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Why is there not a brownie delivery service?! Someone invent an app for this crap!
(Slightly drunk off of one glass of wine. And craving chocolate).
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It was called and it truly was the golden age of the internet
Yummy yum! I love brownies because it was delicious indeed. 
sounds like the perfect time for a hangout. Make it so
I have cookie delivery by me, but it's not the same...
Amazon Fresh. Only available if you live in Seattle. I'm having them deliver a cheesecake.
Two glasses and youll crave music three glasses youll crave an ex four glasses a phone five glasses youll crave an undo button six glasses a youll crave a room that doesnt spin in the morning youll crave a rewind button....well...i hear that can happen any way
After wine Felicia posts are the best!
Does this have anything to do with that article you posted earlier?
I just made some fudge brownies - i s#!t you not - this is the second time someone has asked for brownies tonight - the other was a good friend posting on FB...come on over and bring your wine
Chocolate and wine go hand in hand wish I had both
If someone invents that, can they work on a "Send Drunk Felicia Day Around with Brownies To My Location" App next plz?
There's a cupcake ATM in Los Angeles...
Not sure where you live, but you should try a sandwich shop that has brownies and delivers. It's the next best thing I could think of. We (here in Austin, Texas) also have Tiffs Treats ( which taste so much like heaven. They're amazing. I hope you get your fix soon! (Tiffs Treats are also in Dallas)
I'm certain that there are about a million people who would gladly hand-deliver a brownie to your door.
her Elven constitution was not made to keep up with the dwarves in the drinking dept.
I really miss the days when I could feel one glass of wine. Or one bottle.
I agree! Brownie delivery service is the next big thing!
Next Big Thing? 3d printing your brownies at home!
The Sprinkles cupcake shop has a 24-hour cupcake ATM.
if they cannot deliver insta brownie, they fail. Anyone who denies a woman chocolate... Suffers dearly the price.
There is a cookie/brownie shop at Purdue University that delivers on campus and will deliver warm and with milk. It's aptly named Insomnia Cookies. Man, I miss that place.
... great, now I do too. Thank you Kirsten Sikes
dont take dirty pics and leak them on the internet just because you are drinking fe.
Seems kinda cruel that there isn't one...
Dan Moss would you ever denie a woman chocolate
IM not drunk im just brownie craving...
Leo T
How about you just take your ass into the kitchen and bake some? Since you only had one glass, you should do just fine.
I have a brownie and hot fudge waiting for desserting.
I had wine and Oreo cookies last night. Something about chocolate and wine that is good
Amen to that Denise Speckhardt last night I had blackberry wine and a hershey bar lol
wait a this a hint towards your earlier post, " to be more creative. Note to self..drink more wine". I'm on to you +Felicia Day
Vicki Karr: Not if I wished to live the night. I did that once. Once I still have the scars to show for it.
Maybe a grocery store that delivers in your area? You can order lots of brownies and MORE wine!
My friend and I keep saying we're going to deliver the first cheesecake and coffee delivery service. We just have to actually... well... do it.
people invent things when they need something if you need it why you don't try to invent?
Drinking always makes me very hungry for sweets too... It seems like a common occurrence. So, why isn't there a brownie delivery service?
Is the markup really that high on brownies or are we talking about the "special" brownies?
+Justin Stapleton , OMG, that's the name! I remembered them but forgot the name. Kozmo. I still have a keychain of theirs wandering around here somewhere. YES, they were the best when it came to munchies in half an hour or less with no danger on the streets to yourself or others...
shut da fuck up fedge a.k.a fudge! hahaha
eh! claypot rice shut da fuck up!
Haha. You're such a light weight. <3
dumbdick! humbert a.k.a humbuck
yucks! faci a.k.a fucker! u like cocks!
Agreed. Slightly drunk from a bottle of wine. Would give my kingdom for a pan of brownies right now. 
You, Felicia. You invent it. Or, at the very least, perform in a web series following the crazy adventures of Brownie Delivery. "What can Brownie do for you?"
How about a cocktail delivery service? Or a cocktail AND brownie delivery service?
lol funny!
i want a brownie deivery service too!
I don't know about a brownie app, but I do know about a cupcake ATM machine in SoCal.
Who is your Favorite MASS EFFECT 1 & 2 Romance???
Just order fairy tale brownies. Thank me later for the orgasm.
Do they have a krispy kreme out there? Better than brownies!
oh! volcano chocolate cake from domino's ^^ they aren't quite brownies but full of chocolaty goodness.
Maybe more like an Ice Cream Truck re-imagined.. The Desert Truck.
Hmm a quick search shows there is already such a thing, not in my area though.
Cookies could be tasty right now.
You know... it's like 4 weeks to Easter. Just about every grocery store is choc-full of chocolate. Creme-eggs ftw!
Remember, Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving!
Web have brownie delivery service here in Buenos Aires. And ice cream delivery. And booze delivery too has plenty of bakery type joints that deliver. if it hasn't taken over your town yet, it will!
Hollywood has that cupcake atm, maybe you should make a brownie atm?
Well Papa Muphy's has a Samore Pizza (oregon Wash}
I hear that! (Also may have had a glass of wine tonight)
lightweight lol as long as you are enjoying yourself. that's all that matters in life.
I'm allergic to chocolate, but otherwise I'm right with you.
I just had a bottle of chocolate wine. Two birds, one stone, drunk.
There is. It's called Peapod. Problem is you must order a shitload of really crappy brownies.
there's a cupcake delivery service in seattle and right now they have a chocolate cupcake with Guinness buttercream frosting. I'm not sure if a cupcake is a substitue for a brownie tho.
132 + me for a statement on brownies? these people must be smokin' something...
hmmm....about now I wish I had a good brownie recipe
What kinda brownies? I'm pretty sure the dispensaries aren't allowed to deliver.
ok. but what if the goblin is busy ?what are you going to do?.
Better have been a hefty glass of vino.
Wine & Chocolates? No brownies for you dear - only Valrhona (from Lyon) will do! What's the best way to courier some over?
it took me 2 glasses of 9% double IPA and a couple swigs of whiskey
Is there such a thing as a time-lock brownie pan? I never seem to have the willpower to wait for them to cool. 
you probably have a service in your town that will pick up and deliver anything for a nominal say brownies from your favorite bakery (or grocer if its too late) and another bottle of wine. or pizza thats out of your delivery area, to soak up the wine.
Note: don't go on the internet when intoxicated, even slightly.
ya so what is your name mine is destiny barrish
Call your local girl scouts for help :D
Special Brownie Delivery service. Then you would really have something. 
um...great idea (really..) ill try to create it...thanks fells
I wonder that about ice cream all the time. Heck, I would be okay with decent delivery food period.
Some one bring that lady a brownie!!!
Drink responsibly.. always have a designated brownie delivery system.
If slightly drunk off one glass, you need to practice more. Sorry, I know it is totally un-politically correct!
you know it's bad when you start eating the baking chocolate.
I'm reading this Sunday morning. Good thing I checked the timestamp
from Pinterest for future wine adventures "1-2-3 Cake. You need two boxes of cake mix. One can be any flavor you prefer, but the other MUST be Angel Food cake mix. Mix them together (shake them in a big ziploc bag or stir them together in a big bowl). Then simply store the mixture in an airtight container until you get the urge for dessert. Then just put three tablespoons of the dry mixture in a big coffee mug and stir in two tablespoons of water. Microwave it for one minute and you will have a single serving of cake!"
Don't they have dial-a-bottle services in your city +Felicia Day? The one I used to use in University would get you just about anything at any hour if you paid them enough.
Brownie delivery service = Best. Idea. Ever.

