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Did you play Day of the Tentacle? Or any adventure game of the type that don't seem to get made anymore? Then you'll probably be interested in backing this project on Kickstarter!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
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I'm still waiting for the "Grim Fandango" movie. With the original voice cast.
"Day of the Tentacle" you say? Sounds like a hentai.
...huh. Neat!

Also, Loom. Seriously. This needs to happen.
+Felicia Day Loom was probably the trippiest adventure game around. But it was awesome! Also, Full Throttle should be in that list with Day of the Tentacle somewhere. ;P
Brütal Legend Forever! :D
Drew L.
+Mitch Monsen By "Loom" you mean "The Dig", right?

(Loom did kick ass though)
Tim Schafer? The guy who brought us Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts and Brutal Legend? I'm in.
I'd love to pledge money towards this... And tried to. But the payments system seems to exclude those of us outside North America.
I'll support almost anything by the people who did Stacking, Costume Quest, and, most importantly, Psychonauts. 
Don't forget Full Throttle!
Oh, Day of the Tentacle! I do so miss those games. Too bad its a Lucasarts game. If it ever is remade it'll end up that the purple tentacle was misunderstood all along or some such nonsense.
Never played Day of the Tentacle. Loved Psychonauts though.
you know what was badass felicia? Zack McKraken and the alien mindbenders.
Ooooo! I actually just re-played DOTT last night for the bazillionth time! Sign me up!
Zork, anyone? I spent many hours typing commands into that one. 
I do love me a good Kickstarter project...
Consider that kick started. Or, perhaps, that start kicked? Hmm.
I kicked the start outta that sucka. WHOOO HOOO! Thanks Felicia!
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is my favorite computer game to this day.
Oh Yeah. Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road, the whole Space Quest series. All truly warped games and loved them all!
The tradition is back, and its name is Tell-Tale Games. Long Live point and click.
While this is pretty damn awesome, they need to make Psychonauts 2 first!
Am I the only one on earth that remembers Maniac Mansion more than DOTT?
+Matthew Young beat me to the mention of Telltale. Sam and Max, Wallace and Grommit, Strongbad, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park... they are still rocking the adventure games and I support them for it. I also remember MM more than DOTT since it's one of the few games in the genre with replay value.
+Thomas Payne Luckily Double Fine has the man power to work on a few projects at a time ie;Iron Brigade/Stacking. Hopefully both will get to happen.
+1 for mentioning Day of the Tentacle -- which my kids LOVE playing even more than I do!
Day of the Tentacle (and it's predecessor, Maniac Mansion) are some of my fondest memories! I miss those days of gaming! Definitely work a look! EDIT - And, donated! Well worth it! I am such a huge supporter of Kickstarter and such projects!
Loving the Premium Pledge rewards on their website.

Pledge $30,000 or more:
Picture of Ron Gilbert smiling.

Pledge $35,000 or more:
Undoctored picture of Ron Gilbert smiling.
你好 很高兴认识你
Well if you have the old disks/CDs you can play them on a variety of OS including Android phones using a program called SCUMMvm
Btw, Ron Gilbert, creator of the Monkey Island series is also involved in this.
Heh, Full Throttle. "Now it's just me... and the bunnies." Also want to nod in agreement to all the Dig, Loom and other such game shout outs!
Monkey Island's spitting contest and the monkey wrench were two of my favourite moments.
give me yours msn ok me + you msn
Tim Schafer doing a classic style adventure game? Count me in!
Day of the Tentacle?? That was great!!! :)
Anything from Tim Schafer will always deserve support!
thank you for letting me know something like this exist! my craving will be satisfied at last
Very cool. I've worked on Ultima and Wing Commander, but never a classic Adventure game. Should be interesting.
The internet enjoys creativity. Been watching this be discussed on Reddit and SA.
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders! I still have my C64 disks and the red un-Xerox-able anti-piracy booklet. I second the love for Loom, The Dig got enough attention (IMHO) with its high-profile SF author pedigree.
Glad to see Adventure games are starting to make a return. Telltale Games has brought back the Monkey Island series, they have the excellent Back to the Future series, Sam & Max have returned...It's time for the likes of Grim Fandango and Full Throttle to come back, too!
You have to volunteer as a voice actor, You just gotta.
I saw +Drew L. post about The Dig and just wanted to say if you've never played it before it is an amazing game. An engrossing story with an eerily beautiful soundtrack and if I remember right Steven Spielburg had a hand in it as well
Avi P
$300k already, this is so crazy!!!
Ja Ny
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Ja Ny
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Ja Ny
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Ja Ny
I don't think so the same you!
DotT, Maniac Mansion, Sam 'n' Max, Full Throttle, Indy goes to Atlantis, Loom, Space Quest, Monkey Island...those games were the best...miss that sort of title so much, thanks for this!
Eh, it's not like there's not already a company called TellTale games spitting out dozens of classical type adventure games all the time. Oh wait, yes there is. Nothing against that game, and it might indeed be worthwhile, but Felicia is wrong when she says that these types of game "don't seem to get made anymore" it just that the companies making them and the method of their distribution has changed.
Gotta check this, Day of the Tentacle was my favourite!
i Still HAVE DOTT and Sam & Max hit the road on CD rom.... My damn windows 7 wont play them tho.. :( At least Tie-Fighter from Lucasarts still works!)
+Eric Craig Look into ScummVM It's a rewritten engine for all those old LucasArts adventure games and should work on Win7
I love Psychonauts, just can't finish that final meat level to beat the game. Hope this pans out, looks like good stuff
ree hee hee heeeeeally.
Everything Tim Schafer does is pure awesome.
Those games rocked but your too young to have played them!!
Awesome! If they do this for a second Psychonauts, I'd donate in a heartbeat
Ryan J
I hear they've already raised $400k in a matter of hours...or something like
I'm on board with this, I have yet to play a Tim Shafer game I didn't enjoy. Psychonauts was probably the best platformer ever made.
Tim Schafer? Hell yes! The guy is a genius!
Sami J
Oh DoT, how much I miss this game and The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble
I need a Grim Fandango type game or even Grim Fandango 2.
Thank you for sharing. This is the true future of gaming!
Oh hellz yes, DoTT was one of the best games ever. (Lots of the best games ever are Tim Schafer games!) Pyschonauts was awesome, Grim Fandango was like playing a dream... MONKEY ISLAND. Your tastes are Double Fine, Ms. Day!
Heh, +Felicia Day, I think you made that game possible by sharing that link, or more readily pausible anyway.

