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On today's Flog, I take on bass fishing! Ok, so there might be a controller and a screen involved...
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Oh, hey, glad to see your consciousness survived somewhat on Eureka. ;)
Did you catch a Rikenbacker or a Warwick? #ImReallyCleverWhenItComesToJokes
While I agree you are old for pigtails, nobody is too old for braids. Braids are like hair art.
That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen
Catch and release be kind to the environment 
Is it pronounced crappie or "croppie"? I've heard both, but one is funnier than the other... lol
Ok, this has nothing to do with the Flog (Heh, Crappies? Seriously? That was hilarious... I think I remember that game, sadly enough).... Well, very little to do with the Flog.... But yeah... How hard was it to resist telling anyone about the thing people need to stop spoiling above (Hint hint, other commenters)?
I remember playing that game. I hated it. We just had the exact same experience, but16 years apart.
I started the episode, believing Felicia was going to be fishing in real life. That would have been even more entertaining! Make it happen.
Dear Felicia, Crappies are real fish. And yes, their name is hilarious.
You are not to old for pigtails.
Well whatever you do, do not drop the bass. ;-)
Boo! I wanted to see real fishing!
TBH I was kinda dissapointed... I think it would be hilarious to see Felicia Day out fishing. :)
There's really nothing tastier than frying up a good crappie. And it's high in protein!
Does something like "laugh inertia" (1) exists? Because I saw it two hours ago (2), and I'm laughing again (with tears in my eyes too). +Felicia Day, Mistress of Fun, I salute you.
One of the moments I laughed: "Fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy..."
edit: Oh, and 3:42 is a great frame. Also, it can serve well for an animated GIF with the previous one.
edit 2: (1) Well, maybe it's not "laugh inertia", because that would be "laughing a long time without a break". It could be "laugh boomerang"...
edit 3: I'm forgetting something... Yes!: Congratulations! You got a fish in a very old videogame! Achievement well earned.
edit 4: (2) Almost three hours after all the edits.
Do some real fishing! I'm a Minnesotan & mostly I just like being on boats in lakes. Don't really care for the fish part. lol
waiting for you to take on brewing beer!
Did they have friggin lasers on there heads.
Oh, now I know what to do tonight! And I know my son wants to watch too, even though I doubt that anything can top chain saws. :-)
Omg, I used to have that game when I was a kid, it was my older brother's. I HATED it.
You are never too old for pigtails. The flog was fun as always.
Bass fishing? I thought you played violin.
Throw it back? That's no option for a hungry fisherman!
+Felicia Day Crappie was the first fish my daughter caught, but until she caught one entirely on her own (8 yr old) she wouldn't acknowledge it :)
So many lols :)
Felicia, you need to do the real one one day with a real reel.
You are not too old for pigtails they made you look Gigit cute.The hat thou did make you look quite silly.(but in a cute way)
Cracking the hell up! Best episode ever!
Kind of annoyed that no-one has done this so far: YOU SHALL NOT BASS! That is all.
Crappie are ok, walleye and northerns are better. Fun to catch and tasty too.
Oooh, that brings back memories of the days before polygons roamed the screens...
I was hoping that after you played the game, you'd actually go out fishing. Bull Shoals is a great fishing spot!
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