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New Dark Horse Motion Comic on +Geek and Sundry today: Usagi Yojimbo! Samurai Rabbit? Yes please!
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I had forgotten how good Yojimbo is, Thanks
I used to read this comic when I was a kid. Ah, the memories...
I had the Usagi Yojimbo figure as a child. The ears broke off.
Didn't Geroge Harris ,from the Bettels have a tour or record called Dark horse?
I'm guessing it'll be too much to ask for that new TMNT movie to be filmed in this style?
I remember playing this on the Commodore 64 - side scrolling chop-socky thing. Was one of the first games I remember where you could choose positive or negative karma, in this case by bowing to characters rather than dicing them :)
I should clarify that even with the ears broken off that Usagi Yojimbo figure was my favourite, to the point it won the WWF championship off of Egon from the Ghostbusters' figure on a ring that was just an old Beano annual sitting on my bed because I couldn't afford the actual toy ring or an Ultimate Warrior figure.
Personally, I prefer Boris the Bear :)
Feliciaaaaa! Why did they have to kill you off :-(
OMG... This is the best possible thing. I haven't watched it yet, but hell the frig yes! I have an Usagi Yojimbo desktop background, AND my name is (kinda) Jimbo! If I met Sailor Moon, the conversation could go "Usagi!" "Yo, Jimbo!"
I have recently started reading Usagi and now wish I would have picked up way back when I had money to spend on comic weekly.
Did anybody else think this comic went by a little fast?
Even after I stopped collecting comics, I kept picking up the annual Usagi collections. I treasure this series!

A shame about the motion comic though. The pacing was much too fast and the process seemed to really distort Usagi's face in a few shots :(
Ahh the original TMNT alternate dimension buddy.
I know it's kinda mean to say, but isn't the whole "Motion Comic" thing kinda lazy? I'd rather companies make an animated mini-series with a full cast and fluid motion.
I completely agree. I mean, isn't motion comics kind of backpedaling from the kind of animation most series have?
+Gerald Bieniek I kinda agree. I saw the Watchmen motion comic and it really didn't do it for me. But i suppose there's no harm in trying a new way to tell a story.
The motion comic, I think, is a way to draw more attention to and create more interest in a story with less of the time and labor expense required for a fully-animated feature. As a marketing tool, it is fairly cost-efficient, even if it doesn't capture the attention of all who see it. There is no medium that is perfect for everyone.
+Mark Berger You raise a good point. I mostly retract my previous statement. (Oh, the voice acting...)
The Usagi books cannot be recommended enough. They're all-ages in the best sense of the word, like Pixar movies. That Sakai has been able to keep up that level of quality month after month for 25(!) years is astonishing.
You're someone on whom I can depend
I loved those comics... haven't read one for a while though
Heck yeah. More Usagi please! He's a great role model for life in general, but for gamers as well :)
I used to read those all the time. Good stories and fun art.
I love Usagi Yojimbo! Him along with Cerebus the aardvark, Groo The Wanderer and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have a couple of issues with Usagi and Cerebus and Cerebus and the Turtles. :)
Wow... Usagi Yojimbo..that's like the very first manga I ever read... seriously takes me back..
Technically it's a comics the author is american he lives in Hawaï. ok I am a comic nerd and you can throw stones at me.
Then by that logic anything by people in N. America is technically a comic. I am not so much a purist in these matters. The art style IMHO leans more in they ways of manga than comic, but once again that's my opinion. Needless this piece of graphic history takes me back. I don't throw stones but my calling Usagi Yojimbo a manga is my opinion, I respect your opinion but it's neither here nor there. Domo Arigato. 
A life of mush is not so bad :) Love it!!
My love for this comic can not be put into words. I hope that they do more Usagi stories as motion comics.
Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this!
Hey Felicia, you should really get Aub Driver, dark horses pr guy to do some videos on the upcoming comic releases on your youtube channel. I know from the emails I get from him that he is really in to his job.
Heeeyyy we sell this at the shop I work at!
that was nice to watch, Usagi is one of my favorite comics and I renember reading that one ages ago. Nice to see it in motion
Most excellent! I am looking forward to more of this comic!
Sam Kab
but i think you love cartoons
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