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Before we start a new week, catch up on all the +Geek and Sundry new videos from LAST week! Tabletop, Flog and Dark Horse Presents!
Our entire lineup from Monday April 16th - Friday April 20th
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More is always good, especially as it lands right in the middle of my work day!
I wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying Tabletop. Excellent stuff!
Like +Brian Switzer, I'm also enjoying Tabletop. It made me (a) admit to never having played Settlers of Catan despite having worked in the game industry for a number of years, and (b) take my partner into our neighborhood game store...but they were out of both Settlers base set and Small World. Maybe because of the show?
Thanks, Felicia. I have really loved my weekly dose of Flog, and Tabletop has reawakened that middle school crush I had on Wil Wheaton. :)
Tease, got my hopes up and ya hit me with reruns. If you weren't so damn cute I'd find another nerdish girl to amuse my little world.
This is the first time I've watched any of the Flog, been rather busy, and still am but now I'm lazy ... awesome stuff.
Love the Flog but now my kids want to make a torts....
Torta I mean. Autocorrect......
I must say, you bold statement about loving your content so I can ignore my other channels was quite correct. If only I didn't spend so much time on Reddit...
I really like the TableTop feature. And the Flog of course :)
As a 100% cord cutter I'm so grateful to "new media" entertainment such as yours. Thanks so much! Keep it coming.
(Protip: Don a tinfoil hat, and you can be a 'sky cutter' too!)
Loving Geek and Sundry, especially TableTop and The Guild
good after noon madam, iam from india, present at ap
muriel i want to know you better
Hey! I've been following all of your new Geek and Sundry projects, but what happened to the awesome one where you bring kid's imagined stories to life?
week starts from the end ?--------------------------------------------
Catch up? That assumes we didn't watch them last week! Heresy!
i dont now what i would to say
My Mum was a violin teacher (so I learnt to play the flute), and I can't express to you how utterly impressed I am by your genuine talent! You truly are an inspiration. I want my daughter to be like you!
macam2 bahasa ada, pun tak faham,...hehehe,....
ya fine

Its already afternoon out here,..otherwise how is your business?
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