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Here's the promo for my Supernatural role!! "Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"! So psyched, please tune in next Friday :D
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are you stalking me by being in every show I love? -_-
What's with you playing hot lesbian geeks? Not that anyone's complaining.
SPN episode titles are always so clever. Can't wait for your ep!
Love Supernatural AND Felicia. Awesome combo!
I love Supernatural show! Congrats and can't wait for the show.
I will be tuned in! <3 ya! WoOt!
When it comes to witty episode names, Supernatural is the king
Definitely going into the queue!
A lesbian girl with a D&D tattoo? That's hot!
You know any other kind who's into tech AND D&D?? BRAPPP! ZING!!! - Before I get myself flamed clean into next year, I'm Kidding! Joke!
You're on Supernatural? Booya! 2fer! This'll be better than Ghost Facers!
Oh we finally get to see more of Dick. Good luck with the big mouth.
You're playing a lesbian again? Feels like every casting director has read my dream journal.
Cool! That makes two of my favourite (female) actors in the same season!
Your hair does look great. :-) I don't watch Supernatural but if your in I most definitely will.
Looks like you do a great job. but frankly, I'm surprised that the show was still on.
SQUEEEEEEEEEE! ahem* cool I'll have to be sure to toon in. tehe
What channel is shit on cuz I just all 7 seasons lol ... On netflix
Channel is WB whatever that is in your area.
Hulu gets it if you don't have TV service. Although, the more I think about it... You ever get the feeling they wrote that part specifically for Felicia? Food for thought.
You can subscribe to Supernatural on, and the basic accounts are free. Paid accounts see the episodes next day, (if I have been paying attention correctly) free accounts are later, by 1-4 weeks.
You need to do more spots like this. 2 thumbs up!
haha up in bc are ye? good local show
OOOOh. Nice. Maybe I'll watch Supernatural again. Just this once. :P
Will Zaboo save the day of this fair damsel?... >:P
I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! congrats! kiss the boyx for me I adore them don't forget ol bobby!!!
sweet~ things just kept getting better,
I will make a point of finding and watching that show now. Grats on landing a cool role.
Damn! congratulations~~
That sounds way too light hearted for Supernatural
its mean u r supernatural girl i like u
Can't wait to watch this episode... in about two and a half seasons. Netflix means always living in the past.
I'm so excited that you're in next week's ep!! Is it next week yet?!! =)
Cool. But we have to wait until it comes to dvd we don't watch regular TV any more. We haven't in 15 yrs except bits and pieces at friends or relatives or at a hospital waiting room.
So she turned down Google? FAIL. You never say no to Google, DUH!
You'd turn down Google if you weren't done with your PhD yet. "Talk to me in a couple years. I'm only just now ABD."
Does it bug you to be the "hot tech girl"? I guess it's impossible to avoid stereotypes in Hollywood. Hot Tech Girl is probably better than "quirky secretary" or "awkward yet cute next door neighbor".
Big grats on the role! It's awesome to see all the stuff you are involved in these days.
And you are correct, you hair does look awesome.
You are doing so fantastically....I for one AM Proud of You. Keep up the good work.
can I +1000000000000000000000000000 this?
It's Supernatural, so the Girl dies, right? :(
Nah. She's not a romantic interest. :P (Mind you, I haven't seen even one ep of the show, so please don't take my words literally. I am simply being a smartass.)
I am about 2 seasons behind on Supernatural, but I will be sure to watch this episode.
Wooohooo!Love it Felicia!Perfect seeing you on Supernatural!
I don't even watch the show, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for this episode.
This show rocks, Sam and Dean crack me up!
Omg, I can't wait to see you on the show!! I loooove watching you! I guess it's a creepy comment? I'm gay, I swear!
NICE ONE! Rockin more awesome jobs with Felicia style :) So happy to see you blowin it up!!!!!! It's like Holy Smite with bonus BBQsauce damage!
I just saw this promo last night...looks good!
Whaaa can't wait till next week oh and +666? Yup Supernatural indeed!
One of my favorite actresses on one of my favorite shows = legendary! :D
I'm a Big Supernatural fan and a BIG Fan of You...I wouldn't miss this episode even if it was the end of the world...
+Felicia Day Were you typecast as a lesbian or was that your own idea for the role?
+Garry Ozols Since, in other shows like Dollhouse she played a lesbian and a lot of the characters she plays seem to share a lot of the same traits. It also seems like she's often some quirky office worker. Maybe it's just me.
Hey that was good.....stay motivated felicia....good luck with show
I'm looking forward to watching this but I cringed when he said "crack the firewall on this hard drive - umm Please tell them - hard drives don't have firewalls - but your character could be cracking the encryption on the hard drive which would be super impressive though and if your character correct him then it wouldn't take much change because yeah, firewalls are network. If you were cracking the firewall to get into the network to access the hard drive then maybe but since he brought you the hard drive ...well

Meh, either way you look great and I will be watching :)
Ruth, It's a different clip than the one showing here now but just so you know I wasn't being a jerk or making it up

I can't find the promo that prompted my comment but I am hoping that means they caught their error.

Either way, I'll still be watching it - Felicia Day is in it and that is enough for me to overlook the goof :) So yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing it too.
No worries, I didn't imagine you were a jerk or making it up or anything; I was genuinely puzzled as I could find no clip mentioning any such thing. Tone of voice is so hard to make out online, right?

"He's not my type. He's not a girl." Hilarious. Congrats on the role I'm going have to check this one out!
Felicia, do you KNOW how funny you are?
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