12 hours ago they were at like 130k, now they're over 600k, and it's higher every time I refresh.

alright, time for me to contribute my own two-cents, which I can metaphorically do after I donate $15
Donated! Tim Schaefer is the BEST! DotT and Full Throttle are two of my favorite adventure games. Still have to check out Grim Fandango sometime.
HOLY SHIT. FORBES is reporting they raised 400K in a day!?
I didn't hesitate to help out with this one. Great recommendation.
<3 DOTT. And MI and most Sierra and SCUMM stuff I grew up with.
Tim Shafer did "Brutal Legend" and other fabulous games (like Monkey Island), I hope this will be another masterpiece
Ya know, when you really get down to it, LA Noire was an adventure game.
I loved Day of the Tentacle and Maniac Mansion! That style of game is so much fun :D
Nothing can beat the homocidal adorableness of Max or the sheer hilariousness of Monkey Island, but I am always up for a good adventure game! My husband actually used them to "woo me" when we were dating... :o)
Definitely not at all the same, but still a great game.
oh oh, how exciting. must play now!
Stunning, $400k in less than 8 hours, now its at $1.2m, and still climbing!
One day and > 1 million dollars. The crowd has spoken! I really hope they have enough to do a linux version now!
37,000 BACKERS
Full of win here. Also, I agree with everyone who said anything good about Full Throttle. After that game, I went and found the band that did the music for the game. The Gone Jackals. It still makes a regular appearance on my playlists
I LOVED Day of the Tentacle! And Full Throttle, for that matter. Nobody seems to know about them whenever I mention them to my friends, glad for all the comments that show they're known somewhere!
Thank you very, very much for alerting me to this.
Sam and Max Hit the Road! Still my favorite game EVER. Such a precocious lagomorph!
Some of them are not all my friend Thank Aomeon
Man, I remember playing all those older games. Loved the way they sucked you in. Now playing Skyrim.... Talk about getting sucked into an immersive game.
This looks like a pretty cool idea that could change the way video games are made. Plus, I am looking forward to a new point and click adventure.
Played ALL the adventure games back then <3
Theres loads of great point and click adventure games out there. TellTale Games being the most obvious company making them - but also lots of German firms (the genre is quite successfull there) . Theres also lots of "sort of" P/C games on the DS that are brillent. Ghost Trick, Hotel Dusk,Another Code, 999, All the "Pheonix Wright" games.

Its the Action-Adventure games that are rare. Zelda, Beyond Good and Evil, Okami.....and, yeah, Psyconaughts ;)
Psychonauts is one of my all-time favorite games! I'm a glad contributor to the new Double Fine point-and-click adventure!
So... a point & click adventure... like Shadowgate and Companions of Xanth?
I think they are already over budget... and in public-debt up to their grand-children's antique mouse-balls... but if they pull a few 100k out of the doughnut-table fund (and cut back on the cookie monster's milk-money), they could pull something worth while out of this, even in a second (non-exclusive freebie for the fans) sequel round.
I await what is to be released though, before making a full judgment.
I did not play that game; however I did play Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Both of those games rock!!
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