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Felicia Day hung out with 3 people.Bonnie Burton, Veronica Belmont, and kiala kazebee
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Felicia Day was in a video call with 3 others
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Chris L
i had a feeling that that link would do that lol
Looks like it's working now. :)
Its working! What is the address for the IRC?
OK it's gonna be good this time right? Third time a charm
Working so far, but I only see two of, three...
That was interesting. lol
I love technical difficulty shows, kinda reminds me of old quake LAN parties!
Hopefully this one is a success.
I hope those frat boys aren't here anymore!
Don't be embarrassed girls, we loved it!!
If there's ever going to be a gag reel... :D
yay finally working for me!
This is the best show that never started :)
That was awesome, you HAVE to admit!
A woman's mind is a vast infinity of questions and reasoning , any insight is helpful :)
trying to figure out IRc. what chatchannel?
eats mashed potatoes I don't have any idea what's going on.
JC Roy
Working well now
Has anybody started a slow clap yet? You almost caught me naked on cam. Laughing even harder than you ladies. :D
Never seen a penis on a webcam? lol
If this is what this show is like every week, I am officially a regular viewer.
You ladies are making drinking wine now
if you want a cabana intern, I can also make sushi.
My apologies for the sudden man-boobage, that webcam malfunction threw me for a loop lol.
Felicia hung out with a cat and 27 people.. i can't stop laughing when i look at the avatars of all the people that joined.
A Robo-Tripper Felicia , I knew a few
is it really working now? really? really really?
Font on cover looks like the same as "Dirty Dancing" movie poster...
Bonnie has a paper book because she's not ashamed!
He had long dark hair and things on his face so it doesn't really look like him, ha ha.
Anyone on the East Coast will want to see ATREX Rocket cloud release after 2 a.m.
Find info on ATREX at NASA / Goddard & Wallops Island websites. NOT TO MISS!
looks like romance novel.. I hate it when they do that to perfectly good fantasy novels
Scene one, take 20, roll cameras.....action!!!!
hulk erotica...there's definitely a market
Oh they'll learn from this! GoGirl is also an energy drink... ;D
My Girl said I can't join cause your to pretty :) wanted to though lol maybe next time
What happened to the book? lol
Gah. can't seem to connect to the IRC .... flail
People use those for multi-day rock climbs
will someone post the IRC link please
I did not think it was smutty but I don't really need smutty.
People think Vaginal Fantasy is erotica, not romance. THAT'S why they want more sex ;)
I can't get in the IRC room because of work LOL but I loved the book and You Girls are awesome- I can't wait for the next book choice! and the kid better show up to take over so I can go home and chat with ya!!!!!!
Maybe they should go for one of the giants, like Jacqueline Susann or Harold Robbins...
I'm so was smutty enough for me. It was my first smut book.
I didn't get one with my house :(
I agree with Bonnie, it was kinda weird and I would slapped the changeling outta lucas too.
Uh oh... switching stuck again!
Hum. Yeah. Not that I mind it being stuck on Kiala. :)
I agree with everything Veronica said. I was disappointed with the killer thing and the chapters made no sense.
Buffering too much for me. I hope someone records this so I can watch it later.
Writing sex scenes is hard. Ask Tom Clancy or Newt Gingrich, lol!
I knew the killer the moment he showed up.
Hey folks, your trending on Twitter already! :-)
I agree, readin Timless right now
+Robert Gray No, there's a separate IRC thing (G+ has 500 comment limit); I don't have the IRC link, though.
lets talk about sex baby, lets talk about you and me
very excited for the Parasol Protectorate mention!
"the deeper you go into it" THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!
You Ladies are pretty funny. This is actually very amusing. Gonna have to check out some of these books you are reading.
I don't know what you are saying!
I'm giving up. Will catch on youtube since my internet keeps 'skipping' words.
But cinnamon or leather? I was wildly attracted to a guy that smelled like roses once.
yeah, if you get off birth control, you can stop being attracted to the guy you're with too.
I liked the packs behavior toward each other, and I found that I am the opposite as Veronica I was annoyed by the naughty scene I wanted to read the story, even though it was very predictable. I do wish the writing was better but I was taken in by the world the way the psy and changelings co-exist, as well as inner pack relationships not just the mates. Oh and in the third book the female Brenna is much less submissive.
So if you get off birth control to have a baby, are you no longer attracted to the guy you're having a baby with?
+Michael Maher I know, right? "Hi, welcome to the LAN party dude!" "What's everyone playing?" ... "oh right now, we're playing SETUP!"
That is funny, all the male animals around me are happy to be completely dominated by me. They are always the most passive.
Wolves, instinctively, claim mates and dominate in order to maintain Alpha status and pack structure. Alpha's have mating rights in a pack and it's one of the ways they assert their position.
Rap-play is a hugely popular fetish. It's not much of a surprise that the romance novels reflect this.
Dan Cea
Not saying it's an abusive relationship, but Bella from Twilight kinda feels like the submissive, happy to be dominated men.
I think it's definitely a way to show they're part wolf and isn't supposed to reflect on their humanity
Derek M
Dudes are so misunderstood.
How about guys that just don' realise you are in to them, or at least pretend that is the case.
if you are looking for sponsorship the people that make we vide might be the go. Look up the we vide 3 and before you go ahead an brand me as some freak pervert(which I am but I am a nice guy as well that loves bring a smile to the faces of the woman in my life) it is a very very good toy :)
My ex-girlfriend asked me once if I'd do the Lloyd Dobler to win back her affection if we ever broke up. I told her, "No f**king way! Your dad would have the cops called on me SO FAST!"
the sec box chick is being dominating of the conversation right now - give other s a chance to talk please
White bean and basil hummus. Omg!
