i read a cracked article once about an idea for a space invaders movie. hysterical, but a bad idea. in their defense, though, i don't see any movie adaptation af a simple arcade game with nothing resembling a plot being a good idea...
If the movie ever gets green lit, it will prove just how disconnected from reality movie producers are... I'm still waiting for my REAL Transformers movie...
Those of us that stood in line for hours in the U of I student union waiting to access one of the 50 Space Invaders machines, each with lines 10 deep, will certainly buy a ticket for the movie ... if all of the invaders are green.
"Hey! Hey there, 3rd alien in the second row! What do you think you're doing, moving 5 feet to the front? KEEP TO YOUR ROW! You're only allowed to move side to side and top to bottom!"
"But, sir, if we move to the front their enemy guns won't hit us! They're all nicely arranged in a bidimensional plane in the Z vector, so..."
"Oh, a smartypants, are we? That's it! You're going BACK to our planet! Leave the invasion to those who can actually follow orders!"
Which "I" in U of I, Richard? Illinois or Iowa?
They option Space Invaders, but not Star Control? Weak sauce.
Really/ okay is the movie going to be 2-D or 3-D.
Wasn't there already a Space Invaders movie in the early 90's??
This is what they should have done with the script for Transformers. But of course...
Pew, pew, pew! That's the preview of the soundtrack, right there! 😊
Space invaders? really? I hear there will be an 'Angry Birds' tv show and movie too.. Insane..
I've got my 2-liter of Orange Shasta and my all Rush mix tape. Bring it on!
If it's done by Michael Bay, all of the aliens will just simultaneously explode for no reason.
Also there will be an inexplicable focus on Shia LaBoeuf.
So does this mean Mr. Bay is going to make some splodey splodey craziness w/ invaders?
Patrick, that's because he's clearly an alien.
The correct way to do it: The Guild do an Ender's Game invasion by accident, piloting in the Space Invaders and blowing up human ships. Then they work out what's what, and while some want to continue with the original invasion they decide to pilot them into the alien civilization that tricked them into playing and blow up the control centre in a barely-concealed Death Star climax-style sequence. Then they go for burgers in a triumphant yet still socially awkward end sequence that ends up behind the credits.

+Felicia Day should, of course, hold out to play the green one.
I am truley scared by this idea... and haven't we already made this movie in Battle L.A.?
I'd rather see Asylum's version; Invaders from Space! ;)
Yeah, except remember that the wedding planner and pretty much all three live action transformers movies sucked.... Like the idea of movie, dislike the who..
Ready to go see Pong on the big screen!
Pac Man will be a lot of fun too! (if it hasn't already been done, and I missed it)
+Skyler Wahnee, That was "Spaced Invaders"
it's gonna be a short film I take it?
Figures Hollywood would go for this. You notice they alway walk towards the LEFT.
futurama already did that. lol.
I'd like my movie with plot please. Hold the cheese.
<3 space invaders..lets just hope they dont ruin it
Oh sweet, I hope there are casting calls for this sometime soon. I think I could make a pretty good white base at the bottom? If that's what they will call it haha.
I suppose Space invaders has just enough story, plot, and character development for the producers to work with
I can always smell fish & chips whenever I play Space Invaders.
Actually there is already a connection there for Michael Bay. Those little shots they fire at you are actually robot pee.
I cant believe that none of the people making comments picked up on that.
How are they going to make a movie based on this game. It would be like trying to make a Tetris movie.
I sense rivetting drama coming from this.
8-bit score ... on par with other movies adapted from video games. Coming this fall to a theater near you ... Centipede.
They won't have to do a lot of work to adapt this into the type of two dimensional, repetitive, ultimately unsatisfying sort of movie they excel at making.
This just reminds me of Pong and Tetris fanfiction... Yes, it does exist. No, I don't recommend you look for it. (You know you want to look for it :P)
So, are they going to combine Wedding Crashers, Transformers, and Space Invaders into the ultimate gonzo comedy? Like, Owen Wilson flies a starfighter to seduce aliens who are invading?
Not sure how that would work....? Should be interesting pretty cool though!
I think it might make it funnier if they tried to make it serious.
I see you more as the blue one. I wonder if the casting will require you to make space invader noises?
There was a Space Invaders Movie. It was in Futurama and it the f-ing best.