This reminds me of my idea for a coffee truck. It's similar to an ice cream truck, but drives around suburban neighborhoods at 7AM playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" through tinny sounding speakers, and is pursued by businessmen in suits and ties, running after it at full bore, yelling "COFFEE!"
It's mail-order and probably not what you are thinking of, but we had these brownies at my wedding instead of cake.

2010's Beaujolais Nouveau would go very well with it. (2011's wasn't very good)
When I first read this, I was picturing a delivery service run by 12" high ferries... Brownies...
There are cupcake ATMs. Not the same as brownies, but close enough..
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What you need is a roommate like mine who will drive you and your best friend - both slightly drunk after a bottle and a half of wine - to the nearest Ralph's where you can get cookie dough and ice cream at 9pm.

Mmmm warm cookies, you were so tasty last night.
I eat the other kind of Brownies, you know the type with Good British (Columbian) Tea in them? I used to know a guy that would deliver, but it was expensive. 15$ a brownie.
or i would be willing to co find a brownie delivery service another opportunity for ya, nudge nudge
Back when I was in college at Purdue there was a bakery called Insomnia Cookies that would deliver brownies and cookies until like 3 AM
Take a cab to the cupcake atm, maybe?
home made brownie is always better than any shop brownie! do you want a good recipe?
Felicia, I've not read everyone else's posts, so I don't know if it's been said... but there is a brownie delivery service in Austin, Tiff's Treats (even though they're more well known for their cookie delivery).
If you lived remotely nearby I'd consider mailing you brownies. Alas, the best I can do is shoot you a recipe!
Insomnia Cookies in East Lansing, MI. The place doesn't even open until 10 pm and delivers until 4-5 am. Best idea ever!
+RaNdAlL McQuEeN you must mean Hugh Jackman's publicist. LOL no normal man, celebrity or not would update his page at a rate faster than a prom queen. Look at me! I'm cute! His G+ is like reading Tiger Beat Magazine, but for Housewives. Just saying!
Someone get her a chocolate fix.
The app is really easy to do, the real problem is that you need also to form a global consortium of Brownie maker, you know for those people who don't live in LA. ;)
There is a cookie delivery service in my area :)
I am going to start a Brownie Delivery Service. Our delivery area will be centered over you Felicia, where ever you are. Everyone else, you cannot have any.
When I was at university, there were a group of students running a service called Ring Bring. Basically, they were a delivery service for anything you wanted - you could send them to a takeaway for food, or to an off license for beer, or even (no doubt!) a supermarket for brownies.

I never used them though... I can't remember why, but I suspect they'd have to be rather expensive to make it a viable business... Even for students.

How much are you prepared to pay for your brownies?
There is an app called "Find Chocolate". It's location-aware so it tells you all the chocolate shops near your current location.
Felicia: please drink more.
Pretty sure TaskRabbit can be used to deliver brownies...
We have a place that will deliver fresh baked cookies and milk
I will deliver brownies, and very fancy cupcakes, but living on the east coast in the middle of nowhere, I'm afraid I have to charge quite a bit.
My mom makes brownies that would make you kill for them. KILL!
Get Fershnickered and start hosting hangouts :D
In Colorado Springs you could have Cupcakes delivered ;)
there is a place that delivers brownies, waffles, pop tarts and all that good stuff near me its ace! i find it hard to believe the queen of the nerds cant find someone to get her a brownie!
Some of us baker-nerd-types are already pondering how to get a 3D printer to work as a networked chocolate delivery device. For brownies we'll need the technology to get a bit closer to Replicator status, though.
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