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Felicia Day hung out with 3 people. #hangoutsonairVeronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton, and kiala kazebee
Vaginal Fantasy Hangout
Felicia Day and 3 others participated
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hey felicia, your mic is very quiet in the hangout just so you know. :-P

You can right-click your sound icon and click "recording" then drag the volume slider up to adjust your output volume up.
Ladies, what type of mic are you using? #vaginalfantasy
Heh. Your boobs say Vaginal Fantasy. Love!
It's hard to hear you, Felicia :(
just girls?? enjoy your time ladys
Love the Dalek and Tardis plushies...Bonnie!! Love the t-shirt!
Wow. Sounds like that was an awesome book.</sarcasm>
Hyper space speed? Sounds like a premature. #vaginalfantasy
That paragraph made me laugh. If that had been the point, it would have been well written.
Bwaaha! Those "space metaphors" are wow.... terrible, like a quasar emitted jets of pulsating suckiness. Like that ;)
Felicia! Sou uma grande fan sua. Sou brasileira. Adoro muito seus videos. beijos!
What the..?? Where has this channel been my whole life..?? Hey Ladies ... How u doin.. ? ;;;;; - js -
It's called fantasy for a reason, +Tau-Mu Yi . Also, it's a stylistic issue; if someone's called a badass, he should act like a badass.
Generally, you can join with the youtube link on Android phones. It is also recorded and can be played on demand.
Go Lan
ဘာေတြေျပာေနၾကာတလဲ ဟင္ ငါနားလည္ေအာင္ေျပာၾကေလ
Go Lan
ေအာာ္မေလး အရက္ပါေသာက္ေနၾကပါလား မနုိ္င္ပါလားေနာ္
You've all got a "Winning" combination thing going on hear.!!
But you'all should loose the restraints a bit..
Yay for Dark City, Bonnie! 'Sleep, now!'
Doll it up a bit.... well actually I dont know...??
Mabye that'd just put most of your viewer to bed to quickly...
Hold it up and talk into it like a 30s radio personality!
Wow.... I cant decide which of you I enyoy more... I gonna need all of you to hold this show together somewhere...
this has got to be one of the best hangouts ever
"creche" is probably due to Heinlein, who also used it a lot and was the granddaddy of sci-fi.
Leya's looking a bit lost but de-lish
Have one of you guys tried the Sci-Fi series by Sherrilyn Kenyon called the League, the series starts with Born of Fire?
I love this! The hats... 'staches... glasses... all are so great! :D
Distracted by Bonnie's adorable pup in the background. Awwww...
The least you all could do is stand up once in a while since you've got us all at attention... ;
locked out hangout? three girls?
I'm not going to get anything done tonight .. how long is this...
whatta they putting in the water up in baaston..?
and what the blue stuff cutie...?
you Ive not quit associated anything with yet... Im just gunna call you the "body".....
I've a feeling this show going a little hard "r" for the niece..
I will disown this group if we read 50 Shades of Twilight Fan Fiction
If they're going to read fan fic, it should be Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. But I don't know that it has sex.
I have heard that 50 shades... is like the Twilight Characters in adulthood...if Vampire's have such a thing
better perform on how to do it just a guide lines if don't mine.. :P
OR... you could find 50 shades online as FanFiction ... what it originally published as. The Author only changed the names of the main chars, and published it. So... its crap
all guy comments? and most spam/junk/
never replace her ladies.... she's a keeper
If you want to read something GOOD with BDSM ... try The Claming of Sleeping Beauty from Anne Rice (she wrote it under a different name)
This was wonderful tonight. I have to say I would watch you guys even if there wasn't a book club! You are all hilarious!
It's 1:05am now +Veronica Belmont +Bonnie Burton +kiala kazebee and it was totally worth staying up for! Great episode tonight of Vaginal Fantasy. I even shared the posting on my Facebook page. (Can't wait to see what comments I get from my friends just from the title alone). Thanks for letting me end a 3 day weekend with you ladies. I laughed so hard!! I will be picking up the next book for the club review.
I dont know how to join Hangout ?
great hangout as always! so excited about kushiel's dart, one of my favorites.
Edited? You need to just wire up these gals places, go 24-7 and rename this thing the "Vaginal Truman Gals" - just saying - who could look away while they're on live..? Temptresses.. all of them, luv it... ;;;;;
Well Girls that was a great VF hangout. I know that it is werid watching you guys while I am drinking my morning tea instead of absenthe in the evening.
Looking forward to reading this months books, and REALLY looking forward to Bonnie's choices too!!
c'est vraiment cool con tu vois conversation comme ça
Oh no! The long weekend threw me off completely and I missed it!
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