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The Flog: New +Geek and Sundry show!

I share things I like, and do a little Blacksmithing! What more could you want? New episodes EVERY MONDAY FOR A YEAR!
oh yeah.
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This is fantastic! So excited about this and all the new Geek & Sundry programming.
Saw the previews for this at Wondercon, and SO glad it's live! Thanks, Felicia! Can't wait to see some of the others, like Wil's Tabletop show.
Is that Valyrian Steel? ;)
EVERY MONDAY FOR A YEAR! sings I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it. continues singing Thanks +Felicia Day for opening this door. Keep up the great work. So do you think you will try your hand at blacksmithing something else in the future?
2 big reasons to watch this:
1. "Wordsmith"
2. Watching +Felicia Day pull out her level 100 blacksmithing skill and try to take the hammer.
"YOU ARENT THE BOSS OF ME...ok..I guess you are.." Win.
just a thought, blacksmithing is a useful skill in a zombie apocalypse... just have to find a way to muffle the sound. :P
Speaking as an amateur blacksmith, Felicia has just earned another 30,000 coolness points. It's an AWESOME thing to do. I'm in the middle of making a spearhead for an Easter display. Blacksmithing rocks!
I always say you have to be prepared for a profession in case you ever find yourself stranded back in the middle ages. A geek has to be prepared right?
For your next one, you can learn how to do the Dragon Shout.

I loved trying blacksmithing, too! I'm happy that a local guild offers an "Open Forge" day so I can "embrace my dwarven heritage!" =D
Did you ask him where you could buy some coal?
The enthusiasm is just so darned entertaining! "Can I hold the hammer again?!" Keep doin' what yer doin', Miss Day. This is great.
Great episode. I had the good fortune to learn blacksmithing (well a bit of blacksmithing) a while back. It seems to me there are two types of smiths. Those that make weapons and those that don't The ones that do usually call themselves knifesmiths or bladesmiths and have levels and stuff. Check out
LOL Felicia I love when you were blacksmithing and you had the clamp/plier thing in your hand and you said "OBGYN this is how you deliver a baby" lol (jist of what you said, not verbatim).
I really enjoyed watching this
I love the way you kind a grows into a child while doing the BS-stuff next to a real blacksmith-man.. :) LOVE the show :)
Loving it already, I'll have to add it in my bookmarks bar.
"Blacksmithing Day" has a nice ring to it =Þ
Maite P
Great first episode, I think it's great that your auctioning off the poker for charity. I can tell that Geek and Sundry is going to have a big impact. Thank you and everyone on the G&S team for doing this.
my uncle is a blacksmith and I help him out from time to time. It's really hard work!
this concept alone convinced me to subscribe to everything you do. There's no way I can say this and not sound creepy: you are the Leonard Nimoy to my Sheldon. Thank you for your continued awesomeness.
Felica, you are amazing - great video, cool to see real blacksmithing in action, and I love the "achievement unlocked" when finishing the poker :)
Is it sad that she had to say "no naked photos, please" ?
It's a sad day for me whenever I hear "no naked" in any situation, Andrew Wyatt.
You are a busy girl Miss Felicia. Thank you for letting us all tag along on your adventures!
Yes! this FLOG is turning out better than i could have imagined. Now to write a question worthy of a response written on your hipster typewriter...
Hammers hammers hamming hammers :P

Anyway, blacksmithing sounds cooler when you show how it's done!
You embrace your inner geek very cutely during blacksmithing.
Now your my favorite blacksmith too! lol Definitely couldnt want any more than that :)
Woohoo... after my own heart... (as you can tell from my profile pic)
Did you know!!?
The word blacksmith is a term used to differentiate from whitesmith. Whitesmiths traditionally worked with light colored metals such as tin, pweter and silver.
This made my Monday so much more bearable. :)
Very entertaining :) and yes it made me subscribe to G & S. How about you?
Very awesome Felicia!!! My friend saw your zombie gnomes and was like "OMG I pinned that on pinterest... are they that small?" Yep, so I'll convince her to subscribe to Geek and Sundry.
omg my favorite video of all!! , y love Geek And Sundry!, is like a Geek Tv, i can watch this all day! :D
I heard about geek and sundry a few weeks ago when the podcast sword and laser mentioned they would be having a show there. I haven't seen Felicia Day as herself before, of coarse the Guild is based on herself i'm sure but she can still escape into that I'm playing a characterization, anyway I feel her giddiness and enthusiasm for life is infectious and has made an otherwise shitty day, amazing. So I thank her for that and hope to see many more uplifting shows.
Great show! I know I'm going to enjoy your channel very much. :)
It's adorable how she said for realzies... i suppose thats how it said.... but still adorable.