Amy B.
Really, most of the paranormal romance I've read have had strong bordering on bullying male charactors, but women love them. We do or we wouldn't read it. But I think they balanced by strong female charactors
Dan Cea
Haha, Jerry McGurie, Star trek reference.
Veronica is my favorite. Signed in just for that
Riley gets one :) HAWKE GETS ONE YES YES YES!
So this series is like the Dark Brotherhood books?
Rofl if there was a penguin shape shifter book...that would be epic.
I've never done IRC chat? what do I download? Is it like Ventrilo?
Penguin shape shifters would be the cutest things ever.
Derek M
Haven't used IRC in ages but there were a couple clients like mIRC and pIRCh. They may still be around.
the tv show grimm has a lot shapeshifters. rats and other non cute shapeshifters.
yeah but when they find the "One" they get to excited and bite them so total waste
zoidberg dies if he has sex!
i believe that a brave soul once stated, "She goes man shopping in the yellow pages." sigh Firemen are hot..
If firemen are hot, window washers must be a pane...
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books... Sara Wendell, and the other bitches are brilliant.
It was mechanical and amateur writing. Is that what you mean, Veronica?
as always, quite enjoyable observing these people spar verbally in their tangential nature and somehow maintain a solid flow of interest as they progress through a slew of questions, comments, and conceptual detail that piques the desire to read not for ones own pleasure but to enlighten for a proper discussion...brava ladies
I tried to download mIRC but my anti-virus said it was a virus
No but Amazon makes you feel dirty because if you purchase a romance it starts suggesting more for you.
Anyone who has a problem with ladies reading these types of books is not worth anyone's time.
Derek M
Huh. That's classy. Maybe the freeware side of it has some ad-ware type properties.
DJ Bia
this is so epic lol
I wonder how these girls feel about justin beiber
Derek M
IKEA meatballs are actually a thing?
Can I star in The Guild as Clara's younger brother? :)
I give up. I don't know how IRC works.
how do i join this hangout? there is no link :O
Can't figure this IRC chat stuff out! Do I need to download something? Can I just go to a website? Is it on Windows? Mac? Is there an iPhone app? :(
I have been laughing through this whole episode! So good!
<insert doggy style innuendo> gay werewolf porn
Speaking of gay "vampires", anybody read the Wraethu series by Storm Constantine?
Derek M
Is that a book about The Situation?
Sword and Laser did read "Rule 34"
Was an awesome show tonight! Can't wait for next month :)
Awesome show gals!! Thanks!!
Another great show! It feels good to close the day out with some really good laughter. To your health! /salute
This is the first hangout I watch.
Vaginal must've affected my subconscious manly mind. Not much brains up in here, and because of that I think it would be nice if you name-tag your cameras/screens so that we learn who you are. Write to Google asking for that feature; either bug the profile picture or show your name on the lower right as we are accustomed to see the MTV bug (that will be more helpful than those face masks) Congratulations, you are doing a great job!
Wonderful! I now have a book club I love! Cheers!
Did the book for this month get announced?
So much fun, some interesting insights! And vaginal needs to be said in public more often! ;)
@ Jes Hausauer, AGREED! It's not a scary word! Just say it: VAGINAL!
This was the first hangout I got to watch live, thanks guys, it was fun!
Thanks Rebecca, unfortunately I had streaming issues this week. I will watch tomorrow.
Great show folks... Can't wait till this gets picked up by a network and we get to watch the 4 of you on a set doing more of the same....
Then you will have technicians ! :O hee hee, wouldn't be VF bookclub without the tech issues...
I enjoyed the hangout, as usual. Near the end of the article you said you'd discuss, the author says she thinks the current attitude towards this style of books prevents discussion of what works in sex scenes. For the authors who watch your show, could you discuss that during a future hangout?
Balls! I completely missed it! :/ I got the book & everything! Boo!
Finally figured out this IRC chat stuff! After the video was over of course! Download Xchat at Pick a nick name (my 1st few choices were taken). Then enter the server Then enter the channel #VaginalFantasy It's a lot like Ventrilo for all you WoW users! :)
I wonder what's the difference between IRC chat & instant messaging? Kaspersky has IM Anti-Virus. Will this protect me in IRC chat too?
I posted my request for a discussion of what works/doesn't work in sex scenes under the book announcement for the next hangout. Hopefully that's what you were talking about when you said the current book thread.
Just tuned in from Australia. Can someone tell me if the book chat happen in the end? Can't find the YouTube link. Just the 2 min long mishap. I read the book this time, so I'm keen to hear everyone's thoughts.
k well go up on to your top of your page then u will find it
hi. i want to make friend with you. thank you
Third installment of the clam jam book slam complete.
Looking forward to the Youtube of this. (There will be one, right?)
Only three people? Three people sounds like far below the minimum for a typical Felicia Day event. It should have been a crazy party instead, with whistles, porcupines, and jalapeno poppers.
Yeah It is a party day. Enjoy guys...............................

Vhaskar Mukherjee
hi medam u work is to good im also intrasted this work
Sad I missed it... have to catch the Youtube version.
asi vrea si eu dar nu stiu engleza
trebuie sa studieze engleza... am studiat romaneste si imi place mai bun!
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