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Nice list, thanks for including me too! <3
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Happy to include you +Felicia Day. Thanks for being an early adopter and part of the community.
Any such list would be remiss without you on it. :p
And tomorrow tons of people are complaining why they have been circled by thousands ... ;) Socializing is a weird business :D
Jeff Wu
Alright, might as well add
+Felicia Day I see you don't have +Siobhan Reddy in there. You may not have heard of her, but she was on the team that created one of the greatest game creation engines ever, Little Big Planet.
Very awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Yaay, Veronica and Felicia, a rocking duo :P
Cool, this is the first one of these shared circles that directly relates to me as being a Woman in Tech. Added!
women in tech circle, looks awesome...
I REALLY LIKE UR SHOW "THE GUILD" how often do you do new episodes??
That's certainly a power circle. :>
I don't know how else to get the info to you, Felicia, but would you please share this link: to help spread the word about what is going on, not just in New York, but across the United States? I would be forever grateful :)
Veronica Belmont is the lady who destroyed Dracula in Castlevania IX right?
Probably by walking in there under cover of afternoon and opening his shutters instead of slogging through legions of nocturnal beasts.
I think you're lacking a basic qualification for that ring abishek!
nice and beutyfull Felicia Day.wish you
It's a Game?!? - Drat! I've been playing this all wrong ;p
Surprisingly, I had 3 of them in my Tech circle already. I'll take the other 227. :)
All I want is Nathan Fillion in a circle to Stalk~
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