Overall rating
Weird. There are way more comments here than there are "veiws" showing up on the Youtube. Is the counter broken or are folks really commenting without watching it.

Blacksmithing with Felicia looks like you might want extra safety gear. Or at least a tether to keep track of her. q=)
It is unwise to take off with a tradesman's tools for they are subtle and quick to anger.

Really enjoyed the blacksmithing. Was pretty neat.
Maybe I'm "that guy" when it comes to karaoke, but having seen 3 videos of yours now - admittedly with studio production equipment to back you up & stuff, I bet you could totally do just fine at karaoke, sound good, and not be "that girl." You come to Seattle next, I'll take you to the best karaoke in town, and I guarantee you'll have a blast.
Ha! Love it. Glad I watched all the way to the end as I was just about to click send on my naked photo email..
I couldn't stop laughing; you were so adorkable!
i dont know why she reminds me of zoeey deschenel the girl from "new girl"
My Mondays just got immeasurably better. It kind of reminds me of Mr. Rogers and the field trips he used to take.
I chuckled the whole way though the video, thank you for making my monday Waaaay better! :D
This'll probably get lost in the sea of comments, but I've got several friends who smith, both as a hobby and semi-professionally (I'm a member of a medieval reenactment/education organization, so skilled craftspeople are quite common among us -- we make our own costumes, armor, and even some of our weapons). I don't believe they have websites for their work, else I'd link them, but I'd still like to share, since you seem to have an interest. :) This is Aubrey. He got into smithing for the purpose of making his own tools for woodworking; then he discovered that he enjoyed making those tools more than he did using them. His most impressive piece that I've seen (though I couldn't find a photo) was a replica of the basket of Inigo Montoya's rapier from The Princess Bride. This is Scott. The armor he's wearing, he made himself. And that's far from the only armor in his collection -- that's me right behind him, and the gorget and spaldurs I'm wearing are also his. (The bracers I'm wearing were also made by another member of the group, but that's leatherwork, so I'll not get into it.)

Tangentially, if you (or anyone, really) have an interest in armoring, you can't get easier than chainmail. It's very time-consuming, especially if you're new at it, but the tool and space requirements are quite small. All you need is some appropriately-gauged wire, a dowel rod to coil it (optionally, a power drill to make the coiling go faster), some tinsnips to turn the coil into rings, and two pliers to knit the rings together. With enough practice, you can make pieces in very little time at all -- the best guy I know at it can make a coif in an hour, and a hauberk in a day.
I study smithing from a local blacksmith, and he recommended two books- The Complete Modern Blacksmith by Alexander Weygers, and Practical Blacksmithing and Metalworking by Percy Blandford. Both are information-dense books that teach you how to use metal from modern urban environments... from making portable coffeecan forges to how to turn a junked car into forge equipment.
"This is much hotter and harder than in the video games" Can I get a 'That's what she said' ?
That, and I think you've got your future medical career as a delivery room specialist totally sorted. :)
I took a blacksmithing class in college! It's really hard but you can make some awesome stuff. I made my own sculpting tools :) Not crafting any epics yet though lol
Super first show Felicia! Can't wait for more.
cool episode! suggestion: go to WETA Workshop in New Zealand and they will probably help you make a weapon!
Thanks for mentioning Google+ on the end....not
damn girl, you have been drinkinng too much coffee lately, haven't you?
You are on your hi-rpm mode on.
Nice show you got here, anyway. Keep it comming.
Wow you had it easy... you didn't have to coke your coal, or make charcoal, or work bellows or blower, or.... but it looks like you had fun, and that's what counts. ;) Next step is to come and consolidate or bloom iron with us in New Castle, PA this May, You may even come out of it with an iron ingot! (consolidated, not cast)
LoL. There was a whole lot of Felicia shrieking, making game references, and holding a hammer... but very little Felicia forging/learning to forge her own awesome fire poker. It was entertaining, though :)
I enjoyed it. There were a distinct lack of daedra hearts, but other than that, t'was most entertaining...
Entertaining! Loved the hipster top-hat line vs your typewriter, the blacksmithing part was funny, look forward to more!
Ok I've been a follower and admirer of your work to this point now I'm totally in awe ty for going out and exploring BS for all of us digital blacksmiths out here.
"This is much hotter and harder than I imagined": totally, it really sucks when you can smell your hair burning between heats ;)

I've taken some awesome blacksmithing classes here in the Bay Area -- great instructor and curriculum -- at They have a bladesmithing class, too, after you've passed the advanced series. Highly recommended.
The presentation format of the flog reminds me very much of the Rocketboom videos with Molly.
I just know there will be some naked photos
todos as suas postagens são muito bonitas tão criativas as mais interessantes são as de animais .parerem ser de estimação mesmo aqueles selvagens
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