We should cut them some slack. This is clearly a fallback from their initial vision to create a movie about Checkers! Once they went on imdb and found out there have already been five movies called Checkers, they had to settle for Space Invaders.
Should a masterpiece of plot and character development... wait, what?
I hope they get Rammstein to do the theme song. "DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUHDUHDUHDUHDUDUDUDUDUDU!"
Oh wow! I just read about this, I mean at least they can't mess up the storyline...
Every one just ends up being green in the end that's how it is.
I...I really don't know how this is going to be a movie. It doesn't make any sense. Will the bad guys move the same way they do in the game?
I think they put out a casting call for the red ones...
Would it be the ultimate irony if they made it in 3-D?
You'd have to put on some weight to be a green one. Go with purple.
Really? How would it work I wonder xD
PLEEEEEASE tell me this is a joke. Movie about invaders from space and mankind fighting them off? Overdone, but fine. Using the Space Invaders marque just to try to pull in a few additional viewers due to nostalgic reasons? Lame, even by Hollywood standards.
I bet they invade New York first.
Well as long as it has 'SPLOSIONS! I'm sure it'll work out just fine - LOL
Brian L
I consider myself somewhat creative, and an outside-the-box sort of guy...we all do, right? But I simply can't imagine how Space Invaders would...err...lend to becoming a movie, yet still have anything to do with the game. Missile Command, on the other hand...
Hmm... if it plays out like the Last Starfighter.... wellll....
It will start off slow with a large cast then get more frantic towards the end with a remaining cast of just a few.
After the last Transformers movie, not thrilled. They better not make it some terrible BS like they did last time.
There was a plot to Transfor....I mean Space Invaders?
^ there was a clear and decisive plot to every Transformers movie.... Why be so cynical, OH YA! its the internet... Carry on!
The people behind Transformers? Man, that means they're going to update the designs. This movie's going to suck.
Sweet! - That's going to be very interesting to see how they pull it off.
"Don't eat the Green Ones. THEY'RE NOT RIPE YET!" Anyway, movies like this are based on the idea that licensed properties can generate hundreds of millions of dollars in merchandising. Anyone for a Green Felicia Day Action Figure?
Jess H
wasn't this called Battle Los Angeles?
All I have to say is that, they had better be faithful to the game! I'm tired of all of these game-based films taking liberties! grin
There's also apparently an Asteroids movie in the works.
The book is way better.
Another cherished childhood memory is about to be destroyed.
I have opinions about this but I'm not sure what they are yet
Coming soon - PONG: THE MOVIE... in a world where everything is black and white, one man will be all that can stand between the bouncing ball and the edge of the screen...
I felt so old when I mentioned Space Invaders to a supposed fellow geek/nerd, and I got a blank stare. sigh
I'd pretend that I actually read any responses, but I did all.

This premise is stupid. The movie will probably be horrible. I will see it when it comes out, because I am a self destructive person.
At least they aren't going to make a movie out of Dig Dug
Oh god -- how can they turn a 30 second game into 90 minutes? I think that Futurama already covered this ground. ;-)
Secured the rights? Was there really a line up to make a Space Invaders movie? lol.
Well it can't be worse than the Battleship movie...
There already was a movie version of Space Invaders. Doesn't anyone here watch Futurama? As long as we agree to put the invaders' laundry in with ours, we'll be fine. ;)
Lrr:"Tremble in fear at our three different kinds of ships!"
Fry:"Watch as I fire upwards through our own shield!”
Bender: "He’s a madman! A madman!"
Sure, Space Invaders gets a movie, but what about Dig Dug?
I mean they are making / made a movie based on Battleship... how long until the "My Little Pony" or "Smurfs" live action film?
no please don't make this into a movie
The game has about the same amount of plot as a Michael Bay movie so.... It's a win! Lol
Next movie up... PONG
and I thought girls would always chose the pink colored aliens
Im curious to see how they pull this one off
I don't think it's okay for a white person to play a green space invader
it's kinda nice that bad movies are being based on good games as opposed to the past where good movies gave us painful to play games like et the extra terrestrial..
guess we know how this one will end...
No headdesk No headdesk No headdesk No headdesk !!!
I don't know what's worse, bad movies based on games, or bad games based on movies? What's next, Burgertime? I've beaten this topic to DEATH on Gamer's Underground....
Is this... someone, please tell me that this is a very, very late April Fool's Day joke. Please?
Has "Battleship" taught Hollywood nothing?
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