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My first review of The Flog. They liked it!! :D
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Will catch it tonight on the Youtubes. Was pleasantly surprised by #tabletop
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I really liked The Flog. A lot more than I thought I would actually. Although any time you were handling the heated metal it made me very nervous. Good stuff though. Can't wait for next week!
Haley R
Agreed! That article just about says it all and I can't wait for the next Flog. In the meantime I have plenty of content to work my way through.
You are deceptively cute!
sorry Tim Chavez. Whom do you mean funny Cheater?
It was a great episode. Of course, blacksmithing with a drop hammer takes a bit of the work out of it...but still a nice view of the differences between game and RL smithing. :)
Liked no they loved it Felicia. I have to agree the FLOG is pure Felicia. AKA Awesome.
Felicia, I think you should do a weekly blacksmithing show ... it was great, thanks!
Dang Felicia Day you're off the hook!
Zombie gnomes and blacksmithing. FTW!
I loved it! And Tabletop was great as well. Surprising a show on board games was actually very captivating. I'm curious if the fireplace poker comes autographed? hint hint :)
Well, I'm not surprised they liked it. I know I did :D
Great stuff. Liked everything about it!
Enjoyed The Flog although I think I liked Mr. Wheaton's segment, Tabletop more (well, ok, he had 20 minutes more to play with). On the other hand, you're way cuter and well, blacksmithing and a typewriter (!) are pluses. I second the motion for more blacksmithing. A sword would be nifty, don't you think? A dragon-slaying sword...

Congratulations on a great start! When do we see some violin playing?
Oh I dunno, Wil does have that beard. ;)
You seem surprised, Felicia. How could they not like it? It was awesome. Well done. 
As much as I enjoyed the Flog, I have to say that Tabletop blew my mind. Great concept, great guests, awesome production.
Props for keeping the forward momentum on the "new media" going!
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You are really cool ♥ ☻☺♠♣♦↨
Of course they liked it... A gaming geek doing metalwork... What's not to like? Nice touch on the typewriter, too... Heh
I liked it, too! Shorter than I was expecting, but funny and interesting. :)
Awesome review, and I agree that you bring a passion and energy that I find contagious. I can't wait till next week.
It was shorter than I expected after watching table top but makes sense considering you are posting weekly as opposed to bi-weekly
The Flog was awesome. Can't wait for more. Geek and Sundry has it all. It's my go to place on the internet now.
I can't stop making that Dubble noise
Of course they liked it. It was perfectly charming and entertaining!
Good show overall. The blacksmithing segment seemed a bit too self-conscious. It looked like you were there to make a show about learning to blacksmith instead of actually learning to blacksmith. (Don't feel too bad, I've got the same complaint with Dirty Jobs a lot of the time.)
You are one of my favorite entertainers, and I want this latest venture to crush its enemies, so... please take +Steve King's comment to heart. In your segments about trying something new, focus more on actually trying to learn (or teach) something, and less on being an entertainer. The geek in me really wanted to learn more about blacksmithing. Is there a reason not to go with a 30 minute format? Don't forget, we geeks thrive on more detail, not less.

And on a completely different topic, I just purchased your latest mp3, I'm the One..., and I can't help wondering when you will just produce an album. Great stuff.
+Steve King I was looking for why I didn't like that Flog very much and I think you nailed it. It did not feel like learning about blacksmithing at all. Too much "trying to look cute with a hammer" and not enough paying attention to blacksmithing. Love the Guild but the Flog's first installment kind of let me down.
Loved it-Made me appreciate Charsi's job so much more (Diablo II). Looking forward to the next one! :D
I agree that it was a great start for the series, but in the future, maybe cut back on the caffeine before playing with hot pokers and hammers.
Blacksmithing is fun, innit? I'm most looking forward to the episode where you learn magic. You know you wanna.
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