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What do you want to bet that Archery accidents rise 400% this year because of Hunger Games?
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You'll shoot your eye out, kid!
Ok, who's gonna say it?
I used to watch Hunger Games, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
If that means a 400% rise in people participating in archery, I call that a fair trade.
Obligatory "Arrow to the knee" joke
We used to play an archery game when I was a kid.. shoot the arrow straight up in the air and see how close you could get your foot to where the arrow was going to land.. I still have 10 toes.. so maybe I wasn't very good at the game?
It just might, but I have had an interest in Archery before Hunger Games. I have neither read the books nor watched the movie. Not really interested, but Archery is awesome. :)
Oh crap, it just occured to me. That is why my nephew asked for a bow and arrow for Christmas. Wow, was my sister ticked when I got him a compound Bear bow. In my defense, he did start exercising specifically so he could pull the bow.
I predict at least 2 of next year's top 10 Darwin Award winners will be archery-related.
Hey guys! Put an Apple in that pigs mouth! I can totallly shoot it with this new 1200$ bow I bought! oh.....
+Anthony Purcell It is the main reason I have not read the books or gone to see the movie. I have no interest in seeing children kill each Roman gladiator style, plus this storyline isn't new. Battle Royal a Japanese movie had the same disturbing theme. I'd rather stick to my own genres. I have read enough reviews and parts from the books that it just will never work for me.
Sadly, not unlikely.. yet perhaps an opportunity in the vein of 'Hunger Games: Summer Camp'?
Archery accidents and a sudden increase in the number of city guards...
I just checked the future's statistics with my scouter and was just informed that the correct percentage was over 9000.
Accidents? "No, honey, hold the target up a little higher...."
I'm going on a Stag do at the weekend (bachelor party). We're doing clay pigeon shooting, 4x4 driving and archery (before getting seriously drunk of course). I'm already crapping myself and convinced that either myself or one of my dopey friends will have an accident. Now I'm doubly worried! Lol.
I am going to bet we are going to see a lot of these accidents with kids
I keep hearing about this. I guess I should read that book, or watch that movie, or something.
I only practice my archery skills in Skyrim, so I am totally safe! 
Haha. It wouldn't be a surprise. I still feel it's a rip-off of バトル・ロワイアル (Battle Royale), which is still probably more bad-ass seeing as you get to kill people you actually hang out with.
I once shot myself with a bow and arrow. I didn't know it was loaded.
Please no, there are too many hunters in WoW.
I can see the headlines now.. I use to be a movie goer like you, then I took a arrow to the knee.
Oh god, one can only hope! But, it would still only be the second most awesome side effect of the Hunger Games.
I love the song "Safe&Sound" more than move. I did't read book, maybe try later.
I used to be into Hunger Games, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
Not to mention Disney/Pixar's "Brave"
And Hawkeye from the avengers. This is a good call. I'll bet the news networks already have a graphic for it.
Rather that than having somebody throwing people on an island to fight to death.
I've been doing traditional archery for 4-5 years ... chance of accidents consists of stupid people falling down slippery hills and not so much people shooting each other :P

... Hmmmm, after saying that I've fallen down a few slippery hills, maybe I should be nicer to stupid people.
If you count welts on the arms as accidents, it'll be about 1000%. 
I agree with +Danielle Barnham. I've been doing archery (recurve and compound bows) for the past two years and there's no way accidents are going to happen other than pointing at other people with a drawn bow. Unlike a gun, you can't shoot yourself! However, just like a gun, you NEVER point a bow at someone, even if there is no arrow nocked because the other person may not see if there is an arrow or not (it's a small point :P).

The only time I've hurt myself at the range was that the bow string dug into my fingers too deeply when I drawn (I have a 45 lb pull strength recurve bow).

