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We did an extra video for The Flog this week!  Fun project if you have kids.  Or like rice krispie treats.  Or pseudo-sushi items. :D
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Mmm, now I want blue gummy sharks.
I did this on Halloween.  It was awesome.
I watched it, it was fun, then I kept getting more and more notices in my email of the same video. Now I am on a sugar high.
I'm almost completely sure I would never be able to eat that. It looks so sweet my teeth are rotting just by watching the video.
What no candy bacon? But seriously looks like a sugar junkies dream come true
Made similar pseudo-sushi last month for my daughter's high school graduation party.  No way I could afford that much real sushi.  But better than that, everybody enjoyed them.  Blue & green fruit rollups make a pretty good fake nori. 
Definitely longer in the fridge. They were a bit smushed :o)
Looked yummy though
lol "MMmmmm Diabetes" my favorite part.
You guys make a great duo... I think maybe you need to fit a 5 minute cooking show into the Geek & Sundry line up, +Felicia Day 
man they do know how to cook im not playing
Can I have some , it 's looks good ! I 'm sure it should be taste good also, I am glad your enjoying what your doing , cause that 's what is cooking is all about.
We have done this with our kids for the last two years during Easter.  But we cheat and use pre-made Krispie Treats and Peeps.
ROFL. Great show, but no way I'd eat that - I'd be on a sugar buzz all day long.
Food Network should hire the pair of you.Your funnier then Nadia G from Bitchin Kitchen and by far less hairy then the crew from Epic Meal Time.(win win)
My sugar level increased just watching this video.
Cookin' up ooowwee gooey goodness!
That is fantastic!!! Pretty sure I'm going to have to make this at some point. ^__^ Love watching you two cooking, so adorable and clueless at times. =D
Need more coffee. Didnt understand anything at the beginning of the video because ms. Day had turned blonde and looked strange. It was a commercial for some hair product.... Anyway: Thanks for the show. More fun than anything else on the tv this week. But please: Make surstromming for us. :-)
I love your flog's Felicia. The best ones are with heavy equipment (man stuff)..
This version looks a lot tastier than the previous one ya'll fixed.
you guys were grew on The Guild
I have a friend who makes these; she uses fruit roll-ups for the seaweed. They're dangerously yummy. I love the chocolate "soy sauce" and the "wasabi" and "ginger"!
da lin
wow very nice i like very much.
da lin
perhaps i will learn how to do this . 
i just got done watching all the episodes of: The Guild
and i have to say i can relate to that on many levels and i absolutely loved it! thank you for that
I think the two of you should have your own G&S show. PS I'm not a gamer but I always secretly wanted to be! I love everything you and your friends do (from Knights of Good production stuff to G&S). Keep it ALL coming!!!
bar htwe d lout town ye nay tar lae ye sayar shi yin ngar ko lae pyaw par ohm
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