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New Tabletop episode features 3 casual games even non-gamers can enjoy!
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do you not have a life you post all day long
Awesome. I know +Dave Chalker, author of Get Bit! Great game, btw. And +Wil Wheaton just raised him to the same status as Sheldon Cooper: at 19:30 where the Get Bit! sequence starts, Wil says, "my friend Dave Chalker." Yesss. I am friends with a friend of Wil Wheaton. Now if only I were friends with a friend of +Felicia Day!
me and my friends made mall madness into a drinking game, its dangerous as a drinking game
Hey +Felicia Day, I really want to get +Wil Wheaton and +Mark Rosewater hooked up so that maybe Mark can make an appearance in one of these videos and talk a bit about Magic: the's a natural fit, in my opinion. Can you help?
Zombie Dice is a fabulously fun quickie game - we got it for my brother last xmas and he carries it around in his bag for "hey! we have a few minutes to spare!" kinds of moments.
+Jacob Tucker Well, we're making a lot of videos lately for the new +Geek and Sundry channel. Sorry if you think I overpost, going on vacation soon so you'll have a break next week for a while :)
+Felicia Day Don't listen to one negative comment or cave to it. What you're doing is wonderful and Geek and Sundry is (in m eyes) a success. Keep up the good work.
+Felicia Day This will sound horribly brown-nosy, but new content from +Geek and Sundry has quickly become the most-anticipated entertainment for my wife and I; thank you, and please keep it up!
Poor Wil he keeps losing royally.
Can there please be a Very Special Episode of Tabletop where Wil plays with his sons?
+Andrea Barnes THAT is a brilliant idea. I support this. However, I believe his sons are scattered to the wind at the moment, but it'd be a great idea for a Christmas episode. :D
Ryan Higa is the worst. I'm sorry, but he is.
There's no love like nerd love. Look at all these supporters that come out of the wood work when just one person starts trouble. :P
Matt H
+Jeremie Orth - you really should read up on Wil Wheaton. You'd know a lot more about him if you did, especially regarding his wife and kids. Check out his Twitter feed. ;)
This was way funnier than I expected
I think +Andrea Barnes has a brilliant idea! There may not be an opportunity this year, but I would love to see a Wheaton Family game off as a Christmas/holiday special!
Anyways love the content. #TableTop is one of my favorite video series.
:D Your posts are full of nothing but awesome!! Thank you for "not having a life" for those of us who also don't have lives and LOVE to watch things like #TableTop for kicks. You're so stinkin' awesome! Will Smith is, too! :P
I'm curious as to who owns the hand that held Get Bit.
I was hoping most who watched would get the reference and know that, YES, I mean +Wil Wheaton ! hehe...
+Ryan Higa poker face. Classic. Get Bit looks like a ton of fun. Sorry if I'm being redundant and I couldn't watch the whole vid (listening more or less), but where can I buy these games?
+Rahel Teka your local game shop usually. Support the local shops if you can. If you don't have one then you can look online.
Watched the video, games seem cool and I would enjoy playing them with my kids but there was just something kind of strange watching three grown men play a table game together.
Tsuro sounds like an excellent game that I could even get my wife into.
+Jacob King Tsuro is great and you can get anyone into it. It takes all of a minute to teach. I took it to work and forced everyone to play one game at lunch. They all wanted to play again for break time.
omg... I. Love. This! Thanks for sharing =D
awesome games. Would love to play zombie dice and get bit. I bet they would make pretty wicked drinking games... just remind me not to play versus ryan...
Felicia tell me that they didn't kill you off of Eureka. You were brilliant in it!
That was fun to watch i want the game Zombie dice now]
i've seen zombie dice at the comic con for years ... i will have to buy it this year.
I like Wil's "whoosh" sound when the dragon moves.
Ed Luke
Don't scare me like that! Thought Mothers Day? Realized you were in US... Sweat over! Mother's Day in UK was March 18...phew!
wow did u shoot that last ep with eureka b4 supernatural
This show should be changed to Wil Weaton is a sore loser lol
Mark A
this isby far the coolest show on the web, I'm a table top games and I would do anything to get on this show cuz its that cool!
Am watching the supernatural episode with you in it. Loving it. But ur character is pretty cool. Geek chik!!! 
You know, I never thought watching a board game on Youtube would be entertaining. Just goes to show that if you have the right host, you can make anything enjoyable to watch and looking forward to the next one.
I'm surprised at how much I'm having fun watching this.
Bought the Zombie Dice game after watching this show. Fun!
myat lone ka lae pyu lite tar
omg i have the first game it is so fun!
this song called BEAT IT by SEAN KINGSTON it is fly okay look at it people
love the idea having some casual games from time to time... bought 2 of the games in this show... has friends over for dinner the other night and we played after dinner was a great time.... nice when your friends are not as hardcore gamer as you are... ;)
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