The only thing that may get hurt is your bow -- NEVER pull and release a bow string with no arrow nocked! All that kinetic energy has to go somewhere and it'll go into your bow, which could severely damage it!
Memory Flood ... I hurt myself once, the fletching came off my arrow and embedded itself into my hand, I was too shocked to feel pain and I showed it too everyone laughing, one guy almost fainted ... arh good old days
they need to invent paint-ball style archery to combine group sports with shooting arrows :)
Arrows + Knees = DANGER!
Hunger Games.....probably the best movie ever! of the best =)
+Anthony Purcell I will give you no spoilers, but I will say that reading the Hunger Games series is something that will prove to be a satisfying experience for you.
+Jaime Unson And how is that different from the rip-offs of Die Hard?

Given that Battle Royale wasn't itself very well localised here, I'm okay with them ripping it off at least once. :p
Yes, but a lot of those deaths will just be because there will be a lot more tournaments to the death involving teenagers.
A certain element of "Hold my beer and watch this" at work, hm?
Totally. Remember all the Quiddich accidents that happened after the first two Harry Potter movies? Stupid snitch.
+Liam Phoenix: I hear ya. I've been playing hunter in World of Warcraft for years and only recently I decided to learn how to shoot a bow and firearms. Now I just need a pet...

I live downtown so it's a pain in the butt to drive out to the archery range. So I've set up a box full of styrofoam and cardboard as a butt in my living room -- I'm not really aiming but rather just practising my draw and stance.
Felicia, you should know that 72.4% of all statistics like that is made up on the spot.
Hopefully not a big difference, but mostly because the clubs are good at enforcing proper behavior when on the course. It's going to be scary to see if people buy or make a bow and run off in the woods to fight their friends.

It's going to be cool to see if there is a lot of new archers in the clubs this year. Archery is a lot of fun!
Liking dystopian settings isn't evidence of an unhealthy mindset, and young people in particular tend to find such settings cathartic. A dystopia can help a teen take all the "cranked to 11" emotions they're feeling and imagine them in a framework in which such drama isn't misplaced.
I was thinking it would just mean braided hair will be popular again. If you want to get in an archery "accident" you still have to buy the gear first.
I put 50 bucks that there are no increase of injury over 5 percent. Girls aren't going to go into a sporting goods store and buy a bow. No guy cares about that movie. The only guys I know that went to see it did so for the fact to get thier dick wet by their broads.
I would actually find that pretty amusing. Does that make me a bad person?
Also, folks? You can sign up for an archery class and learn the skills without buying an expensive bow.
I would bet infinite money at any odds since the chances of a particularly increase are exactly zero.
Not sure how it works in America, but down my way clubs have bows and arrows to leaned newbies on the day. They were very crappy, but good enough to enjoy before committing to a rather expensive sport.
+Danielle Barnham It's the same in the US. Some places allows you to rent bows until you are ready to commit and buy one. When you own the bow, it opens up a lot more ranges though.
..and braided hair is much less lethal than careless wannabe warriors with bows and arrows...
Sure, blame Hunger Games. But what about Brave, and The Avengers? I think this is a good year to be an Archery teacher.
If it increases interest in archery though I can dig it.
I guess Robin Hood is smiling in the grave now. :)
It will certainly help people not going to Jail for this old english law:

"All English males over the age of14 will carry out 2 hours of longbow practice each weekend; this will be supervised by the local church official. This law dates as far back as the middle ages when there was no regular British army and the local gentry were ordered to train a quota of knights, archers, infantry, etc."

In addition to Hunger Games, there's also the girl in Brave and Hawkeye in Avengers. This is a blowout year for archery in film.
Considering the piss poor style Katniss displays on the poster, I'd say 400% is low. Seriously, notice how she has her finger over the damn arrow...
No, officer, I was just cleaning my bow when it fired. I didn't realize there was still an arrow in it.
Some1 is going to get an arrow to the knee!!!
Nah, we rednecks are the leading cause of archery accidents now. I don't see how teenagers could even dream of keeping pace with us. The more likely scenario is that A TEENAGER hurts herself and the media blames the movie.
yup...I have a twelve yr old daughter and an arrow on the front porch roof. Maybe she thinks her brother is a squirrel.
Adam L
So now movie violence does make us kill people?
I'm betting only 200%, the other 200% will be accident indirectly related caused by people who can't figure out how to string a bow correctly.
For the first time I know the distress of a hipster. I was out with my bow the other day and it occurred to me that tons of people are going to pick up archery now, and there is a good chance I will get mentally lumped in with the people who took up archery because of the Hunger Games. >.< "No really, I liked it before it was cool" .... Oooooh well. :)
Makes me wonder if there was a spike in interest in fencing after The Princess Bride came out. Or in LARPing after Role Models.
Daughter (11) started to learn and practice with the bow a few years ago. 'Course, wife and I each had a few bows when we met. Funny thing is, daughter just picked up Hunger Games yesterday. I need to find a copy of City of Gold and Lead and let her read that.
Hopefully no one tries to immitate the costume from the opening ceremony - or isn't that one in the movie?
Don't forget Brave and Hawkeye from the Avengers.

Archery is IN this year.
Most definitely! Have a friend who owns an outdoor pro shop, and he said kids are coming out of the woodwork with a newly sparked interest in archery... Hopefully their knowledge spans more than The Hunger Games or Skyrim!
I want to learn to use a bow and arrow because of the walking dead, now the people in class will just think I am there because of HG. Don't they understand the walkers are coming?
lmao i completely agree with you. It'll be a disaster. =:)
I don't know about ACCIDENTS, but it wouldn't surprise me if all of a sudden lots of teenage girls want to take lessons.
Haha...I was thinking the same thing. Sporting goods stores will be overwhelmed. And don't forget about Hawkeye in the upcoming Avengers film, too.
Hehe, I am sure they will rise :)
It already has to a certain extent from the books. My daughter shoots competitively and kids show up constantly wanting to shoot like that and quickly realize its way more work than it looks like. Then, usually, they start crying. No, I am not kidding.
Movies are amazing. In high school we had archery and I was ridiculed for being able to do it well....I was one movie away from being cool. sigh
Sounds like a sucker bet to me...
Archery was always cool. I dont do it myself but met a guy who could shot a coin thrown into the air from 10 meters while riding a horse. Now that was impressive.
Wow, guess they will be surprised when they find out everything is more work than it looks like.
Just like lassie & 101 Dalmatians, everyone has to partake. Yep at least 400%.
Ha maybe not that high but sure why not
Ninety percent of the people jumping in the archery bandwagon will fall off in a few months once they realize just how much work is involved.
Giant computer-fabricated dog attacks will increase 500%!
Probably have to be active and go outdoors to do that. These tweens will buy the books, outfits, and other associated flim flam so they can hang out at Barnes & Noble and be all emo about it.
Damnit, I got into Archery before I even HEARD about this book. EVERYONE is asking if I am a fan of the books/movie. I don't know. I shoot arrows not read about it... /rant

I am sure the books are good. So is archery, regardless.
Hunger Games, and when the Avengers come out, darn you Hawkeye! You're supposed to be saving lives!
r u serious? wow thats sort of retarted.. they should say at the beginning... do not try this at home... lol
I would be a great time to to be a bow salesmen though:)
And Brave. And The Avengers. Lot's of archery movies this year....
It's got a groupon for an archery lesson, I promise I'll be careful ;)
My wife and I are going on a Falconry & Archery day in a few weeks. I'll let you know if there any fatalities 8-) Of course, we've both done archery before... so we should be okay!
Can you say "Hunger Games LARP"
Don't forget that we will be getting Hawkeye in the Avengers as well.
Hums: "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame. Baby you give Hunger Games a bad name."
I've already learnt from my past archery accidents.
Especially if they shoot using that popular image flooding around the internet as an example.
LOL probably! I want to read the books before I see the movie though.
I'm wondering how many baby girls are about to be named "Katniss" and "Primrose"
Just as there was an increase in pastry-involved sex mishaps when American Pie came out.
I used to play in the Hunger Games but then I.. no.. just.. no. I can't do this. I'm sorry. Carry on!
You never know haha
+Gareth Brown you know that a British officer landed on the beach on d day with a longbow and broadsword
The greatest archery injury was the Soprano's episode where the two kids are shooting arrows into the air and catching it in a pizza box. It doesn't end well.
I hope kids don'r go outside and play hunger games. That's all I want to see is a bunch of kids killing kids on the news.
Mark J
I didn't notice any spike in Gama Ray injuries after The Hulk was released.
I'm REALLY afraid of my friend who practices archery. I think she's beginning to see myself as a moving target. Bet my skin I'll need to use my uncanny dodge skill more often when she finishes to read the book. :S
Perhaps more of us should find wealthy sponsors willing to provide arrow-proof body armor, similar to what was given to Cato toward the end of the book?
They will only be up 2% more because of the new WB show "Arrow".
Evan W
Resisting with all my might to not make an arrow in the knee joke.
Only if I can bet that the percentage is higher.
Accidents? Those aren't accidents.
And because of the Olympics Games as well, right ?!
My sister bought archery lessons for both of us as my birthday present because she read the Hunger Games. It's my new favorite sport.
"Archery clubs swell thanks to Hunger Games." Ah, the Funniest Home Videos: Injuries edition is going to be great, this year.
1000 munny.
I better get back to mailing letters to random people(and birds...?)on my skate-board so I can get that much ;P
imagine all the arrows to the knee, kids will take :/
Kids at the local high school's LARP club are definitely wanting to create more bow wielders than they were before! Fortunately, all arrows are double checked by teachers before being used, so hopefully there won't be any accidents.
Becoming a recent archery fanatic (before the whole Hunger Games thing), I highly doubt we will see an increase in accidents. The worst that has ever happened to me was a dry fire when I didn't nock the arrow all the way, arrow fell to the ground, and the string hit my arm with full force. One of the very first times I shot a compound bow, and had a huge bruise on my arm for my efforts.

If the five-year-olds at the archery range can successfully shoot better than me, I doubt most adults will have any problems.

Then again, I always give our Jersey Shore entitled society WAY too much credit!
Tsk, not to mention Pixar's "Brave" later this year! :D
Seriously. I'm looking for an archery instructor RIGHT NOW (but that's more because of Skyrim, I guess). I predict bleeding within the first five minutes of my first lesson.
Did anyone mention arrows in the knee yet?
I just hope archery equipment sales go up. My husband is a bowyer (someone who makes bows).
I remember long ago, when I was in High School, that I could find indoor archery ranges to practice at. It was always fun and relaxing for me. They mostly disappeared in the intervening years/decades. Perhaps they will make a comeback now, and I can dust off the old bow and shoot some more.
+Liz Grogan-Ater check with your Rangers in your area. It's actually legal to bow target shoot in more areas than with guns where I am. Bet it's the same out there. If there are no restrictions, it is legal to shoot in National Forests. There are some rules though, so make sure you check.
That, and the Avenger's movie. Everybody's gonna try to shoot sideways like Hawkeye.
Leo T
You're a lot brighter than you look Felicia!
If this is true, I wil probably have to start writing a screenplay that involves lawn darts...still bitter that they were discontinued...
Mel Ko
Neither of my bows will be utilized in any of those incidents. :P
Bow sales will Rise 400% though. Invest in sporting good places!
+Leo T You're a lot worse at compliments than you think.
Ah +Felicia Day I wish we could go back to the days when "Hunger Games" was you throwing a handful of cheetos into a clothes dryer.
Pixar's Brave is coming out is also archery oriented. Then you have the CW's new Green Arrow TV show this fall. There seems to be an archery theme!
Thinking more bloody forearms and pulled muscles in the shoulders. Arrows are dangerous yeah, but if you can barely draw a 10# bow you aren't much of a risk :)
Do I need to scroll through all the comments, or did someone already drop the "Arrow to the knee" remark that is required here?
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